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Anti-Muslim Discrimination? By: Max Friedman
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, August 25, 2003

Propaganda efforts to discredit the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the American people as being anti-Muslim, anti-Arab, and anti-foreigner by so-called "civil liberties" groups, are nothing more than a sophisticated campaign to cover up what is really going on within the world of Moslem extremists and their supporters, both here and abroad. Even the so-called statistics that groups like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), have put forth about real and alleged incidents of harassment, discrimination and/or violence against Arabs and Muslims in the U.S. fail to support their hysterical charges of widespread anti-Muslim activities.

For example, in CAIR's 8th annual "Civil Rights Report"
entitled "Guilt by Association", they use skewed statistics to cover up this non-existent crisis. They reported "a 15% increase" in incidents of discrimination, harassment and violence in 2002 as opposed to 2001, which is so statistically insignificant that these 602 "incidents" work out to "approximately 0.0086 percent of Muslims in America reporting that they faced a hardship relating to their ethnic identity, as pointed out so ably by Evan McCormick in the FPM piece of July 22nd, "CAIR's 'Discrimination' Hysteria. And not all of these reports have been verified by outside investigators.

These incidents were broken down by CAIR for 2002 as
42, or 7%, involving violence against people or property; 17% as alleged employment discrimination, 15% as verbal harassment, 13% involving the failure to accommodate religious practices, 12% as passenger profiling in airports, and "discriminatory action by government agents, including "unreasonable arrest, detention, surveillance (and) search", as summarized in a Washington Post article on July 16th, ("Post-Sept. 11 Study Finds Increase in Bias Complaints by Muslims in U.S.")

The Department of Justice has stated that they have
investigated more than 500 complaints "of retaliation" against Muslims since 9/11 and have prosecuted 13 cases, with others still under investigation (Washington Post, July 22nd). Remember, this is out of a possible Muslim population of 7,000,000 in the U.S. You do the math!

Six hundred and two (602) often unverified
complaints in a year from a population of about 280,000,000 people say something about the general civility of American society. We are a very diverse country with many ethnic, racial, and religious groupings living together in better harmony that the Hindus and Muslims in India, Christians and Muslims in Nigeria, and Christians and Muslims in Indonesia, not to mentions the Hutus and Tutus of Rwanda and Burundi, the tribal conflicts of Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Somalia, the Congo, etc.

Now take France, where the National
Consultative Commission on Human Rights (CNCDH) has listed "300 registered instances of violence," and almost 1,000 cases of "abuse or threats," of a racist and/or anti-Semitic nature in the past year alone. The CNCDH is the French Government's watchdog on human rights. Its recent report stated, "If the increase in the number of attacks aimed at the immigrant community is significant, the quantity of attacks aimed at the Jewish community has truly exploded," according to the BBC News report of June 21st , "French Anti-Semitism Reports Surge."

France has a Muslim population
estimated at between 5-6 million people, with a Jewish community of between 500,000-600,000, depending on whether one uses the BBC report figures or those of Washington Post writer Glen Frankel in his nearly full page story "For Jews in France, a 'Kind of Intifada'," July 16th. Either way, the statistics game is very revealing.

Anti-Semitic incidents in France
include 193 acts of violence out of a total of 313 for all targets, and 731 threats, graffiti and anti-Semitic insults out of 992 for all targets. Total "racist acts" were 1305, of which two-thirds of the violence and about three-quarters of the other acts were against the Jews. There were at least 309 reported incidents in the "past 15 months in the Paris region," alone, according to the Post's story. The overwhelming Muslim-originated violence included vicious beatings, fire-bombings, and public death threats on a continuing basis. Even the regular French citizens, especially in Paris, are afraid of roving Muslim male gangs who rampage at will.

Now match the French statistics,
for a country at least 5-7 times smaller than America against the 602 complaints with only 42 acts of violence against Muslims in the U. S. for the same one year period. We begin to look pretty tolerant despite the rantings and ravings of CAIR, IANA, AADC, and other so-called "Muslim" civil rights/liberties groups.

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