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Licensing Aliens. . . . By: Tammy Bruce
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, September 12, 2003

It is all too obvious that the war on terror is ongoing, and that we are at risk every day of the year. Every day has the possibility of having its name and number changed forever from just another day into a Day of Infamy. I’ve now seen forty-one September 11ths, thirty–nine of which were relatively uneventful. I’m shocked to have to report, however, that despite what we’ve learned there are still politicians who are more concerned about their own skin than the safety of American citizens and our nation.

As you know, California is in the process of throwing a bum out of office. As a native Los Angeleno, I bristle when East Coast intelligentsia dismiss our state as “eccentric.” Dismissing what happens in California is a serious mistake. Consider what Lame Duck Gray Davis has done. Just a few days ago, Davis signed into law a bill which allows illegal aliens to easily get California driver licenses.


In this age of terrorism and mass carnage done in the name of religion, Davis, in an obscene effort to save his own skin, panders to a voting bloc by making it easier than pie for terrorists and other criminals to legally obtain our version of a domestic passport.


Courtesy of Davis, all you have to do to get a California driver license is have a Tax Payer ID Number (not a Social Security number) and some other form of ID. You can get that Tax Payer ID number over the internet from the IRS. The IRS acknowledges it does not check for citizenship, criminal background, nor does it check to see if you are who you say you are.  


The second ID can be anything from a birth certificate, passport from your native country, or any other ID that looks official. In Los Angeles there’s a park called MacArthur where for $90 you can buy a Mexican birth certificate or any other card or certificate that strikes your fancy.


Or, of course, if you’re an Osama bin Laden, all you have to do is go into a DMW office provide that silly Tax Payer ID number and your Saudi passport, and voilà you get an official and legal California license. You’d probably want a truck license (which you can also get) with which you can drive your bomb-laden truck seven hours to Las Vegas in your terror quest to nail the Bellagio Hotel. Thanks Gray Davis!


The driver license is all you need to buy a firearm in this country. It is the ID used to get on an airplane. Forget using that pesky Saudi passport—that would get you looked at funny and searched. But none of that with your new, lovely California driver license! It is also your free pass to and from Canada, Mexico and the United States. It allows you to enroll in flight school. It provides a presumption of citizenship and legality.


It is also the ID number required to register to vote. Of course, they also want you to declare that you’re a citizen on that form, but heck, we’re already talking about criminals—people who are here illegally, whether they’re terrorists or not, so lying about that little fact won’t be an issue.


In his speech while signing this monumental threat to homeland security, Davis actually said this will help all those illegal aliens (oh yeah, he called them “immigrants”) who need to drive their parents to the hospital. And who’s paying that bill? Gee, let me think…


But it’s not just Mexicans who have broken the law to be in this country, insulting Mexican immigrants who immigrated legally to become Americans. No, this bill doesn’t say that you have to prove you’re a Mexican here illegally with sick parents.


You can also be a man with multiple arrests for the driving under the influence and have a suspended license. That man can now go get a new license under a new name so he drink himself into oblivion, and get back on the road to kill more innocent people.


You can also be that man who has been arrested for brutally beating up his wife and threatening to shoot her. His guns were confiscated and his license taken away so he can’t buy more firearms. That man, too, can now get a license under an assumed name (easy as pie!), go buy a few guns and finally murder that woman who thought she was safe.


Davis knows this. In fact, he vetoed the same bill last year that actually had some safety features in it, saying that it was too dangerous in this age of terrorism. And yet, the bill he just signed was stripped of all security elements, but he did it anyway because he’s willing to do anything, including putting untold millions of Americans at risk of life and liberty, to hold onto his job for another three miserable years.


So, the next time you laugh at the recall of Gray Davis, or characterize Californians as nutty, reflect on the fact that it is the people of California who realized they had a miscreant on their hands who poses an actual danger not just to Californians, but to everyone else in this nation.


In true California populist style, a movement has begun for an initiative to stop licenses for illegals and terrorists. And fortunately, Arnold Swarzenegger, the man I’m voting for, declared in his exclusive interview with Bill O’Reilly on the Fox News Channel, that he will rescind this freakish law if he’s elected. That’s good news.


But one must ask, where’s Tom Ridge and the Homeland Security office? The silence from that department on this issue has been shocking. And George W. Bush has multiple opportunities to condemn this act and he, too, has said nothing.


Both Gray Davis and George W. Bush will find that while they take certain voting blocs for granted, California is sending a message to the rest of the nation that we’re mad as Hell and we’re not going to take it any more.


They should do the numbers and realize that it's not Mexicans who are here illegally who will keep them in office, or kick them out. It’s “the rest of us,” we pesky American citizens who, while we may shy away from noisy rallies and demonstrations, we do march—to the voting booth. Just watch what happens on October 7 in California.


Simply put, Gray Davis, and every other pandering politician (like Howard “That-Empty-Space-Between-My-Ears-Is-Filled-With-Hate-For-George-W” Dean) who have condemned the direct democracy of the recall as “not democratic” should be thanking their lucky stars this is not France in 1789.

Tammy Bruce is a Fox News Channel Contributor and author of The Death of Right and Wrong.

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