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The Panty Jihad By: Val MacQueen
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Sloggi, a women’s underwear manufacturer owned by Triumph International of Zurich, Switzerland, is allowing itself to be strong-armed down the path to corporate dhimmitude.

It placed its billboards, which granted, demonstrate a slightly obsessive interest in the female derriere – after all, how many variations can a thong have, especially when viewed from the rear? – near two mosques in English cities, and at many other locations throughout Great Britain.  The photos feature four or five women, facing away from the camera toward cartoon flowers, wearing nothing but a thong and a sunhat.  One model holds a watering can.  The caption is:  It’s stringtime …

Despite the fact that Sloggi had legitimately rented the billboard space and was not showing or promoting anything illegal, the mosques in the vicinities demanded that the offending posters be removed. 


According to Britain’s Sky News, the mosques complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which ruled the ads were unlikely to cause widespread offense in general, but it urged Sloggi to be more careful in the future.


By any normal dealings in a democracy, this would have been the end of it.  The company would have been irked by the ASA’s officious advice about being more careful in the future, but it would probably have avoided renting billboards for its underwear close to mosques, just to avoid the hassle.  And the complainants would have let it go and waited until the natural span of those particular posters was over.


But not the mosques of Greater Manchester and Leeds.  Insufficient respect had been paid to Islam.


This is a traditional tactic of the Islamic march to domination.  One fight at a time, one street at a time, one billboard at a time, one school at a time, one book at a time, one TV news report at a time. Islam must always be acknowledged to be above Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and other ancient religions.


The eventual state whereby Christians and Jews acknowledge Islam’s authority and superiority is called the dhimmitude.  Dhimmis will be invited to convert to Islam, but if they do not, they will be allowed to continue to practice their own religions, although with restrictions, and they must profess submission to Islamic laws.


Shamefully, Sloggi is marching down that road.


According to The Yorkshire Evening Post,  “Earlier this year, Muslims in Bradford [another city] ripped down a copy of the Sloggi thong poster which had been put up near one of their mosques.

“A spokeswoman for Triumph International said: ‘We had our posters taken down as soon as we realized they were causing some offense.  In future we will ask our poster company to make sure there are no mosques in the vicinity of any advertisement like this.’”


Why?  And how about the rest of the neighborhood to whom Islam is beyond irrelevant and who also might find the ad offensive?


According to The Daily Mail, which thoughtfully provided its readers with a click to enlarge the image of the offending poster, the ad campaign only attracted two complaints – the two from mosques in the north of England, which claimed the advertisement could corrupt young men and women of their faith.


In a later ruling, June 9, the ASA changed its mind and agreed with them and, for the first time in its 40-year history, banned a poster from being displayed near places of worship.


The Daily Mail reports:  “Media clean-up campaigners reacted furiously, however, because the restriction applies only to mosques.  They pointed out that it resulted from just two complaints - from mosques in the North of England - while leaders of Christian churches have complained about lewd advertising for years.”


(Yes, but the advance of Islam is … one tiny fight at a time … Calls to worship Allah five times a day broadcast over amplifiers attached to the four corners of mosques forced on those who do not believe in this god, in Dearborn, MI  … sharia law to mediate civil disputes for Muslims in Ontario …  one tiny triumph at a time, in the march to dhimmitude …)


John Beyer of the pressure group MediaWatch, said, “'There is no reason to believe that people attending a mosque would be any more or less offended by this poster than someone attending a church, or out shopping or taking their children to school.' He added,  'Christians are upset by this kind of public advertising.  I know the ASA has been contacted about just these concerns for many years, yet it has done nothing.  While we are delighted that Muslims are not going to be offended on their way to the mosque, the same rules should apply to Christians going about their daily business.


'Christian sensibilities are just as valuable and valid as those of Muslims.'”


Hark!  The dhimmitude advances.

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