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The Democrats' New Slavery to the NAACP By: Tammy Bruce
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, July 21, 2003

With all the transitions I’ve made in my life, all the political epiphanies I’ve experienced, there is still one thing I have been unable to do: reject the Democratic Party. I am, to this day, a registered Democrat. And every day I become more appalled and embarrassed by what I see, this time courtesy of the buffoons at the NAACP and the increasingly spineless, pandering Democratic leadership.

At first, when I heard that three Democratic White House hopefuls had not appeared at the NAACP convention last week, I was heartened. The NAACP, like all leftist special interest groups, has twisted their initially noble agenda into one which condemns their supposed constituency into victimhood and despair. They act like common street gangs, purporting to be benefactors of a neighborhood, as the few at the top pillage and molest noble ideas for power and enrichment.  

Kweisi Mfume was shocked, just shocked when the three candidates in question (Dennis Kucinich, Dick Gephardt and Joe Lieberman) didn’t show at his party. In his usual vile and divisive way, Mfume declared the three “persona non grata” in the black community (as though he speaks for every black person in this nation). His castigation continued, as he told the three, “Your political capital is the equivalent of Confederate dollars.”

I wouldn’t expect anything less from a man like Mfume, because you must remember: the power of an organization or idea exists only when we allow it to exist. Power doesn’t happen in a vacuum--it becomes when people recognize it and respond. The fact that three candidates for president didn’t find it necessary to attend the NAACP convention threatened the entire façade of Mfume’s world of power and importance.

My joy at the belief that some Democratic leaders had found a little area in their brain where sanity resided was short-lived. While the flailing and threats from a little desperate man who happens to be black was pathetic enough, it did accomplish something: it showed me and everyone else how absolutely hopeless and disgusting the Democratic party has become.

Chicken Little would have been proud with how Kucinich, Gephardt and Lieberman all responded to the NAACP summons. Mfume’s castigation made it clear that runaway slaves would not be tolerated, and those three boys came running home. All three eventually appeared and pandered to the Boss like their lives (or at least another whipping) were at stake.

At the start of the NAACP convention on Thursday, the rules were suspended allowing the three candidates five minutes “for the purpose of public apology and explanation.” Oh, thank you Sir! Thank you! 

Kucinich: “I’m very sorry I wasn’t able to be here, amazing grace, how sweet it is, once I was lost, now I’m found.” 15 lashes.

Gephardt: “…I apologize to all of you for not being here, and I thank you for letting me be here.” May I now bring you your tea?

Lieberman: “…leadership also means being able to admit you are wrong. And by not coming Monday, I was wrong. I regret it and I apologize.” I’ll work harder, I promise!

The extraordinary groveling these three men exhibited absolutely destroyed any ounce of hope and respect I had left for them and the party in its current form. I expected the six who initially appeared to be pathetic. Graham, Kerry, Edwards, Moseley Braun, Dean and Sharpton, all did their duty slamming President Bush and parroting the party lines about victimhood and anger. They’re all awful, and they were all typical. The pandering, however, Kucinich, Gephardt and Lieberman exhibited, was nothing less than revolting.

I have gone on the record many times in the past about the Gay Elite in this country moving an agenda that mirrors the oppressive, totalitarian policies that we have worked against since the beginning of the civil rights movements. Our liberal quest to end discrimination, the subjugation of people, the power of one group over another, and wanting equal and fair playing fields has been made a mockery by today’s gay, feminist and black civil rights “leaders.”

Today, gay rights means “hate crimes” legislation which opens the door to the prosecution of what we feel; the feminist movement wants different rules for women who kill their husbands or children because our special status as ‘victims’ should protect us from being judged.

And what of the Black Power Elite? For a group which in the past has fought against bullying, threats, and subjugation, well, it seems like they have perfect control of the Democratic party and have no qualms about implementing all of those tools.

Apparently, the Left has learned a great deal from their imagined Great Oppressor, who seems, for them, to have become the consummate role model.

When asked by a reporter about the ultimate bowing (or was it a bending over?) by the three candidates, a rather puffed up and excited-with-himself Mfume actually called the NAACP the “political mistress” of the Democratic Party, and asserted that mistresses must be taken care of. He should know. While alleging to lead a community where out-of-wedlock births and single motherhood is a major contributor to poverty among blacks, this is a man who himself has fathered five illegitimate children. That’s lots of mistresses. It’s also a lot of betrayal.

So, we have a choice. Do we want this nation to look like Kweisi Mfume’s life of bullying and betrayal, or do we want something better? Can we actually take a party seriously whose “Mistresses” are irresponsible hypocrites like Mfume, Julian Bond, Maxine Waters, and every other poser who continues to condemn blacks in this nation to poverty and victimhood? After all, if the president is afraid of Kweisi Mfume, how in Heaven’s name can he deal with Charles Taylor, Kim Jong-Il and Osama bin Laden? That’s a chance we can’t take, which is why after this pathetic episode this Democrat, who’s against slavery of any kind thank you very much, will be voting for Republicans as much and as often as possible.

Tammy Bruce is a Fox News Channel Contributor and author of The Death of Right and Wrong.

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