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France's Wake-Up Call By: Olivier Guitta
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Last week, French President Jacques Chirac declared that "(French) schools will remain secular." Thus, the hijab, the yarmulke and "large crosses" are going to be banned in France’s schools. But the real underlying issue, one not addressed by Chirac, concerns the extremist version of Islam currently threatening the French Republic, host to the largest Muslim population in Europe.

The French Muslim community’ estimated at anywhere between five and eight million people ‘ is totally indoctrinated and controlled by extremist organizations such as UOIF (Union des Organizations Islamiques de France), which is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood, a notorious Islamist terrorist group founded in Egypt in 1927.

These fanatics control most French mosques and get financial support from Saudi Arabia. In fact, the Arab Kingdom is behind almost every mosque and Islamic center in France. For example, last week, it was revealed in the French newspaper Le Monde that Saudi Arabia is going to finance the restoration of the Paris Mosque, thus exporting discreetly its extremist version of Islam, Wahhabism.

The most vocal advocate of Wahhabism in France is Tariq Ramadan, a Swiss philosophy teacher who happens to be the grandson of Hassan Al Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. Ramadan has been very active in France during the past ten years, spreading his extremist views and becoming the unofficial voice of French Islam. He has now become a "star," appearing constantly on French prime-time television. Ramadan symbolizes the view, as Jacques Jormier, a leading French expert on Islam, puts it, "that does not modernize Islam but Islamizes modernity." The extent to which Ramadan’s brand of totalitarian Islam has gained a strong foothold in France can be seen in the plight of French Muslim women.

In certain cases, French Muslim families are paid 500 Euros (around 600 USD) per trimester by Muslim organizations just to have their daughters wear the hijab. In fact, a survey done last May found that 77% of girls wearing the hijab do so because of the physical threats received from Islamist groups. Liberation, a major French newspaper, recently showed how Muslim women and girls in France who refuse to wear the hijab are insulted, rejected and often times physically threatened by Muslim males. One of the teenage girls interviewed said, "Every day, bearded men come to me and advise me strongly on wearing the veil. It is a war. For now, there are no dead but there are looks and words that do kill." Muslim women who try to rebel are considered outcasts and "whores." Some of them want to move to areas "with no Muslims" to escape. However, that might not be a solution, as Islamists are at work everywhere in France. For example, L’Humanite, the Communist French newspaper usually very much in sync with France’s Arab population, recently interviewed two Catholic-born French women who said that they converted to Islam after a methodical indoctrination by the Muslim Brotherhood.

This extremist indoctrination also extends to French schools, where non-Muslim teachers are subject to daily insults and racist remarks. For instance, the principal of the Trappes’ primary school described how, "An 11-year-old kid insulted his female teacher because she was not wearing the hijab. Intolerant behaviors especially against teachers and other religions have skyrocketed in the past three years." These young children are taught from the time they can walk that Islam is the answer to everything the Ultimate Truth and that is why even six-year-olds are now fasting during Ramadan.

Therefore, is not surprising that ten-year olds call for the institution of Shariah, or Koranic law, during class. Or that during a high school History lesson regarding the Crusades, a Muslim student yelled: "Anyway, the Arabs are going to kill the Christians and the Jews." The teacher then asked him, "When?" and the child replied, "I do not know. It was not mentioned on the imam’s tape." Or that on a course on the Holocaust, Muslim children demanded to be let go to ask their imams if what they were being taught was true.

But school is not the only place in France where militant Islam is omnipresent. For example, in Avignon, Muslim extremists distribute loads of Koranic tapes in French and drive around town with their windows open and propaganda blasting through the speakers. In French hospitals, most Muslim women, sometimes under the family’s pressure, refuse to be examined by male doctors and many Muslim men by female doctors. Many Muslim defendants refuse to be tried by Jewish judges, and some municipal pools have different hours for women and men to accommodate the Muslim population. A number of supermarkets carrying non-Halaal products (food not permitted by the Koran), have been vandalized by Muslims and then surrendered to this violent blackmail by taking the products off their shelves. This is what France has become.

Islamists have the clear goal of transforming France into the first Islamist regime of the West. Their master plan is clearly formulated and being implemented every day. And it is not a coincidence that the biggest wave of violent anti-Semitism in Europe is occurring in France, triggered by Muslims. This may only be a taste of things to come; the next victims could be French Christians and then moderate Muslims. Passing a law that forbids the hijab is not going to change anything. A very aggressive policy against the Wahhabi influence in the French Muslim community and the arrest of radical French imams would be a good start. But the Chirac administration is not ready for that; in fact, it does not even recognize that Muslims are responsible for most anti-Semitic incidents in France.

France has had its wake-up call; if it just hits the snooze button and goes back to sleep, then a Muslim Coup d’Etat is in the offing.

Olivier Guitta is a Washington DC based foreign affairs consultant.

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