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A Hate America Anniversary By: Anthony Gancarski
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, March 22, 2004

International ANSWER has been outstanding at masking its true, totalitarian goals. The Workers World Party front group, which has ties to North Korea, saw itself in the vanguard of last year's "peace" marches. And ANSWER sought to regain that position last Saturday, March 20, with a worldwide series of marches designed to protest the liberation of Iraq one year ago.

A bulk email sent by International ANSWER a couple of days before the front group’s March 20th “mass mobilization” [in conjunction with other groups, notably the Communist-led “United for Peace and Justice”] to “stop occupation and war in Haiti, Palestine, Iraq, [and] the Hood” shrouded the group’s ultimate aims. “Opposition to the Iraq war and occupation is deep and it is global. It stunned the war-makers that the people of Spain, having experienced a horrific terrorist attack on civilians, could three days later resist the right-wing pressure applied by the pro-Bush Aznar government and turn that government out of office,” read the missive. “This incredible upset was a focused repudiation by the people of the government's cooperation with Bush and Blair in carrying out the aggression in Iraq repercussions. The people of Spain will be in the streets on March 20th. So must we.” Serious analysis of the Spanish election, of course, is willfully eschewed by the ANSWER missive – for the Workers’ World Party front group, it is enough to frame the vote as a repudiation of Spain’s part in the Bush/Blair Iraqi war coalition, thus providing red meat for the America haters who comprise ANSWER’s target demographic.

International ANSWER boasted in that same email about pressuring the financially-strapped government of New York City to “uphold the free speech rights” of demonstrators. “Over 5000 emails” for starters, with the loaded promise of “thousands more showing their support and rejecting the efforts of the government to intimidate people from coming, by buying bus tickets and making plans to come out into the streets for the regional action in New York.” In other words, the Hate America crowd proposes a “mass mobilization,” protected by the government their speakers do nothing but speak ill of.


It is no surprise that the press in countries hostile to the United States have nothing but kind words for this Marxist rabble rousing, hoping to call into question Washington’s credibility. ANSWER, though unwilling to say so, exists exclusively to plant toxic stories in the world media about America’s “colonial oppression.” And as people familiar with the careers of professional dissidents like Lyndon LaRouche and Noam Chomsky know, the newspapers in Marxist and Islamist nations happily oblige ANSWER by favorably reporting their antics.


Xinhua, a prominent Chinese paper, fawned over Italian protesters of the war. Reportedly one million strong in Rome, these intrepid souls carried banners with messages like “Your War, Our Dead.” Xinhua subtly dismissed Berlusconi’s Italy as little more than an American client state; indeed, all the world press claims that any country taking the American position is doing so only because its leader was bought off.


Yet China was not the only place where peace rallies received favorable write-ups. Australia’s Sunday Times described a rally of 6,000 people coming together in Sydney on Saturday to chant slogans like "End the occupation, troops out, Howard out." Meanwhile, protesters dressed as President Bush and Prime Minister John Howard French-kissed while straddling a fake missile. The Sydney rally threatened to get ugly when racialist-terrorist Jack van Tongeren showed up to lend his support to the cause. Van Tongeren, who spent 12 years in lockdown for firebombing Chinese restaurants, justified his presence at the rally by saying that he had a lot in common with the international “peace” movement. And he’s right. Given the ample documentation on this site and elsewhere of the disingenuous race baiting that is de rigueur at ANSWER rallies, Van Tongeren should have felt at home amidst the sloganeering mudslinging superstars of the “antiwar” Left.


Of course, Australia was not the only U.S. ally whose government was burdened with anti-American demonstrations. In Greece, an estimated 10,000 Athenians marched on the U.S. Embassy. Germans, outside of the Rammstein U.S. military base, which has safeguarded their nation‘s security for decades, hoisted banners proclaiming “Happy Birthday Mass Murder.” Some 30,000 turned out for an antiwar protest in Japan – another nation that exists because of American military protection – and an estimated 500 demonstrators in the Philippines clashed with riot police.


Meanwhile, in England, an estimated 25,000 turncoats marched through the damp London chill, many of them with placards proclaiming “Bush Is #1 Terrorist” [which were mass-produced, much like the signs given out at Vince McMahon‘s WWE pro wrestling shows]. No stranger to running errands for America’s enemies, George Galloway, the recently disgraced MP from Baghdad who was summarily bounced from the Labor Party, gave the Bush/Blair axis what-for.


 "Just because they call themselves the international community, that doesn't mean their actions are right," Galloway pronounced. Always the forward-thinking politician, Galloway urged voters to turn the June 10 European elections into a referendum on Tony Blair's future.


Perhaps the renegade MP was emboldened by the comments of Dominique de Villepin in Le Monde Thursday. There the French Foreign Minister alleged that Coalition efforts in Iraq destabilized the world and increased terrorism, in Iraq and elsewhere. Before the war, terrorism in Iraq did not exist, de Villepin claimed. (Tell that to Saddam’s victims!) Meanwhile, his own government’s efforts to undermine Taiwanese elections – via suspiciously timed joint military maneuvers with Communist Chinese forces off the coast of that island nation – suggest that the hands of the French are unclean.


Such claims as made by de Villepin and Galloway, made by non-politicians in a different context, could be dismissed as the blather of lightweights. But in the context of opposing the War on Terror, the claims made by these officials of foreign governments are dangerous.


Unhappily, there is no shortage of “professional protesters” domestically willing to amplify the concerns of the Galloways of the world. Like ants swarming to honey, these fellow travelers are drawn to live microphones, ranting and raving in order to forge patchwork coalitions of the disaffected. There was no shortage of such de facto foreign lobbyists, in New York [where the weekend’s peace rally drew 36,000 according to NYPD officials] and elsewhere in the U.S., on Saturday, March 20th. They spoke early and often, with little regard for truth.


“I thank you for bringing your bodies to defend peace,” said Ray Laforest of the Haiti Support Network, one of the first speakers at the NYC rally. “I'm here to stand with the Palestinian people, and to condemn the occupation of Iraq.” The idea of “bringing one’s body” is as obtuse as the connection between U.S. actions in Haiti and the Palestinian problem. Yet this opaqueness has a purpose: to allow the HSN to whore itself out to any number of disparate causes.


For instance, the Haiti Support Network claims on its website that its purpose is “to raise material and political support for the National Popular Assembly (APN). Since its founding in 1987...the APN has proven as a popular organization, in both words and deeds, that it is genuinely dedicated to Haiti's self-determination.” To that end, the HSN supports the APN’s resistance and “continues to defend the principles of independence and justice for the Haitian people.” Defending the long-suffering Haitian people, of course, is convenient shorthand for undermining U.S. policy toward the country, which the APN has dismissed publicly as a threat to Haiti’s “national sovereignty.” Forget that this policy has resulted in a bloodbath under faux democratic leader Jean Bertrand-Aristide.


But the HSN, though nominally interested only in Haiti, has found a number of strange bedfellows over the years – suggesting that its commitment to genuine national sovereignty is as disposable as one of its press releases. For example, the March 20th San Francisco protest was expanded to include a plea for “marriage equality for all”; what relevance does same-sex marriages in the United States have for Haiti‘s right to self-determination?


Meanwhile, the HSN’s press releases urge interested parties to check out a webpage devoted to “Justice for Mumia Abu-Jamal,” the Left’s cuddly cop-killer turned cult hero. What the photogenic Mumia has to do with Haiti or the “Haitian Diaspora” is never explained, suggesting that the HSN is more interested in “visibility” – and hatred of the United States – than in helping Haiti.


That much said, the mouthpiece of the Haitian Support Network served as mere prelude for more established superstars of the “mass mobilization” scene. Longtime Communist Leslie Cagan, national coordinator for United for Peace and Justice,  warbled, “It's time now, once and for all, to end the war by ending the occupation.” Dennis Kucinich, failed Democratic Presidential candidate who has been talking about a “Department of Peace“ for many months now, advocated “a new direction for America” starting “with getting out of Iraq, bringing in UN peacekeepers and bringing our troops home.” Kucinich’s passionate advocacy of America’s self-abnegation as a world power, obviously, went unchallenged by anyone in attendance.


The unvarying, monolithic messages of speakers at ANSWER rallies matched the marchers’ clichéd signs. By now, the signs are painfully familiar to anyone who has seen one of these rallies: the standard “No Blood For Oil”, now well into its second decade; “Impeach the Liar”; “U.S. out of the Middle East”; No Justice, No Peace”; and, of course, “Peace is Patriotic.”


These placards play off of four decades of toxic cultural disintegration. Defense of national interests, understanding that wars are pretty much inevitable in a world with finite resources and untrustworthy foreign leaders, and the idea that America itself is worth defending – all of these concepts are beyond the pale.


The facts about U.S. interventions are never mentioned at these anti-American rallies, either. For instance, the fact that the U.S. scrupulously avoided civilian casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the service of their political agenda, these group-thinking ANSWER flacks curse public servants while ignorant of the fact that they’ve hitched a ride on Pyongyang’s “peace” train. In the claustrophobic universe occupied by International ANSWER, the masses need not actually consider the issues for themselves. ANSWER’s methods, as well as its goals, are totalitarian at their core. And judging from the turnout for these events, many self-described “patriots for peace” think renouncing the United States is worth the price of admission.


“Totalitarianism is never content to rule by external means, namely, through the state and a machinery of violence; thanks to its peculiar ideology and the role assigned to it in this apparatus of coercion, totalitarianism has discovered a means of dominating and terrorizing human beings from within.” These words from Hannah Arendt, who could have as easily meant them for the masses that marched on Saturday.


Of course, these rallies are not going away in the foreseeable future. In a culture where God is mocked and “diversity” and “peace” are golden calves to be worshipped, it has to be said: we have met the enemy, and too often he is one of our fellow citizens. The future of America depends upon the swift repudiation of the toxic messages put forth by International ANSWER and all of the disparate groups seeking shelter under its umbrella. 

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