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Why the Left Hates America By: Dan Flynn
Front Page Magazine | Sunday, October 20, 2002

The Left hates America.

This obvious fact has been affirmed to me through attending scores of left-wing demonstrations, visiting the most virulently left-wing campuses, and reading the Left’s journals and web sites. This was not an exercise in masochism, but research conducted for my new book, Why the Left Hates America: Exposing the Lies That Have Obscured Our Nation’s Greatness.

To venture inside the Left, particularly for a conservative, is to enter a more turbulent zone for research than, say, a library or in front of a Lexis-Nexis database. In the course of gathering information for Why the Left Hates America, I was assaulted, shouted-down, ejected from a conference, intentionally sent computer viruses, and mooned, among other things.

In the course of interviewing attendees of a leftist rally in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in early 2000, I was physically attacked—twice. After covering the first two days of the Black Panthers’ 35th anniversary reunion this April, I was ejected from the conference on the third day and informed that I was henceforth banned for life from Panther gatherings. While speaking at Swarthmore, a radical activist shook her rain-soaked umbrella over my head as I spoke, while another disturbed young woman held up her middle-finger through the entirety of the lecture. Radical activists shouted down my lecture on the Mumia Abu-Jamal case at Berkeley in an orchestrated campaign of screaming. As I tried to speak, one activist attempted to rip the microphone’s plug out of its socket. I was “mooned.” The Left concluded the event by holding a public book-burning using my writings as the kindling.

As reprehensible as the domestic Left’s actions are, their words are perhaps even more disturbing. I attended a variety of events dubbed “anti-war” or “anti-globalization” protests by the media. This is a wild mischaracterization. These supposedly “anti-war” and “anti-globalization” protests are really anti-American protests. Anyone taking the time to talk to any of the protestors—as I did in putting together Why the Left Hates America—would very quickly discover this to be true.

“The country is dominated by capitalism and imperialism,” a protestor outside the World Economic Forum meeting in New York last winter told me, adding, “in fact, our policies make the United States the greatest terrorist power on the globe these days.” Attendees of an anti-war protest on the Mall in Washington, DC this April echoed these sentiments. “We are a terrorist nation,” one middle-aged demonstrator remarked. “I think the United States is a culturally and emotionally diseased country,” a student from North Carolina explained to me. “Who’s the real Axis of Evil?” asked another student. “If any country’s really an Axis of Evil, it’s us.” Such sentiments are virtually ubiquitous among those attending leftist rallies.

Clearly, the Left’s reflexive anti-Americanism doesn’t withstand even mild scrutiny. This is why, perhaps, so many on the anti-American Left are quick to resort to violence, censorship, and other tactics to stifle debate.

The Left, a group that has excused totalitarianism abroad and resorted to fascistic tactics in the institutions they control at home, hates America. Americans should be glad to be despised by such people.

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