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Teaching Old Europe a Lesson By: Tammy Bruce
FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, December 11, 2003

Old Europe’s head has exploded with rage, and I say good! Old Europe is mad and in the midst of throwing a temper tantrum, its arms flailing and feet dragging the floor. France, Germany and other countries too self-absorbed, politically inept and globally backward to help support the War on Terror in Iraq, are just shocked that the Pentagon has barred countries who opposed the war from bidding for some of that $18.6 billion in reconstruction contracts.

Money, money, money. That’s what it’s all been about for them. They supported Iraq because there was money. Saddam owes Old Europe billions of dollars ($8 billion to Russia alone). They knew they wouldn’t get it if Saddam was gone, so they opposed liberating a country and saving lives, for money. Now, American tax dollars are at issue. The enablers of Saddam -- with his prisons for children, torture and rape rooms for women, and plastic shredders for men -- want part of our $18.6 billion tax in reconstruction aid for that used and abused country.

The United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, and Denmark are approved. Why only these 6 European nations out of 15? Because they deserve it, that’s why. All have sent soldiers or police forces to Iraq. U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, and our heroes at the Pentagon who run our military and keep the world free, have announced that it is our friends who will benefit in the reconstruction.

Of course, the countries not on the list are so narcissistic that they simply cannot comprehend why bidding is restricted to those countries that made the liberation possible, that worked with the United States to remove a tyrannical dictator. Contracts to rebuild the nation naturally belong to those who stood up to the incessant bullying of France, the threats from Germany, and still stood by our nation, going so far as to send their sons and daughters into harm's way to stand with us and with the people of Iraq, because it was the right thing to do.

It doesn’t surprise me that countries like France and Germany don’t understand the concepts of loyalty, compassion, courage and commitment. Instead, they behave like the Great Entitled—those who believe, simply because of their own absurd vision of themselves that they deserve what they want, and they want everything. Forget about having to work for it. Forget about standing by your “allies.”

Specifically, Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, China and Russia are among countries excluded. Good. I will remind all of you that it was the wrangling and delays at the UN, led by France, and facilitated by its little sycophantic friends, that gave Saddam Hussein months of lead time to hide his WMDs and make plans for his own escape.

It is worth remembering that everyday an American dies in Iraq due in part to the refusal of those cowards in Old Europe to assist in the liberation effort. Saddam, the remnants of his regime, and the al-Qaeda foreign fighters who operate in Iraq are aided and comforted by the attitude of Old Europe.

Every bomb that goes off, every missile that is shot, is made possible in part by the emotional support the scum of the earth receives from Frenchman who sit and chew on their croissants and maintain their Red Wine stupor on the Left Bank.

Not all countries are equal. Iraq has served as an indicator of which countries have courage and integrity, and which do not. France is unworthy, and should never, never, get one paw on the tax dollars we have pledged to make Iraq free and functional.

Germany should be ashamed of itself—if any country owes the lives of its sons and daughters to help make the world a better, freer place it is Germany. They, too, should never get a a single American reconstruction dollar.

Then we have countries that didn’t even have the guts to take a position. The Pentagon list also rightly excludes those countries which found it suitable to stand by and watch and say nothing. Sweden, Ireland, Austria, and Finland, all neutral countries, are out. Good, good, good and good.

It shouldn’t be too surprising, however, that Old Europe would declare their exclusion as unfair. Their world, like leftist worlds everywhere, are unused to repercussions for moral failures. I must say, the United States has in part facilitated that mentality. For far too long we have made nice with Old Europe. I think it’s due in part to our romantic nature, to say nothing of our personal ties with the Old World.

We are Americans first, but we love our ancestors and a world which has indeed helped to make the United States move from a dream to a reality. But sentiment should go only so far. My heritage is Italian and Irish. I’ve been proud that Italy stood by us, and ashamed that Ireland did not. I accept that.

I’ve also noted the UN reaction when it faced an attack in Iraq and suffered a loss of life. With the spine of an earthworm, they turned and ran. What a wonderful message to send the Iraqis.

And this is the organization that Old Europe (and Hillary Clinton) says should be running the reconstruction! How can they when they have the moral fiber of a slug, and cut and run the moment the war dares to come to their front door? Hillary Clinton and others of her ilk either are on an entirely different planet or are knowingly ready to condemn an entire people to ruin for political gain. I report, you decide.

Italians also faced the horrors of death in Iraq. While the Italian people remain conflicted about the war, Italian leadership has remained with us, despite their losses and the debate at home. That is courage to the core. Spanish troops have also been lost, and they too, have stayed the course. These are friends worth having and being proud of.

I have no qualms whatsoever knowing that some of the tax dollars I pay will be going to winning bids for these countries to reconstruct Iraq. They deserve it, with every drop of blood shed by their brave citizens, we owe it to them. They have earned it with every tear shed by loved ones in their home countries. How dare the Old Europe, comfy in their cowardice, declare that they, too, deserve our money.

I’ll tell you what they deserve--to learn a lesson we should have taught them years ago: their free ride is over. They are not entitled to anything. There are repercussions to their actions, and self-absorption will not be rewarded. This is the new message from a new America—one which will not let the Old Europe attempt to destroy the world again.

One caution—as of this writing, a wire service has just announced, “The Pentagon on Wednesday delayed the issue of $18.6 billion in U.S. tenders to rebuild Iraq amid criticism over the exclusion from bidding of firms from France, Germany, Russia and other war opponents. The prime contracts were set to be advertised last Friday, but were delayed while 'high-level' policy decisions took place.”

Let’s make sure our voices, and not those of the French or Germans, hold sway at the Pentagon. It is imperative you let the Pentagon know you support restricting bidding to our coalition partners in Iraq, and Iraqi companies. Those who opposed our efforts, and consequently continue to endanger our troops and embolden the enemy, should never be rewarded.

Tammy Bruce is a Fox News Channel Contributor and author of The Death of Right and Wrong.

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