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The Cult of the Israeli Traitor By: Steven Plaut
FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, April 22, 2004

The Israeli Left is celebrating the release from prison of its great hero, Mordecai Vanunu, who had been in prison after being convicted for espionage. The Left is becoming more and more open about endorsing treason. These same leftists promote insurrection in the Israeli military, denounce Israel all over the world and justify Islamic terrorism because of Israel’s status as a “fascist” or “apartheid” state. They have now adopted Vanunu as their role model.

The Bash-Israel Left has been trying to claim that Vanunu was nothing more than a man of conscience opposed to nuclearization of the Middle East. That is nonsense. Vanunu wanted to release Israeli nuclear secrets, and his leftist cheerleaders want Israel to abandon nuclear weapons, because these nukes make it harder for the Arab fascists to destroy Israel. In other words, Vanunu and his cheerleaders simply would like to see Israel annihilated, and the nukes make this more difficult.


Not convinced? Well, consider this: The very same man of conscience, Mordecai Vanunu, who supposedly has a visceral aversion to nuclear weapons, denounced Israel when it obliterated the Iraq's Osirak nuclear plant back in 1981. Vanunu only opposes nuclear weapons when they are used to counter Islamic fanaticism. In fact, Vanunu has openly stated that Israel should not exist.


Israel has now mindlessly let Vanunu out of prison. Vanunu also petitioned to have his Israeli citizenship revoked. Meanwhile, it is curious to note that Vanunu began his treason and espionage work while a student in the political science department (according to some other reports – philosophy also) at Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheba. There he joined some Stalinist cells, mainly consisting of Arabs, and organized agitprop against Israel when Israel launched the 1982 Peace for Galilee Campaign in Lebanon. Vanunu also organized protests against Israel’s nuclear research facilities in Dimona. Incredibly, Vanunu the Stalinist was then hired to work in that very same Dimina facility, a demonstration of the same sort of “thinking” in Israel that later produced the Oslo debacle. As a Stalinist and spy serving Israel’s enemies, Vanunu smuggled in a camera and took photos. Then he resigned, taking the pictures with him. He traveled through Asia, and ended up in Australia, where the British Sunday Times contacted him for his story.


It is interesting to note that Vanunu’s connections with Ben Gurion University remain, at one level. Neve Gordon, the extremist lecturer in the very same political science department – who believes that denouncing Israel as a terrorist apartheid state should be protected speech but any criticism of his own articles constitutes “libel” – has rallied behind Vanunu. He is one of the signatories on a petition in yesterday’s Haaretz denouncing Israel for having kept Vanunu in prison and demanding that Israel dismantle all its nuclear facilities. Gordon has written for other websites endorsing and cheering Vanunu’s treason. (For example, this article. And don't forget to try the link that connects you to the movement for boycotting all Israeli art institutions.)


If you would like to express your opinon of the political activities of Ben Gurion University's faculty, contact:


 Professor Avishay Braverman

 President, Ben-Gurion University

 Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

 Beer--Sheva 84105, Israel

 Fax: 972-8-647-2937



 Professor Jimmy Weinblatt

 Rector, Ben-Gurion University

 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

 Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

 Beer--Sheva 84105, Israel

 Tel. 972-7-6461105

 Fax: 972-7-6472945



 Professor Avishai Henik

 Dean of Social Sciences



 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, P.O.B. 653

 Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

 Be'er-Sheva 84105, Israel.

Steven Plaut is a professor at the Graduate School of the Business Administration at the University of Haifa and is a columnist for the Jewish Press. A collection of his commentaries on the current events in Israel can be found on his "blog" at www.stevenplaut.blogspot.com.

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