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Muslims in Her Majesty's Service By: Val MacQueen
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The archetype British secret agent James Bond may one day have a Middle Eastern look as Britain's famous intelligence agency, MI5, has begun a vigorous program of recruiting Muslims to work as agents and informers in the country’s Muslim community.

MI5 intends to recruit around 40 Muslims or men of Middle Eastern appearance who speak fluent Arabic or Urdu, and has been conducting interviews with new graduates for work inside Britain. The ones who land the jobs will be fast-tracked. The intelligence services, MI5 and MI6, are also speaking with people in the Muslim ghettoes of the Midlands and north of England, recruiting informers.

This has engendered outrage among Muslim spokesmen. These self-appointed minority "leaders," who for years have been unable to issue a simple condemnation against Islamic terrorism, reacted strongly to the news that Britain's servile Labor government might harbor suspicions about the intentions of domestic Islamists. 


But recent events in Britain involving Islamist terrorists show the necessity of these new intelligence measures.   


This week, London's Daily Telegraph reported: “Eight [nominally 'British'] men arrested in anti-terror raids have been charged with conspiring to commit murder and launch radioactive or chemical attacks.” One of them is also charged with having made reconnaissance plans of the NY Stock Exchange, the Citigroup in New York and of the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C. According to the charge, these were "likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.”


As well, around three months ago, the British security forces suddenly deployed a large number of tanks and heavy, armed vehicles around London's Heathrow Airport. At the time, voters were convinced this was a dramatic ploy to draw attention away from some unpopular government proposal or other, the question posed by columnists being: "If terrorists are planning to hijack planes and crash them into Heathrow, how exactly are tanks and armed vehicles going to stop them?"


Yet just over two weeks ago, another twelve suspected terrorists were arrested in Britain. Reports say these jihadis intended to drive large trucks loaded with explosives through the walls and plate glass of the Heathrow's hundreds of acres of passenger terminals and detonate them. The intelligence services had obtained detailed road maps, drawn by the suspects, on which they had thoughtfully noted the length of the red lights at traffic stops. The plan was to murder thousands of innocent international passengers present in Heathrow's terminal buildings. It was the work of the British intelligence services, including Muslims who endangered their own lives by acting as informants, who saved those thousands of lives.


These stories are proof that MI5’s recruitment plan is working, sending those Muslim “minority leaders” into a frenzy.

The self-styled Muslim Council of Great Britain has "demanded" that gung-ho dhimmi foreign secretary Jack Straw “give a categorical assurance that the security services will not use any member of the community to spy on another.” The Council is also busily collecting “evidence of the damage to community and pastoral work that has been caused by this affair”. It seems that at long last the British government has been forced to heed the “evidence of the damage to community” that Muslim immigrants are attempting to force on


An organization called 1924.org makes the angry accusation: “Imams have been urged [by the British] to be vigilant against any suspicious elements from infiltrating their communities and to advise the Muslims to cooperate fully with the police and intelligence services. Clearly, these intimidatory tactics using the latest technological methods are intended to not only cause suspicion between Muslims but also create acrimony with the wider community.” 


But there are around two billion people in the “wider community” of the US, Britain, the EU, the Antipodes and India who would argue that committing terrorist outrages in their areas has already driven acrimony deep into the souls of their citizens.


The Muslims in Britain, however, are quietly advancing the notion that if democracies have the temerity to seek out Muslim terrorists in their countries, this is harassment. And they are being aided and abetted by a government that seeks greater division among the populace. They do this by elevating the grudges of immigrants over the legitimate concerns of the people who have occupied the British Isles back into the mists of antiquity and who have shaped its civilization.


1924.org continues, after three pages of bleating, that Allah has already settled the issue by forbidding anyone to spy on Muslims. It adds that Mohammed has this eventuality covered with: “If a person were to glance in your house without permission and you hit him with a stone and thus gouged out his eyes, there would be no blame on you.” 


According to London's The Guardian, “critics say acting on poor intelligence risks will alienate large portions of the overwhelmingly law-abiding Muslim community in Britain and point to the relatively small number of people convicted for terrorist offences following high-profile arrests.” Poor intelligence risks? Is the discovery of terrorist plans to attack Heathrow Airport, the NY Stock Exchange, the IMF due to acting on poor intelligence? And why not point to people convicted for terrorist offences? And why shouldn't terrorist arrests be high profile?


Said the Guardian: “The father of a British terror suspect facing extradition to the US last week accused Tony Blair of helping to create a climate of fear for Muslims. Ah, yes! That old climate of fear. The one they escaped from over the Hindu Kush. Ashfaq Ahmad, 69, whose son, Babar, was remanded in custody after being arrested 11 days ago [different set of alleged terrorists], told a protest of more than 200 Muslims outside the Home Office that his son was innocent.

“I call on all decent people to make it clear to this government that enough is enough,” this aged Islamo-Fascist told reporters. “We want justice in
Britain and a fair trial and not American injustice and a show trial.”


Thus do Muslim apologists attempt to subvert Western democracy. The fact is many of them did not come to Britain and Europe to find new lives. They came to continue their old lives and their primitive bigotries - many with Western welfare services.

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