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Raze Fallujah By: Tammy Bruce
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, April 02, 2004

The latest reminder of the type of brutality that has ruled Iraq under the thumb of Saddam Hussein is in the action of his supporters, and their al-Qaeda mentors, in Fallujah. The murder and desecration of the bodies of American contractors reminds us that, while the Iraqis everywhere appreciate and support their liberation, there are a few rats who would prefer a return to the hell of Saddam’s depraved tyranny.

Fallujah has remained a hotbed of support for the brutal past regime, and for reasons that can only be explained by political correctness, we have not, up to this point, destroyed that base of murder, terrorism and bestial violence.

I contend it is now time to raze Fallujah.

I’ll remind you of what it took to quell the beasts of Germany and Japan in 1945: complete and total destruction. There was a reason why we bombed Dresden into oblivion. There was a reason why Berlin was not saved. There was a reason why two atomic bombs had to be dropped on Japan after Hiroshima: they still refused to surrender unconditionally.

Beasts of violence and destruction understand one thing: destruction. The media, of course, are comparing the Fallujah horror with Mogadishu. Almost with gleeful hysteria, the Left and their water boys, the mainstream media, seem desperate to cast this as Mogadishu. Why? To make George W. Bush look bad, that’s why. Because they revel in horror. Because they need Americans to be just like them. We must see a pit like Fallujah as Saddam's last bunker. The time for political correctness, worry about inflaming the situation, and restraint, are over. This is war. The people of Fallujah have decided to continue the war, so it should indeed be visited upon them with no mercy.

But consider this inane comment to the New York Times by Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, chief spokesman for the American military command in Iraq, as he tried to explain why American forces have yet to enter the city:

"I think that there was a well-thought-out decision on the part of the Marines that let's not rush headlong into there, there may be ambushes set up a pre-emptive attack into the city could have taken a bad situation and made it even worse."

Really? With this kind of response, if Kimmitt was making decisions in April 1945, perhaps we would have simply put a fence around Berlin in an effort not to inflame Hitler.

Really, now, how can we make a situation where Americans have been murdered, set aflame and their bodies dragged through the streets and hung from a bridge worse?

Let’s be honest here. The violent only understand violence. Gentility emboldens them. Kindness disgusts them. And it should. Even the barbaric have no respect for being handled with care. Even they know they should be destroyed.

Kimmitt is now making noises that we will be teaching Fallujah a lesson. What that would be from the man who didn’t want to make the situation worse I can’t imagine. Kimmitt should be reminded of Dresden, Berlin, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The brutal respond to and understand brutal might, especially when it is delivered by the decent.

This is a good time to remember, however, the difference between the Clinton and Bush administrations. Bill Clinton was afraid and retreated out of Somalia, which as we know, is what so empowered bin Laden and made him feel Americans would cower when confronted.

We now know bin Laden was behind the Somali warlord in Mogadishu, and when we turned and ran like frightened rabbits, did that help the world situation? Was our cowardice then supposed to help save American lives? While it was supposed to, it did quite the opposite on September 11, 2001. Three thousand Americans died, mostly civilians, because the American military, neutered by a terrified Clinton government, told the beasts that we have no character, no conviction. Clinton, soft and afraid, told bin Laden that Americans were soft and afraid.

For those of you conflicted, ask yourself, would World War II have ended more quickly if we threw up our hands and said, oh let Hitler have it! Yes, of course. And then what? The disease of Hitler would have metastasized to our homeland, replete, no doubt, with smiling German-speaking Frenchmen leading the charge. After all, so many Jews, so little time!

Were we not supposed to know the consequences of showing the Radical Islamist animals our underside? Did we not understand, despite examples through thousands of years, that murderous despots and terrorists are never appeased, they are made more bold by the retreat of the decent?

Of course, we knew, but we are apt to take our President’s lead when it comes to what is right. Even today, we have just learned that Clinton knew of the Hutus "final solution" in Rwanda, and the genocide of Tutsis that took place. For years Clinton denied knowing the scope of the slaughter.

intelligence reports obtained using the U.S. Freedom of Information Act show Clinton knew of the genocide with his senior officials privately using the word within 16 days of the start of the killings, but chose not to do so publicly. Why? Because the president had already decided not to intervene because he remained terrified of "another Mogadishu."

With these reports, it appears the legacy of our first "black president" is that he chose to ignore the murderous slaughter of 800,000 black people.

We must decide what we’re made of because how we handle the barbarians in Iraq will send a message to beasts everywhere. Are we to be like George W. Bush or Bill Clinton? It's an easy question. Just ask Rwanda's surviving Tutsis who they prefer we be like.

I wonder, as Clinton sits around his office with his cigars, Hillary (or some other woman. It really doesn¹t matter, does it?) and John Kerry, does he ever wonder what it’s like to be hacked to death with a machete? Heck, why do I even ask this of a man whose only concern has been with women whose limbs can do him some good?

Today’s Democrats, who are Clinton’s Democrats, still have no stomach to do what’s right. Why not? Because they cannot see beyond themselves and wanting to save their own skin. The malignant narcissists who run the Democratic Party and American leftists who control our culture, feel there is nothing worth fighting for except their own power.

Facing down the depraved takes courage, perseverance and the resolve to put the bad guys where they belong. We did not leave the world to the Germans because we’re better than that. And we will not leave the world to the Islamists, because we are still better than that. No matter how much nihilistic American leftists and the media would prefer us to return to the days of fear and cowardice, we will still refuse to be like them.

Listen to "The Tammy Bruce Show" Saturdays 1-4pm EST, nationally syndicated by Talk Radio Network. You can find affiliate information at www.talkradionetwork.com.

Tammy Bruce is a Fox News Channel Contributor and author of The Death of Right and Wrong.

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