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Saddam's MP Gets His By: Alexis Amory
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, October 27, 2003

The British Labour Party has freed itself of one of its most nefarious members. Dapper George Galloway, MP, was born in a Glasglow slum and has since graduated to Armani suits, courtesy of  Saddam’s millions, much of it siphoned out of the Oil for Food program.  The Labourites have finally cut Galloway out of their party.

The charges, curiously, do not seem to have been related to his consorting with Saddam Hussein’s henchmen through a Jordanian businessman friend of Galloway’s Jordanian scientist wife, nor to any possible misuse of his Miriam Fund.  The Miriam Fund was started several years ago to bring an Iraqi girl suffering from leukemia to Britain for treatment.  Although the girl had been long since cured and returned to Iraq, the fund nevertheless plowed on, its contributions and income diverted to appeasenik activities on behalf of Saddam’s government and, apparently, to fly George Galloway back and forth to see his sponsors.  The Fund is currently under investigation by the Charities Commission.


Galloway, dismissively nicknamed the “Member for Baghdad Central” in Westminster, was expelled for “bringing the Labour party into disrepute.”  More specifically, he publicly incited British troops to refuse to obey their officers’ orders, and went on Abu Dhabi television and encouraged foreigners to attack British troops.  On the charge of encouraging British troops to refuse to obey (“illegal”) orders during a time of war, he said this had been a principle of international war since Nazi leaders were tried at Nuremberg after WWII, apparently feeling no shame at making the comparison.


On Abu Dhabi TV, he had said: “The Iraqis are fighting for all the Arabs.  But where are the Arab armies?”  This, not surprisingly, was understood to be an incitement of foreign forces to rise up against British troops at war.  Galloway, it goes without saying, claims he was misunderstood.


What this means in practical terms is, at the next election, Galloway will not be allowed to fight for his seat as the Labour candidate.  However, the flamboyant, aspirational MP is a popular figure in his constituency (slum boy graduated to designer togs), and he has threatened to stand as an independent.  If he does so – and if he wants to remain a British member of parliament and therefore of notional value to his Middle Eastern friends, he’ll have to – it is quite possible that he could win against whoever Labour selects to stand.


Although the Committee’s investigation followed proper procedures, Galloway chose to see it as a plot (in public, at any rate):  “This was a politically motivated kangaroo court whose verdict had been written in advance in the best tradition of political show trials.”  The decision was made by a committee, not a court of law.   They just expelled him from the club.   He’s not exactly being sent to a re-education camp.


The usual suspects are rallying to his defense, lobbing accusations of stifling free speech.  Stalwart far-Left MP Tony Benn is quoted as saying, “What hope is there for the Labour Party if the public thinks that when you join you just become a private in Mr Blair's army and have to obey orders or be thrown out of the party?”  This despite that two cabinet ministers – Robin Cook and Clare Short, who occupy far more elevated positions than backbencher Galloway - resigned from the cabinet prior to the war as a matter of conscience and have faced no reprimands, never mind threats of expulsion. 


The most ubiquitous of the usual suspects, however, is the BBC, the public broadcasting corporation funded by a fee paid, under threat of imprisonment, by everyone in Britain who owns a television set.  The BBC has downshifted from being the world’s most respected impartial purveyor of news to that of radical leftist propaganda machine. Predictably, their lead into the story read, “MP George Galloway has been expelled from the Labour Party in the wake of his outspoken comments on the Iraq war.”  The most important BBC radio station, Radio 4, used the headline “Galloway was expelled … for his opposition to the war in Iraq” all day.  The willful misrepresentation was intended to lead the audience to believe that he had been spitefully punished for exercising his right to free speech – and the deception worked.


Such is the level of supine, uncomprehending stupidity among the people who still trust the BBC to report the real news, that their reader participation “Have Your Say” largely supported their biased reportage. Wrote one (the leading letter),  “If Britain is truly a democracy then Mr. Galloway should be able to express his opinions without fear of retribution.”  The second letter (from the U.S.) began, “I praise Mr. Galloway for his courage to speak the truth.”  A letter or two later, a Canadian wrote, “George Galloway, you are the voice of millions of antiwar demonstrators who paraded in various cities of your country. You will never be silenced.”


The BBC claims it publishes a fair representation of letters received.  In the unlikely event that this is true, then most of its correspondents are so drenched in left-wing propaganda, they can’t spot the difference between free speech and aiding and abetting the enemy.

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