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Wanted: Racial Profiling By: Michael Tremoglie
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, August 11, 2003

The January 11, 2003 letter to the editor of a metropolitan newspaper said that law enforcement efforts to prevent black crime were being hampered  “for fear of allegations of racism." The author of the letter noted, “As police stop-and-searches in black areas fell, the gunmen had little or no fear of detection.”[1]

Could you guess what newspaper published this? The New York Times? Certainly with the controversial incidents involving searches that occurred over the past several years it is possible. However, it was not a New York paper.

The Los Angeles Times? Once again if you think about the recent divisive publicity about the Inglewood incident this could certainly have been a letter to the L.A. Times-although it was not an L.A. paper, either.

Maybe the Cincinnati Enquirer? After all, they have had their share of controversy involving the cops and searching citizens. Yet, it was not a newspaper in Cincinnati.

Washington D.C., Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Miami? Could be a newspaper in any one of those cities. Indeed, it could have been a newspaper in any city in the United States.

Yet, it was not an American newspaper that received and published this letter; it was the London Daily Telegraph. The author was formerly a member of a Special Operations unit with the London Metropolitan Police Department known by the locals as The Met.

It seems the American Left has been able to export race-hustling across the pond to the mother country. The Met is having the same problems, for the same reasons, as any department in America. Specious claims of racism and concomitant allegations of racial profiling are becoming obstacles to enforcing the law equally for citizens of all backgrounds.

Cops are reluctant to investigate suspicious individuals who are black because they feel that they may be branded "racists." It is irrelevant whether the cop is black or white. After all the race-baiters have developed the idea of “ institutional racism.” Ergo one is a racist by virtue of the fact that he is a cop. 

Despite the fact that there is no absolute proof of racial profiling (as I stated in my article titled “Does Racial Profiling Exist?"), those prejudiced against law enforcement keep this perception alive by constantly invoking the specter of racism.

In fact, organizations such as the ACLU, that have already proclaimed racial profiling a fact of life are just now bothering to gather any data on the issue. This is tantamount to stating unequivocally that there is life on Mars, sending packages of food to Mars and then sending an expedition to determine the veracity of their claims.

It is absurd that the lives of citizens are being jeopardized for the benefit of a few people with a vested interest in promoting the idea that racism exists. The same people who condemn America’s Iraq policy because there was "insufficient evidence" of Weapons of Mass Destruction are all too anxious to condemn law enforcement policy. At least in Iraq there was  irrefutable evidence that WMD’s existed. What was debatable was the stage of development and the possibility of use.

When it comes to racial profiling the leading experts about the subject say there is no concrete proof the practice occurs. They admit this explicitly, as David Harris, the putative leading expert about the subject did when he wrote in his book, “pretextual stops will be used against African-Americans and Hispanics in percentages wildly out of proportion to their numbers in the driving population….It may seem bold that I make this assertion as a fact. In fact, I lack the kind of systematically gathered and analyzed data anyone making such a statement would prefer to have. This is because virtually no one - no individual, no police department, and no other government agency - has ever kept comprehensive statistics on who police stop.”

The Left is not always this straightforward (for example, the ACLU's gathering data only at this time). Ironically, officials of the ACLU have contacted me about the validity of road surveys, which have been conducted to prove the existence of racial profiling. The ACLU now disdains road surveys. ( I do believe this was after a road survey was used to disprove racial profiling).

Unfortunately, the lynch mob mentality of so-called liberals is having a detrimental affect on the environment of black citizens. Reluctance to conduct searches has resulted in more crime.

As the author of the letter to the London Daily Telegraph stated, “The Home Secretary should reaffirm that the preservation of life remains the primary object of the police. Anything less clear will prove fatal for more young black Britons.”

The same could be said about any city in America.

[1] Letter to London Daily Telegraph re: Blame the fall in stop-and-search Date: 11 January 2003 From: Roy Ramm, Hornchurch, Essex

Michael P. Tremoglie is the author of the new novel A Sense of Duty, and an ex-Philadelphia cop. E-mail him at elfegobaca@comcast.net.

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