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Hate-America Advocates By: Jean Pearce
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The ongoing trial of terrorist lawyer Lynne Stewart has proven that the radical Left in this country has two faces: the pro-freedom, patriotic American face they show the world and the pro-terrorist, America-hating face they wear amongst their fellow travelers.

Stewart is on trial for helping convicted Egyptian terrorist Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, spiritual leader of the notorious Islamic Group (IG), communicate with fellow terrorists from behind prison walls. Rahman’s group is responsible for murdering at least 1,200 people, including 58 tourists during a single attack in Egypt in 1997. Despite this bloody track record, in 1995, Stewart unsuccessfully defended Rahman—also known as the “Blind Sheikh”—on charges that he masterminded the first World Trade Center bombing and was planning to blow up the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels.

Stewart’s defense attorney, Michael Tigar, has painted her as a loyal American who tried to dissuade Rahman’s followers from inciting violence against American citizens. The federal government, on the other hand, says she passed on Rahman’s orders to end a 1997 moratorium on violence by the IG to a Cairo reporter, who then published an article about it. This violated an agreement Stewart had signed with the U.S. government prohibiting her from helping Rahman disseminate information or orders to his followers.


In opening statements before the jury last week, Tigar repeatedly condemned terrorism and insisted that Stewart did too. He also downplayed Rahman’s bloody past and attempts to kill Americans—precisely the kind of actions Tigar told the jury Stewart doesn’t support. While expressing how his client felt about Osama bin Laden in 2002, Tigar told the Stewart jury, “She thought he was a mass murderer and a dangerous man.”


So, in essence, Tigar claims Lynne Stewart was simply an American patriot stuck in an impossible situation with a difficult but misunderstood client. She despises terrorism and wanted to help end the cycle of violence against Americans abroad. If you believe Tigar, you will believe Stewart truly is a fine, upstanding human being with the country’s best interests at heart.


However, the truth is that both Lynne Stewart and Tigar have espoused Marxist, anti-American views for decades. Stewart, in fact, has openly advocated the overthrow of the United States government. She has applauded Rahman’s actions and expressed sympathy for other terrorists, including Osama bin Laden.


According to a 2002 article in the New York Times, Stewart said she considers Rahman a “fighter for Egyptian self-determination” and that she “backs his Islamism for the same reason she backed Mao and Ho’s communism: because it resists imperialism.” She also said that she doubts the government's version of Osama bin Laden’s role in worldwide terrorism and that she doesn’t find him too “repugnant” to represent. Of course, the list of people Stewart doesn’t find “repugnant” is a long and horrifying one (which includes Mafia kingpin John Gotti).


As David Horowitz reports in his forthcoming book, Unholy Alliance: Islamic Jihad and the American Left, Stewart told the Monthly Review in 2002, “I don’t have any problem with Mao or Stalin or the Vietnamese leaders or certainly Fidel locking up people they see as dangerous, because so often, dissidence has been used by the greater powers to undermine a people’s revolution.”


“In other words,” Horowitz writes,  “totalitarian repression—complete with firing squads and gulags—is fine for Communist states, but criminalizing acts that aid and abet terrorists in a democracy is not.”


It’s worth noting that Stewart originally took the Rahman case after pressure from attorney Ramsey Clark, the leader of the leftist International Action Committee. As head of the IAC, Clark is also one of the key organizers of International ANSWER, which has been the main organizer of protests against the Iraq war across the country over the past two years. According to the Times article, Clark told Stewart that if she refused to take the case, the Arab world would feel betrayed by their friends on the American Left.  Now, Tigar and CCR are working furiously to erase the evidence of that friendship in court. To them, a guilty verdict for Stewart is also a guilty verdict for radical leftists.


Like the real Lynne Stewart, the real Michael Tigar can be found in the pages of radical publications.


“It is said that Lynne Stewart publicly identified with her client's ideology to some extent. If that is true, so what?” Tigar recently told lynnstewart.org, a product of the Lynne Stewart Defense Committee. The committee is part of the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), the often-quoted legal bulwark of the leftist movement in the United States. The sentiment reflects Tigar’s own radical leftist, anti-American worldview.


As a fundraiser for and contributor to the socialist magazine Monthly Review, Tigar has written reams about the injustices supposedly committed by the American government. Like most on the radical Left, his abhorrence for violence is highly dependent upon who is committing it. When it's American soldiers fighting the communists in Vietnam, Tigar calls it “genocide and imperialism.” But in the lynnestewart.org interview, Tigar described Rahman not as a terrorist or a murderer, but as a man who has “expressed important and relevant religious and political sentiments in the current struggle for human rights in the Middle East.”


Needless to say, Tigar’s description of Rahman to the jury was not as glowing as the one he gave on lynnestewart.org.


Outside the courtroom, Tigar appears to see both Stewart and Rahman as part of a larger revolutionary battle. Tigar likened Stewart’s “struggle” to keep the U.S. government from cutting Rahman off from the outside world – which, in turn, prevents Rahman from inciting violence here and abroad – to the rebellious actions of American revolutionaries before the Revolutionary War: “In New York City, in 1735, Andrew Hamilton's defense of the colonial newspaper editor John Peter Zenger was, as a signer of the Declaration of Independence said, ‘the morning star of that liberty which subsequently revolutionized America.’” But you won’t find Tigar spouting that kind of jabber in the courtroom, where he is attempting to paint Stewart as a loyal American. So far though, the jury in Stewart’s case is none the wiser. 


Tigar has a long history of leftist activism. As a student at the University of California in the 1960s, Tigar developed a reputation for strident Marxism that would follow him all the way to Washington. Speaking on behalf of a leftist student organization in the Liberal Democrat in 1961, Tigar said, “We have joined with the fellow travelers and card-carrying, non-card-carrying, past, present and future members of the Communist Party, and what's it to you all anyway?” Those words, along with the fact that he helped to organize a trip to a Marxist gathering in Finland attended by Soviets, cost him a prestigious Supreme Court clerkship with Justice William Brennan. Brennan was pressured by the FBI, the Johnson White House and the California Senate Un-American Activities Committee to revoke Tigar’s clerkship because of his subversive activities.


By 1977, Tigar had authored the now infamous book Law and the Rise of Capitalism, a Marxist history of European and American law that decrees modern law is the creation of bourgeois Capitalists who used it to oppress the poor for profit. He also once successfully campaigned to remove a loyalty oath from the California Bar student application that would have prevented its members from advocating “the violent overthrow of the government.”


Though no longer actively trying to overthrow the government quite so overtly, Tigar has made a career of defending anti-American radicals and Communist sympathizers. His long list of clients includes: the Chicago Seven, a group of seven men who were charged with inciting a riot outside the 1968 Democratic National Convention; Black Panther sympathizer and lifelong Communist Angela Davis; and David Truong, who spied for the Vietnamese on American soil during the Vietnam War. Tigar also represented Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols, who he saw as a victim of insidious plotting by the FBI.


Stewart, Tigar and the rest of America’s Fifth Column are proud and adamant when condemning the United States and its policies around the world during protest rallies and media interviews. They say they speak for the “majority” when expressing their disgust for capitalism and American foreign policy. Yet, when forced to defend themselves from criminal convictions and possible jail time, they jump on the patriotic bandwagon and lie about their radical views. It’s obvious that, in the deep, dark places of their souls, Tigar and Stewart both know one simple truth -- if the real Lynne Stewart stands up, she’ll probably spend a very long time in jail.

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