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Moore Busters By: FrontPage Magazine
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, August 20, 2004

There is a whine issuing from the political left these days that opponents of the Iraq war are unfairly characterized as “unpatriotic.” In our view this whine is a case of guilt and projection. We are not acquainted with any supporters of the war who characterize all their critics as “unpatriotic.” We certainly don’t.

But we do judge critics of the war on their merits and we are impressed that not all criticisms are alike.

Consider those like Michael Moore who side with America’s enemies and promote their victory – and our defeat. These are not "critics" of America. They are enemies of America and we have designed a new logo and T-shirt to make just that point.

There is nothing new of course in the fact of Americans supporting America's enemies. Betrayal of country has a long dishonorable history on the left. (And, it should be said, not only the left. As we have documented in these pages there has appeared since 9/11 a disturbing coalition of rigtht and leftwing haters of America's role in the world and comforters of her enemies, this in the midst of a war in which America has been attacked. (The meeting point of this coalition on the world wide web is www.antiwar.com.)

It is true, on the other hand, that it is the left that has the longer and more aggressive tradition of venerating the enemies of freedom and yearning for their victory over the democratic West.

It’s a long and depressing record: Henry Wallace and the Progressive Party tried to persuade Americans that Harry Truman was the "warmonger" and Joseph Stalin the man of peace; John Kerry and Jane Fonda campaigned to make Americans identify Richard Nixon and their own country as the war criminals and the Stalinist butcher Ho Chi Minh as the patriotic leader of Vietnam. Since their first victory in 1917, praise was lavished on Communist despots by progressive Americans while these "revolutionary" regimes systematically destroyed the lives of hundreds of millions and extinguished the freedom of billions.

These progressive fantasies which inverted good and evil were not without cost. The supporters of Communism in the West and their fellow-travelers weakened the free world's response to Communism and abetted the murder of millions . The "critics" of America's war in Indo-China toppled Nixon and won the war over the war when the post-Watergate Democrats in Congress abruptly terminated America's aid to the regimes in Cambodia and South Vietnam, desperately attempting to resist the Communist conquest.

Within months of the vote engineered by "anti-war" activists like John Kerry and Jane Fonda, the regimes fell and the Communists proceeded to slaughter two and a half million peasants in their way. The blood of the Indo-chinese is the peace dividend that progressives don't like to talk about, but that others should never forget. If the "peace" crowd wins the current war over the war in Iraq, and America cuts and runs again, there will be a bloodbath not only of our allies in the Near East but of American citizens in Washington and New York. 

Militant Islam is the totalitarian successor of Nazism and Communism. Like its predecessors, it yearns for mass death and suicide, and to impose, in its own unique fashion, a totalitarian theocracy on human beings everywhere.

And where do radicals like Michael Moore stand in the battle against this evil empire? According to Moore: "The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not 'insurgents' or 'terrorists' or 'The Enemy.' They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow -- and they will win." This is the same kind of treason that Jane Fonda others were promoting in the 1970s when Fonda famously said, "If Americans understood what communism is they would get down on their knees and pray for it to come." Like the young John Kerry and Michael Moore, she called these Communist enemies of freedom "patriots" and her own countrymen "war criminals," with the results described above.

Are people like Moore and Fonda just fringe lunatics who can be disregarded as marginal and ineffective? Hardly. Even if both weren't embraced by the leaders of the Democratic Party (as they have been), there are other factors which make them dangerous to the security of us all. The human norm is denial (the enemy is not really an enemy and not really that bad, and besides we have provoked him) and aversion to conflict. These basic human responses regularly lead to an attitude and a policy of appeasement. If the appeasers of the 1930s -- the "peace movement" personified by Neville Chamberlain-- had stood up to Hitler instead of trying to understand him, the Second World War could have been averted and 70 million lives would have been saved.

Today's appeasers want us to understand our "responsibility" for the enemies who have targeted us. According to a new Pew poll, the majority of Democrats now believe that we -- not a fanatical religious dealth cult -- inspired the 9/11 attacks against us. (Do you think maybe that Al Gore and Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy who have been attacking the President of the United States as a liar and a fraud and deceiver and a killer of innocent Iraqis and American youth might be just a tad responsible for this craven attitude?) The Pew poll asked "Might U.S. wrongdoing have motivated [the] 9/11 attacks?" 51% of Democrats said yes, as did 45% of independents and 17% of Republicans.

Defeatism like this will get you defeated in war like this. At Frontpagemag.com we have always maintained that the war at home -- the war against defeatism and appeasement and against those within who support our enemies -- is the most important war of all.

The Michael Moore T-shirt  now available in our store,  is a small missile in this battle but it is not an unimportant one. The message is very simple, but vital"The Friend of My Enemy... Is My Enemy.” This is something every American leads to learn, before they are taught it the hard way, through thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of American casualities, here in the homeland itself, who have been targeted by the terrorists of radical Islam as "crusaders and Jews" -- infidels who must be destroyed.

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