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Berkeley Anti-Semitism 101 By: Dafka.org
Dafka.org | Thursday, August 07, 2003

(Dafka.org Ed: Susanna Klein, a UC Berkeley student, was attending her class in Iraqi Arabic this week when her instructor, Iraqi  Abbas Kadhim, alluded to the Protocols of Zion in class as being a real document written by Jews. The Protocols were long ago proven to be a fraud written by the Czar's secret police. In the Arab world it they are taught as fact and have even created a popular mini-series on Eyptian television produced by (you guesses it!) the Saudis. What is even more fascinating is Khadim is an ex-Iraqi soldier who fought our soldiers on behalf of Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War, was captured and imprsioned in Saudi Arabia for two years then allowed to come to the United States to become a teacher at UC Berkeley! Wonder who paid for all that? UC Berkeley has become one of the most corrupt campuses nationwide regarding Saudi and Arab influence designed to export the Arab world's propaganda against Israel and the West. Below is Susanna's letter to the campus administration. DAFKA urges all readers to write Chancellor Robert Berdhal at the University of California at Berkeley, Office of the Chancellor, 200 California Hall #1500, Berkeley, CA 94720-1500 and demand the immediate dismissal of Khadim. Berdhal has taken expense paid vacations in Saudi Arabia courtesy the Saudis and even set up a special Mideast Studies Department on campus (despite one already in existence) which was then financed by Al Qaeda sponsoring sheiks from the royal family. Berdhal also sponsored and welcomed "warmly" Edward Said to campus to give a two hour diatribe against Israel last year. More on this later this week .)

Read on:


Dean of Letters and Sciences
University of California at Berkeley

Dear Sir,

I am writing to call your attention to an incident that occurred August 6, 2003 during the Iraqi Arabic (Arabic15) class, in which I am currently enrolled. The instructer, Abbas Kadhim, announced before the entire class during a discussion on Zionism that he believes that the infamous text "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is not an anti-Semitic forgery but was in
fact written by Jews.

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" was a forged text supposedly written by Jews. In it, the Jews describe a plan of achieving world domination. All reputable historians consider the document to be a forgery perpetrated by the Tsar's secret police.

I asked Mr. Kadhim if he was being serious about his claim. He assured me that he was one hundred percent certain in his belief that Jews were behind the "Protocols." By making such a statement, Mr. Kadhim spreads potentially dangerous anti-Semitic propaganda.

I say "propaganda" because for over a century the forgery was used to justify and encourage anti-Semitism to the point of killing Jews: The "Protocols" led to violent pogroms in Tsarist Russia, and Hitler incorporated much of the "Protocols" in his Mein Kampf to prepare the German public psychologically for the Final Solution.

I am disgusted that UC Berkeley is giving a forum to an ignorant, anti-Semitic, and prejudiced individual such as Mr. Khadhim to voice his views. I request that the University of California investigate the matter forthwith and dismiss Mr. Kadhim from its staff.


Susanna Klein


Visit www.Dafka.org

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