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A Voice For Killing By: David Bedein
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, May 10, 2004

Palestine Authority radio, known as the PBC "VOICE OF PALESTINE", remains the most influential media tool in the hands of the Palestinian government. It has been in business ten years as the official voice of the Palestinian people and since the genesis of Palestinian Authority self-rule.

You hear the VOICE OF PALESTINE everywhere in the Arab street. It sets the public tone.

VOICE OF PALESTINE was founded by Yassir Arafat and overseen by the highest echelons of the nascent Palestinian Authority, providing radio feeds that are played in every Arab marketplace and every home in areas ruled by the PA. The radio airwaves for the VOICE OF PALESTINE were provided for the PA from
's Ministry of Communications with the idea that the Palestinians would be able to broadcast messages of "peace" on their own radio and in their own language.

Despite this, during the past ten years, The VOICE OF PALESTINE has consistently praised Arab terror attacks.

Last week was no exception, when all of
stood in shock at the Arab terror drive-by murder of a pregnant woman and her four little girls. Two Arab terrorists executed each little girl at point blank range with a shot to each one's head, the youngest child being only a two-year-old, after they first blew their mother to bits. The murders were witnessed by a CNN crew who watched with horror only 30 meters away. Mike Swartz, the CNN producer, had the good sense to use his vehicle to block any further traffic from driving into the terror trap on the highway. Israeli soldiers who arrived on the scene were able to kill the Arab terrorists, but not before the four little girls in the van had been finished off by their murderers. 

Dr. Michael Widlanski, an Arabic media expert at the Hebrew University, formerly a reporter for the New York Times and the Cox Syndicate in Jerusalem, who is also an academic who recently completed his PhD on the subject of Palestinian Authority media, listened carefully to The Voice of Palestine during the hours that followed the attack.

The VOICE OF PALESTINE described the men who carried out the attack that left a pregnant mother and her four children dead as "an act of heroic martyrdom." The VOICE OF PALESTINE radio station repeatedly used the term "is tish-had" (heroic martyrdom in Arabic) and "mustash-hidin" (heroic martyrs) to describe the act committed by "two youths". After reporting the attackers’ names, the radio repeated again that they were heroic martyrs. Widlanski recorded the VOP constantly referring to the victims of the shooting attack only as "five settlers" without mentioning that the attack claimed that they were a pregnant woman and her four children.

The Monday morning broadcast of the Voice of Palestine added that that the five “settlers” who were killed were "mukharibun" - terrorists. The reference to the settlers as “terrorists” was in a VOICE OF PALESTINE report that the settlers were preparing to build a new neighborhood in a settlement near
Gaza. Once again, VOICE OF PALESTINE did not condemn the attack that killed a pregnant mother and her four children, but did vigorously condemn the "cowardly act" by Israel
of attacking a Hamas radio station which had exhorted Palestinians to carry out further attacks against Israelis. There were no reported Arab casualties in that Israeli attack.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Media Watch reported that the Palestinian Authority's official daily newspaper glorified yet another murderer - a man who was responsible for a cold-blooded murder of an Israeli father and his 2 daughters, labelling him "a beacon of light for generations to come." Palestine Media Watch, an agency that translates Arab broadcasts,  noted that "According to the daily newspaper , 'Al-Hayat Al-Jadida', Samir Quntar, the murderer of Dani Haran and his two daughters in Nahariya in 1979, is a Palestinian hero and 'authentic role model'..."(sic).

Palestine Media Watch further quoted the following statement which appeared in the PA official daily newspaper: "Samir Quntar, a name of pride in the history of the prisoners of the [Palestinian] national movement. A name that he created, during the resistance in
Lebanon and the hours of heroism in Nahariya [the terrrorist attack in which Dani Haran and his daughters were murdered]. A name that is written in the blood that dripped in the interrogation dungeons. [Quntar] wrote the noble history of this name in letters of fire and light during the battles of the struggle! [Quntar] was and will continue to be a beacon of light for us and for the generations to come and an authentic role model. Every day that passes Samir's pride grows, and our pride in him grows greater and greater." [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May, 6, 2004

So there you have it. The official media outlet of the Palestinian Authority, an entity with diplomatic relations with 138 nations around the world, endorses the cold-blooded murder of parents and their children.

That is the same Palestinian Authority which receives direct aid from all of the western democracies, including the
USA to the tune of more than 10 billion dollars in its ten years of existence. The United States taxpayer used to fund Palestinian Television also until word got out about children's shows teaching small children to become martyrs.

For the past week, the U.S. State Department was asked if it would condemn the PA’s official media outlet, THE VOICE OF PALESTINE for endorsing the cold-blooded murder of a pregnant mother and her four children and no answer was received.

Meanwhile, the U.S. State Department did issue a statement in which it states that it “expects” the Palestinian Authority to fight terrorism. A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy  in Tel Aviv was asked what basis the
had for assuming the “expectation” that the PA would fight terrorism would be heeded?

The answer from the U.S. State Department spokesman: “Because they committed themselves to doing so.”

government does not feel under much pressure to condemn the Palestine Authority for directing its official media outlet to praise, justify and glorify those who would murder a pregnant mother and her four little girls.

And why no pressure? The answer is simple: Not one
news outlet reported that the PA praised, justified and glorified this week's cold-blooded murder of a pregnant woman and her four children. If people don't know about it, why worry about it?

There are times when only the news that fits a future peace process will get printed, even as the blood flows.

Now readers of this article know what the VOICE OF PALESTINE and the official Palestinian Authority newspaper really communicate to their people, perhaps those readers will be motivated to contact the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Dr. Daniel Kurtzer, one of the architects of the Oslo Process, to ask him why the U.S. cannot at the bare minimum condemn the Palestine Authority for inciting its own people in its own language to murder innocent human beings.

David Bedein, author of the forthcoming book, "Swimming Against the Mainstream", has run the Israel Resource News Agency. www.IsraelBehindTheNews.com, since 1987, at the Beit Agron Press Center in Jerusalem, where he also heads the Center for Near East Policy Research and serves as the Middle East correspondent for the Philadelphia Bulletin, www.thebulletin.us.

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