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The West Wing: Lies About Sudan By: Michael Margolies
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, March 03, 2004

When the definitive history of mass murder is written, under the sub-heading “Clueless,” we can add NBC’s “West Wing” for its woefully ill-informed portrayal of the horror that is Sudan. The “West Wing’s” contribution to historical inaccuracy about the continuing slaughter in Sudan was on full display in a December 3, 2003 episode entitled, “Abu El Banat” (“Father of Daughters).

The onscreen preview provided by the Time Warner Cable Company gave the following synopsis: “Relief Workers jailed in Sudan.  Episode: Abu El Banat.  News of Relief Workers jailed in northern Sudan oppresses the holiday spirit at the tree lighting ceremony;….”  Because the Sudan is hardly ever mentioned on American news broadcasts, let alone a major network series, the possibilities seemed intriguing.  Could the Hollywood liberal elite, which prides itself as being the moral and ethical voice of America, be getting ready to make a statement and take a stand against genocide in Africa carried out by non-whites?

Unfortunately, the answer was a resounding “no.”  One of President Josiah Bartlet’s (played by Martin Sheen) aides informs him early on that three bible-carrying Christian Relief Workers in northern Sudan were arrested for proselytizing: “Sir, these are Christians doing work in a drought-stricken, civil war-ridden nation.”  And here is precisely where the problem begins.

To the unknowing, hearing the phrase “civil war” automatically brings forth an assumption that there are two or more sides involved in a domestic dispute.  But in the case of Sudan this is factually incorrect. In Sudan one side has been brutally attacked and made war against by the other. One side is heavily armed, the other is not.  One side has seen its people brutalized and massacred, and hard as it is to believe in the 21st Century, had tens of thousands of its women and children put into chattel slavery. Only one side suffered from famine because they were denied access to relief supplies.  In every instance the victims in Sudan have been the black Christians and animists who mainly populate the southern half of Sudan, while the perpetrators are the Arab Muslim jihadist rulers of Khartoum in the north.

So how is it that among the fictional West Wing, including President Bartlet and his national security staff, and the real life West Wing screen writers, producers, directors, and actor Martin Sheen—social activist and supposed student of politics and international affairs—not one of them knew this information?  Wasn’t there one member of President Bartlet’s and/or Martin Sheen’s team knowledgeable enough to inform him and his loyal audience that in the last eighteen real, not fictional years, approximately two million black Sudanese Christians and animists have been murdered at the hands of an Arab/Muslim jihadist regime?  How did these allegedly political people miss it?

Didn’t any of them know that while murder and mayhem were going on, economic interests within countries such as, but not limited to, China (a really big player) Malaysia, Sweden, Austria, India, Canada, and of course, Sudan itself, were in the oil-for-blood business (black African blood mostly)? Or that the forces of the National Islamic Front cleared large swaths of land for oil development, including untold villages and roadways, usually by large scale murder?  Hadn’t any of them heard about the raids on hundreds of black villages where the men were murdered and the women and children taken as chattel slaves (currently as many as 40, 000 according to some estimates)? Didn’t one of them know of the estimated four million internal and external refugees, virtually all blacks as well, who were able to get away before death in the form of jihad came to their doors?

Badly outgunned, with nothing like the religious or racial rallying cry of the jihadists, various black Sudanese factions have organized and armed as best they can to defend themselves. But to characterize this as a civil war, implying some type of armed insurrection against a legitimate governing authority, is like calling the Warsaw Ghetto uprising a civil war.  What resistance there is takes place against a regime which is attempting to obliterate through jihad the largely defenseless black population.

If NBC, The West Wing, and famed liberal and progressive activist Martin Sheen didn’t know these things, shame on them.  Shame on them for their laziness, ignorance, and smugness, and shame on them for misleading their viewers who ought to know the truth about one of the most brutal crimes against humanity of the last half century.

For a non-politically correct and detailed description of some of the horrors inflicted on a largely defenseless black population by Arab jihadist militia or Khartoum troops in Sudan, see the latest, but far from only, Amnesty International Report of Feb. 3, 2004. 

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