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Feminists for Obscenity By: Mike Adams
FrontPageMagazine.com | Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Most people who have been keeping up with the national news are aware that a federal lawsuit has been filed against Colorado University (CU). The suit was filed by several women who say that they were sexually assaulted by CU football players and recruits.

During a recent deposition, a lawyer for one of the plaintiffs asked CU President Elizabeth Hoffman about an allegation that the team’s former kicker (a woman) was called a “c**t” by one of her teammates.  Specifically, she was asked whether the word “c**t” is “filthy and vile.”

In typical academic (especially academic administrative) fashion, Hoffman responded by saying that “It is all in the context of what--of how it is used and when it is used.” When asked, “Can you indicate any polite context in which that word would be used?” Hoffman answered, “Yes, I've actually heard it used as a term of endearment.”

So now (pun intended) it appears that feminist groups are up-in-arms over President Hoffman’s remarks.  In fact, representatives of several women’s groups have met with the Governor to express their concerns.

But there’s something I just can't understand about the present controversy. Is the word “c**t” always profane?

The reason for my confusion is an incident that took place on the campus of Wesleyan University a few years ago. Perhaps a brief overview will shed some light on the subject.

It seems that a resident of Middletown, CT (a state abbreviation, but not necessarily an obscenity) took his six-year old child to the homecoming festivities at Wesleyan University. It appears that the boy was very eager to spend five dollars he just got from the tooth fairy (a term probably offensive to the Wesleyan University PRIDE group).

Much to the dismay of his father, after the boy went to buy popcorn he came back with a button on his shirt that said “Vagina Friendly.” The button was sold to the unsuspecting child by members of the “c**t club” at Wesleyan.

Naturally, the father protested by writing a letter to the editor of the school newspaper, saying that “peddling sexually explicit slogans to a six-year old” is “offensive and inappropriate conduct” that “necessarily detracts from the seriousness of (the c**t club’s) message.”

Good answer, right? Well, not according to the feminists.

C**t club members Cara Herbitter, Julia Marcus and Gina Zori issued a joint statement (because feminists are always independent, strong, and don’t all think alike) correcting the misinformed father. It seems that the six-year old actually asked for the pin. Well, I suppose that changes everything!

After that little clarification, the three c**t clubbers took the time to explain the general purpose of the c**t club:

“One of the main goals of the c**t club is to foster healthy attitudes towards women, c**ts (in the appropriate sense) and sexuality. We want women to be proud of their c**ts, demand respect for them, and know how to pleasure themselves and be pleasured by lovers. We strive for a c**t-friendly world that is free from shame and violence towards c**ts…”

 But, wait, there’s more to the story as the c**t clubbers zero in on the obscenity issue:

“’Vagina Friendly’ is NOT sexually explicit. Vagina is a medical term referring to a part of the female anatomy. It is, because of the world we live in (as opposed to the world we are trying to create), a frequently stigmatized word that carries various connotations depending on one’s background and experience. Our job is to try to spread OUR meaning: This is a body part that should be loved and respected.”

Take a moment to wipe the tears from your eyes (due to excessive laughter) because the c**t clubbers are not done with this guy yet:

“While we may envision a world in which all little boys and girls wear ‘Vagina Friendly’ pins and grow up to be the ‘Vagina Friendly’ community of which we dream, it is not our choice to decide how others’ children should be raised. However, it is also not our responsibility to teach a lesson of shame to a young boy when he asks for a pin.”

So you can see why I am so confused. Feminists in Colorado think that the word “c**t” is always profane, while feminists in Connecticut think that it is always appropriate. They also think that “vagina” is appropriate. And, of course, feminist English professors at my university put the words “vagina,” “p***y,” and “f**k” on posters that they hang on campus at only a small cost to the taxpayers.

But maybe some day feminists will agree that the use of the word “c**t” is always vulgar and unnecessary. Until then, let she who is without sin punt the first stone.

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