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The Intifada's Amen Corner By: Roberta Leguizamon
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, October 10, 2003

Tens of thousands of leftist and anti-Semitic protestors from around the world gathered on the weekend of September 28 to vent their rage at the United States and Israel and to demonstrate their solidarity with Islamist terrorists. The protests were organized by the far-Left United for Peace and Justice, and intended to support yet more rallies held on September 25-28 by UFPJ’s Marxist bedfellow, International ANSWER.

While the useful idiots in the streets claimed to oppose the use of all violence, these demonstrations were specifically timed to coincide with the third anniversary of the beginning of Yasser Arafat's Second Intifada against Israel, one of the bloodiest campaigns of terror the Middle East has ever seen. In its call to organizations around the world to join them in supporting International ANSWER’s Days of Actions against the Empire and Occupations, UFPJ cited the anniversary of the intifada, calling it an “uprising against the 36-year-long Israeli occupation.” This conflict recently claimed the lives of 19 Israelis – five of whom were Arabs, three of whom were small children – as they were minding their own business in a busy Haifa restaurant on October 5. In all, this “uprising” has cost the lives of more than 3,000 Israelis and Palestinians and has even spilled over into Syria, as Israel lashes out at the sponsors and enablers of Haifa. UFPJ has clearly taken its side in the conflict: the side of murder.


AP News Writer Jack Garland, who covered the events, didn’t estimate how many total protestors participated, but it appears around 35,000 to 40,000 people worldwide marched from Sept. 27-28. Events were held in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Boston, London, Paris, Athens, Beirut, South Korea, Madrid, Barcelona, Warsaw, Brussels and several other cities. Garland notes that this was a far cry from the massive protest turnouts for the "peace" rally on February 15. London’s march alone gathered a crowd of 250,000 that day.


One wonders how many of the hundreds of demonstrators in Santa Barbara realized, as they listened to California State Assemblywoman Hannah-Beth Jackson slam U.S. policies designed to protect this nation from Islamist violence, that the people who invited her to speak belonged to an organization that supports the cause of Palestinian terrorists in their "uprising"?


How many of the 3,000 protestors in Los Angeles considered the fact that their pleas for the removal of U.S. troops from Iraq were being organized by people like Leslie Cagan, the co-chair of UFPJ and an admirer of Fidel Castro? Did they know by honoring the Second Intifada, they were praising the bus bombing in Jerusalem a month ago that killed 7 people, including at least two children under 3? (And who can forget the images of rescue workers trying in vain to resuscitate a 5-month-old baby in the street?) UFPJ’s protests made no distinction between the terrorists’ cause and their means.


Is it possible the tens of thousands of people who marched down the streets of London chanting "George Bush, Uncle Sam, Iraq will be your Vietnam!" would have walked willingly next to the leaders of International ANSWER if they understood the group was using these very protests to glorify the beginning of an uprising by followers of militant Islam bent on the destruction of an entire nation whose advanced Western culture dared to develop alongside theirs? 


Maybe the 3,000 people marching in Paris were too busy thumbing their noses at the ignorant Americans with banners reading "American Imperialism: Take your bloody hands off the Middle East” to notice that their march not-so-coincidentally marked the anniversary of the day a Palastinian police officer working a joint patrol with an Israeli police officer in the West Bank town of Qalqilya shot his partner to death, ending all such patrols. Thus the Second Intifada ceased to resemble the first, in which young men and boys threw stones and shoes as Israeli military and police.


Perhaps those hundreds of marchers in New York who shouted “Occupation is a Crime, from Iraq to Palestine,” weren’t concerned that those who lead them down the streets of Manhattan preferred to let Saddam Hussein continue his reign of oppression and horrible injustice, excusing the Tikrit madman for murdering hundreds of thousands of men, women and children in his own country and burying them in mass graves.


It’s doubtful that most marchers realized they were celebrating a campaign that included the “Day of Rage,” Oct. 6, 2000. On that date, Hamas issued its bloody call to storm Israeli army outposts in the so-called Occupied Territories (Judea and Samaria). More than 95 people died when the stones, Molotov cocktails and guns were launched at Israeli forces. The Cairo Times described the events this way: “Clashes erupted and angry demonstrations took place all over the West Bank and Gaza after Friday noon prayers, and in Ramallah, Israeli flags were burned and an effigy of Sharon was torched amid thunderous cheers. Hundreds of Hamas members joined with leftist groups and pro-Arafat Fatah members chanting ‘There is no co-existence with the Jews" and "With our souls and blood we protect Al Aqsa,’” Arafat’s infamous terrorist brigades.


The fact is, to many of the backers of these protests “peace” is only a means to an end – our end, the end of American influence in the world and the end of Israel altogether.  Those who follow after them caring only about the message, and not the messengers, are feeding the frenzy of anti-American and anti-Semitic groups around the world.


One of International A.N.S.W.E.R’s most vocal supporters, the Free Palestine Alliance, calls Zionism (by which it may actually mean Judaism) “an abhorrent ideology outside the construct of socio-economic justice.” Wouldn’t an organization that demands the end of racism rebuke the support of such an obviously racist faction?


Their silence would be shocking if it were not so typical of the Left. Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, who supports terror groups and Hamas, was a featured speaker in demonstrations in Beirut, where he addressed Lebanese and Palestinian protestors by phone. Arafat pledged solidarity with the “peace” protestors. AP News Writer Jack Garland reports Arafat told the crowd that Palestinian terrorists and pampered Western protesters were “Together with you until victory and together until (we liberate) Jerusalem.” The leftist marchers seem unconcerned that this “liberation” will be pursued by bombing buses, restaurants and crowded street corners.


Naturally, none of the protestors carried banners condemning terrorists. While they demanded the U.S. immediately withdraw from Iraq, and Israel end its “occupation” of Palestine and cease military operations against the bloodthirsty terrorist groups threatening Jewish children, the protestors made not a single plea to the terrorists; they did not ask these murderers to quit sending suicide bombers to blow up busloads of Israeli civilians heading home from work and school. No one implored the renegade Iraqi fighters to lay down their arms and stop killing American and British troops as they drive by in military convoys. No one condemned the bombing of the United Nations outpost in Baghdad, which killed dozens of international workers on a mission to distribute food, water and medicine to Iraqi citizens. Apparently those acts of war aren’t contemptible in leftist eyes. Opposing war is not -- and has never been - the aim of UFPJ or International ANSWER: hating the United States and Israel is. And apparently sinking as low as commemorating a bloody terrorist campaign that targets innocent women and children in the heart of the Middle East's only democracy is not unthinkable, as long as those dying happen to be citizens of the Little Satan (Israel). It can only be hoped that the low turnout at this "international protest" is evidence that some people are starting to wise up to their pro-terrorist rhetoric.

Roberta Leguizamon earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Ohio University and is a Contributing Editor to Frontpage Magazine.

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