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The Revolution Has Begun By: Tammy Bruce
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, October 17, 2003

As many of you probably know by now, I’ve had the honor of being appointed to California Governor-elect Schwarzenegger’s Transition Team. When I say, honor, I mean it. While I was very vocal supporting Arnold during the campaign, I was first and foremost supportive of the recall itself. The success of that effort, and the election of an independent man who means what he says, I believe, will bring California back into her rightful place as the state of dreams in this, the greatest nation on Earth.

As I continue here, plugging on with the columns and commentary of which my work is comprised, it is important for me to say that I in no way speak for the Governor-elect, nor do I represent the transition team, the new administration, or anyone else. I speak for myself, and the opinions I express are mine, and mine alone.


That said, it became obvious, with the makeup of the transition team, that Arnold was serious when he said he wanted to be “everybody’s governor.” I, like many others on the team, am a Democrat. I am also a feminist, gay and pro-choice. In fact, it was Rep. David Dreier, the head of the team, who asked me to be a part of it.


I personally like David. He is also known for votes in Congress that have been, shall I say, less than supportive of gay rights. The fact that David reached out to me is good sign. It could be that October 7th has indeed sent a message to everyone: the people are sick and tired of politics as usual. Arnold represents that rage and our desire for true change, moderation, tolerance and inclusion.


That, my friends, is one of the greatest messages of the recall—that we can find common ground and do not need to demonize one person or group in order to gain (or maintain) power.


Now, we must maintain the power of that act of the Common Man—that bloodless revolt that must have sent chills down the spine of every bought and paid for Democratic politician who thought special interests would save them. In the process of selling out, people like Gray Davis forgot about one other pesky special interest group—The People. This is a lesson that we must make sure will never be forgotten.


As a member of the transition team, I can tell you we’re all focused on helping this fresh start for California succeed. I want Arnold and Maria to succeed personally and professionally. After all, if they’re successful in this monumental effort to save California, all of us win—not just Californians, but every American.


Of course, you’re thinking, who wouldn’t want Governor Schwarzenegger to be successful? Plenty of people, that’s who.


Already, the subtle and not-so-subtle attacks have begun. There are those in politics who are disturbed by the message of Arnold, remain committed to trying to destroy the new governor, and even malign people associated with the recovery. You see, the Left relies on hopelessness, despair, and victimhood. With recovery, we find hope, success, and freedom. And yet, individual empowerment is to leftists as water is to the Wicked Witch of the West.


A fan sent me an e-mail indicating how the media is playing their liberal role with insidious messages maligning the Governor-elect and his wife. Here’s his report of how one San Diego news station spun the “news”:


“They showed a quick segment while mentioning Arnold & the groping accusations, and then segued into a child molestation story. (A man molesting children.)

“Tonight they showed an Arnold & Maria video clip, and then segued into a wife-swapping story as Maria & Arnold walked onstage.  (A voiceover announcement during the video clip.)  Not very subtle, but I'm surprised a San Diego station would be so biased. But it was standard fare when I lived in the Bay area.”


The so-called libertarian press is also miffed. Reason magazine has felt compelled to chime in regarding Arnold and to some degree, Yours Truly.


I must say, I can't blame Reason editor-in-chief Nick Gillespie for his cynicism and a piece primarily focused on the extraordinary hypocrisy of the Left. It is a well-deserved critique. But I absolutely will challenge his characterization of my role on the transition team as a new "gig." That is a word simply meant to dismiss and insult.


Some of us do this work because we want to make a difference. No one on the transition team is being paid, and while it is obviously a very short-term assignment, it provides a great opportunity to contribute to one of the most important political transitions in this nation's history.


And while I don't mind Nick's characterization of me as "amusing,"  (also meant to denigrate, but I’ve been called much worse!) it seems he's in competition for that very prize, with his assertion that this pro-choice, lesbian feminist is pushing a "conservative Republican agenda." Really now – even he can't take that seriously.


The reality is anyone who challenges the Left's status quo will have to suffer that supposed cruelest cut of all – the dreaded "conservative" label (today’s equivalent of yelling “Commie!”). Shame on Nick for using one of the Left's laziest charges, while then referring readers to one of his own columnist's earlier small-minded smear to serve somehow as proof that I’m a Pod Person.


Talk about begging the question! Nick essentially argues, “Tammy Bruce is a dreaded conservative. How do we know? Because we said so earlier….” That sloppy tactic would have gotten him kicked out of a freshman journalism class.


So, while in the end Nick explains his outrage as the natural response of his "non-partisan" nature, he should answer his phone. I think that's Joe McCarthy calling.


The Catty Young (oops, that would be Cathy Young) hit piece in Reason was answered in the meantime by another pundit, Amber Pawlik who took the time to learn about my positions and actually read my work. It seems safe to say Cathy and Nick have done neither.


The goals of the party and system apparatchiks are to divide, conquer, and destroy. Their own power is all that matters. Mainstream media, political machines, and politicians, all live in that pit, where fear, suspicion, paranoia envy and hatred, rule.


I predict – and this is not brain surgery – that the Democratic Party establishment, while mouthing support for the Governor now, will do their best to stop Arnold in his tracks. They don’t care about California or anyone else. They care about saving their own skins. Stalling and gridlock will be their tactic, with gratuitous and continued attempts at personal destruction. Those are the politics we rejected on October 7th, and to their surprise, we will continue to see the truth and reject that ugliness for as long as it takes.


The East Coast intelligentsia, the media establishment and the partisan political machinery all think the revolution was over on October 7th and believe they can go back to “politics as usual.”


Let me put them all on notice: this revolution has only just begun, and it will not be limited to the political establishment. The Los Angeles Times is finding out that bias masquerading as journalism can bring an institution down. (Perhaps there is a lesson in that for Reason as well.) There is widespread disgust with the ugly politics of old, and I for one will continue to confront the old ways and work to make sure this revolution succeeds and inspires as many Americans as possible to take our nation back. In every possible way.

Tammy Bruce is a Fox News Channel Contributor and author of The Death of Right and Wrong.

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