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Letter From A College Student By: Aindriu Colgan
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, May 26, 2004

As graduation and the freedom of college advance rapidly, I have an additional accomplishment, in which to rejoice: I have successfully resisted the agenda of the liberal left. It is no coincidence that the overwhelming majority of educators are Democrats; Democrats so far to the left of left that it is difficult to determine their exact planet of origin.

The academic elite is overtly attempting to subvert American democracy by brainwashing students and academic hopefuls alike. Except for the salvation of the occasional Milton Friedman, educators drown their pupils in oceans of deliberately manipulated, misrepresented, or otherwise blatantly concocted fairy-tales. They teach these myths as fact and demand their students ingest them as dogma. Independent schools are certainly not guiltless in this seditious conspiracy. I, however, developed a filter early in my education to separate fact from fiction, the real from the pretend, and the truths from the lies.

From the Science department, I “learned” that AIDS is spread by a lack of federal funding, although it is the most funded disease in the country. I “learned” it is morally wrong to execute criminals convicted of a few specific and heinous crimes, but morally just to murder innocent infants. And I was taught it is ethically acceptable to grow members of our own species for the sole purpose of stealing their organs.


From the History department, I “learned” that the ACLU is wonderful because it upholds certain parts of the constitution, but the NRA is wicked and evil because it upholds certain parts of the constitution; that there was no clear victor in the Cold War, even though the United States emerged as the world’s sole super power and the Soviet Union fell apart into independent democracies. I "learned" that Herbert Hoover was indifferent and insensitive to the Depression, although his supply side economic programs were the only part of FDR’s recovery agenda that were not struck down by the Supreme Court; and that even though Ronald Reagan was reelected by the second largest majority of any president in recorded American history, he was an unpopular and horrible public servant.


From the Modern Language department, I “learned” that Salvador Allende and Juan Peron perpetrated no human rights violations and the Catholic Church is the sole party responsible for the underdevelopment of Latin America.


From the English department, I “learned” that diversity is reading the same stories about minority oppression over and over.


From the Classics department, I “learned” that homosexuality is natural and should be acceptable in modern culture because it was supposedly tolerable in Classical society, while classical political candidates were constantly attacked and scandalized for their wild, sexual lives.


From the Religion Department I “learned” that the holocaust is the defining moment of Western civilization and that using the dating terms BC and AD in a Christian school is discriminatory.


Because I grasped the true meaning behind these liberal fallacies and resisted the propaganda of the academic elite, I am moderately conservative. Yet, now I am dubbed “close-minded” by certain members of the faculty because I have not gobbled up their fabrications, distortions, and obvious misrepresentations like some pin-headed nitwit or hungry teacher’s pet.

Andriu Colgan is a classics and economics major at Dartmouth College.

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