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College Film Festival: Kill the Jews By: Tatiana Menaker
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I don't think it is news to anyone that San Francisco State University has long been a major center of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda. As a student at SFSU, I can attest to it personally.

I recently attended the university film festival "Exploring the Israeli-Palestinian Issue through Film."  Nearly all the films presented were poorly made. One Israeli-made documentary, at least, was honestly described in the program as "amateur."  I don't know what was scarier for me: the images on the screen or the atmosphere in the auditorium.

One British journalist, resembling the picture of Dorian Gray with all his vices on his face, couldn't hide his vampiric thirst for Jewish blood behind the mask of impartiality. And you’d have to be pretty gullible to believe all the staged fraud in his "documentary". Scene: an Arab woman shows that Israeli soldiers left plastic bags full of dog feces after a military raid. The bag looks like it contains the work of 50 dogs or an elephant. 

Can you imagine an Israeli soldier carrying a loaded gun with ammunition on a dangerous military raid, scraping dog-droppings and dragging the bag all the way from Israel (Arabs don't keep dogs because they consider them unclean animals) to the occupied territories in order to leave it in some unknown house?  Yes, this is a major insult for all Arabs, so let's just stage it for the film!  This “dog-shit insult” was exhibited in another British "documentary" together with accusations of Israelis using poison gas.

Watching these films, I saw that Palestinian Arabs have become professional victims and actors in the "Israelis-and-Jews-Are-Horrible-Child-Murderers” series. These films are constantly shown in Europe and especially in the Middle East due to heavy demand and plentiful funding. Many years ago one famous writer said that Europe would never forgive Jews for what it did to them during the Holocaust. For Europeans, the image of a bad Israel is a relief from their Holocaust guilt complex, if indeed they ever had one.

Another scene: a demonstration by twenty truant school boys with a Palestinian flag while cameramen are constantly bustling into the scene and obstructing the view. The mere presence of cameramen and journalists in such crowds shows that the situation is far from bad. In Chechnya, after the real military raids, when Russians carpet-bomb the cities, dead bodies are strewn on the streets and nobody picks them up.  Have you ever seen any pictures in newspapers or films?  No journalist is crazy enough to show up in Grozny.  It's quite a bit different to relax in a Jerusalem Mariott, taking showers and enjoying good Israeli dinners, feeling like a hero after photographing the stone-throwing operations of underage truants.

An absurd reality emerges from these "documentaries." You see smiling, camera-friendly children, well fed by UNRWA. An Arab woman, well-practiced at TV interviews, complains that her last interview was poorly edited. Boys who quit school in the second grade enthusiastically pose for cameras, throwing Molotov cocktails and heavy rocks from slings. Palestinian Arabs travel on donkeys and in donkey drawn carts.

Considering that Israel has more computers per capita than the US, it is no wonder that "humiliation" is the second most repeated word in these films. When your people are staring into a donkey's ass while other people across the street are looking at a computer screen, it is a humiliation.

The tragedy of Palestinian Arabs is that they are forced to compare themselves with the superbly developed civilization of Israel instead of, for example, the outskirts of Cairo, where barely dressed, malnourished, unschooled children with rotten teeth are crawling in the dust around mud huts with no sewage system.

It is understandable that the mere existence of Israel in such close proximity is unbearable.  What is strikingly serious in all these films is that if one were to count the most often used words, these words would be "humiliation" and "Kill the Jews!" Even in the most peaceful and idealistic documentary, made by a Jewish director, a young boy asked what he wants to do when he grows up is prompted by his father: "Kill the Jews!" When asked to draw a picture of his future he draws himself killing Israelis.

The same Gaza strip "documentary" accuses Israelis of using poison gas. Again the same plastic bag with dog shit; and a mutilated child who blew himself up with an unknown device he found (perhaps his own parents made some makeshift bombs -- as often happens to Arabs who blow themselves up in the bomb making process, losing eyes and limbs).

The film implicitly blames Israelis for his terribly mutilated body. Wow! Poison gas, dog shit, mutilated children! In comparison, matzo soaked in the blood of Christian newborns sounds almost like a compliment.  This was a great experience for a Soviet Jew, who ran away from her own anti-Semitic country! In comparison with this storm of anti-Jewish hatred, Soviet anti-Semitism was like a light breeze.

The situation in the auditorium was far worse. A Jewish meshugene, a professor of social science, who hadn't combed her hair since the fall of the Soviet Union, addressed another socialist lady as "comrade Robertson". This "comrade", an aged hippie DBA professor from the Philosophy Department (I can only imagine the quality of her teaching), is the faculty patron for pro-Palestinian and anti-American mobs on campus.

The Communist Jew in her soap-box speech called for the end of Israeli occupation and said that not all Jews are as bad as the ones shown in these films. For instance, her friend, a Jewish doctor, works in Sweden for the Palestinian cause. It's an old tune: I am the good Jew; it's the other Jews who are bad, so kill them first.

She thinks that if not for Israel, if not for this terrible capitalist America and this terrible president Bush supporting Israel, there would be no anti-Semitism, and no hatred toward Jews; all we need is just to destroy Israel, create a secular Arab state instead and live happily with our Palestinian comrades in a socialist paradise. She was so hysterical in her hatred toward Israel that even the Palestinians in the audience were bewildered. And concerning that socialist paradise: I just came from one, and I would love to send her there.

The General Union of Palestinian students attended the festival dressed in Arab headscarves sometimes wrapped around their hips. They had a couple of very passionate speakers seasoned in a multitude of anti-Israeli meetings, which are organized on campus so frequently that an innocent visitor would think that he had landed in some Syrian university run by Hamas. Actually the visitor wouldn't be entirely mistaken. Palestinian students are the only group, which for almost twenty years had an office and a full-time salaried non-student coordinator on campus.  It would be interesting to find out who funded the group.

Our Judenrat, represented by the Chair of the Jewish Studies Department and Director of Hillel, was no match for them. On the first day, they mumbled some half-ass response; on the other days they were silent like fish - or absent. They were helpless. They hadn’t prepared for confrontation, even though everyone knows what happens at such events.

Only one Christian convert to Judaism was truly eloquent in defending Israel. I sincerely said that Jews should learn from the Arabs how to treat their own traitors in a time of war.

It could be that the festival had good intentions. Professor of History Jerald Combs was an excellent moderator, but the Jewish voices presented in the documentaries (as in the audience) were mostly anti-Israel, or voices of doubt at best. But the festival, as usual, turned out to be a full-blown anti-Israel "Free Palestine" meeting supported by Israel haters from Jewish Voice for Peace. If I myself were not a Jew with much experience of Soviet anti-Semitic propaganda, I would have left this festival as an accomplished Israel hater and a vicious anti-Semite.

Today we have a new event: "Solidarity in Struggle: Cuba to Palestine. Your fist for the Liberation of Palestine." At this rate, the Organic Food Movement will be promoting the liberation of Palestine too.

And what exactly do they mean by the "Liberation of Palestine"?  It’s Israel they’re talking about. To liberate Palestine you need to exterminate five million Jews. So is this what SFSU students are struggling for? Do you remember that it was anti-Semitic propaganda and anti-Jewish riots in German universities that actually triggered the beginning of the Holocaust?

Nathan Scharansky, an Israeli minister, can hardly be described as a person easily susceptible to panic. A dissident and political prisoner, he was not scared to stand alone against the KGB in a Soviet Gulag. But after touring six American Universities last month, he wrote that the situation “on campuses in the United States and Canada is more serious than we think. And this is truly frightening."

So Jewish students are subjected to constant malicious anti-Semitic attacks disguised as pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionist rallies, at which the participants get so excited that they often start screaming Nazi-like slogans.

A female Jewish SFSU student, falsely accused by a Palestinian activist and a Muslim advisor of hate speech, was punished by the University administration. Would anyone punish a black person today based on the accusation of KKK members?  Taxpayer-funded university newspapers consistently talk about Palestinian Arabs, the only group chosen from among so many at war with the chosen people. Do we forget Martin Luther King's famous warning that if you see anti-Zionism it is always anti-Semitism?

The late KGB Chief Yuri Andropov once said: "We won the war in Vietnam on the streets of Washington." The Arab Palestinian movement was created by the KGB. I know: I worked with Arabs back in Russia. They are using the same KGB-taught propaganda strategy that was used in organizing protests against the Vietnam War, which seduced childish professors together with their immature students. Unfortunately, our civilization is losing a war on its university campuses once again.

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