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The Left's Battle for New York By: Shawn Macomber
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, August 27, 2004

Leftist protestors and Democratic Party supporters have promised to hit New York City in force during next week's Republican National Convention -- and many of them are openly advocating violence. The “RNC Not Welcome” website advises its protestors, “The only time it's okay to speak about illegal actions is when you are planning them with the small group of trusted people who will be doing the action with you.” This website is far from alone in its open calls to perpetrate violence in the streets to a degree not seen since 9/11. Yet New York City authorities -- Republican authorities, at that -- are offering these protestors into town, even giving these “tourists” discounts during their stay in the Big Apple.

The “RNC Not Welcome” website has become one of the main hubs for anti-GOP organizing. An ad on the site flashes the words “Don't end up like these guys” over an image of two black-masked anarchists obviously lost, arguing over a map. Inside, the site offers maps, transportation information, and legal advice for when (not if) you are arrested, as well as tips for “Basic Activist Security Culture.” The website advises would-be masked assailants, “Assume you are under surveillance if you are involved in organizing mass direct action or anything illegal, and take precautions.” 

One of those “precautions” warns that it is “never okay to ask about someone else's illegal activities” or to “discuss your involvement or someone else's involvement with an underground group.” That might disclose the violence -- I'm sorry, “direct action” -- your group has planned.

Although the mainstream media has taken great pains to portray anyone plotting violence against Republican revelers in New York City next week as “fringe elements,” the individuals who run the “RNC Not Welcome” website are considered mainstream enough to have become the public face of the protests. The site's 30-year-old founder and self-described anarchist, Jamie Moran, has been featured prominently in New York Newsday, the British tabloid Guardian, and the New York Times. 


And Moran has made it clear it is violence he intends to bring to the Big Apple. Moran was even more forthcoming in the Guardian. “We want to make their stay here is miserable as possible,” he told the British paper. “I'd like to see all the Republican events -- teas, backslapping lunches -- disrupted. I'd like to see corporations involved in the Iraq reconstruction get targeted -- anything from occupation to property destruction.” (Emphasis added.) 


Moran's group promises to “liberate” New York City from Republicans.

In the New York Times, the world's most influential newspaper, he branded all police precautions about the protests as “fear mongering.” But in the same article, Moran praised the success of the violent 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, boasting that “direct action gets the goods.” Perhaps that gives a hint as to what he has planned.

While it is frightening enough that such people want to incite an internal communist insurrection, one can only imagine the sort of “direct action” plans they intend to use in New York to help bring this about. Already, the FBI has warned that some activist websites are listing Molotov cocktails, slingshots and bolt cutters as “offensive weapons” protestors should bring with them to the RNC.


Moran and his comrades have learned well how to garner plausible deniability by adding a transparent disclaimer that their guidebooks to violent protest are “for informational and historical reasons so people can educate themselves about tactics used in large street protests.”


Sixties radical activist and Occidental College professor Tom Hayden has also chimed in with his own op-ed suggesting that the more chaotic the protests, the better. Hayden should know: he is an expert in manufacturing violent protests -- like the infamous riot he maliciously engineered at the 1968 Democratic Convention. During his revolutionary days in the late 1960s and 1970s, Hayden called for guerrilla warfare throughout America and championed the violent thugs of the Black Panthers. He headed the Berkeley commune of urban guerrillas called the “Red Family," whose political guru was Korean dictator Kim Il Sung, and whose "Minister of Defense" gave members weapons training and taught high school students how to use explosives.


Hayden’s loyalties are as transparent as ever. During the Vietnam War, he not only supported the victory of the communists, but traveled himself many times to North Vietnam,  Czechoslovakia and Paris to meet with communist North Vietnamese and Viet Cong leaders. Today, his hopes for the victory of America’s enemy in the War on Terror is clearly evident -- only the fellow traveling is missing. 


With the Republican Convention approaching, it's not really surprising that Hayden chafes at the idea that "protesters are supposed to behave themselves lest they throw the election to Bush." Instead, loyal to his traditions, he would prefer to have police "defending the GOP convention as if it is the Green Zone in Baghdad." He also notes that while many protestors "may think of New York as the apocalypse itself," the fight must go beyond the convention, following George. W. Bush wherever he goes -- intimidating and disrupting his campaign in Brown Shirt and Red Guard style. This will show voters that if Bush wins in 2004, "he will plunge the country into strife not seen since the '60s."


Most major protest sites have featured Hayden's essay prominently. The former communist-collaborator obviously advocates blackmailing America into voting against a political candidate -- much like al-Qaeda in Madrid, though on a smaller scale.

Hayden is not the only countercultural fossil to invoke the far-Left. Protest organizer and “writer/activist” Jason Flores-Willliams of High Times magazine set up a pre-protest party at the KGB Bar. High Times is a drug culture magazine advocating the legalization of marijuana and other drugs. Flores-Williams told Guardian reporters he hopes the protest will become “a total expression of seething hatred” that will “disrupt the normal flow of society.” Flores-Williams recently exhorted a group of 100 protest organizers: “Part of it is going to be fun and beautiful, but part of it has to instill fear into the power structure.”

Syndicated leftist cartoonist Ted Rall -- whose career has been based on mocking the dead, from the victims at Columbine High School to Pat Tillman and Ronald Reagan -- outed his radical brethren in a recent column. “Creatively altered maps of streets and subways will be handed out to button-clad stupid white men,” Rall writes. “Other saboteurs wearing fake RNC T-shirts will direct them to parts of town where Bush's policies have hit hardest. Rumor has it that prostitutes suffering from sexually transmitted diseases will discourage the use of condoms with Republican customers.” He revealed the obvious: these anti-Republican protests were not about voicing dissent but silencing the GOP.
According to him and his ilk, this is patriotism. 


Violent, law-breaking protesters in New York also need not worry about finding legal help when arrested, or probably about paying for it. The National Lawyer's Guild, a Communist front that now spends its time serving terrorists and their state sponsors, is set to defend the protestors, along with a group called the New York City People's Law Collective (PLC).


And what kind of legal advice are these groups giving in the run-up to the convention? According to its mission statement, the People's Law Collective “is a collective of anarchists who are also activists, organizers, law students, community and legal workers.” In its “legal primer” for protestors, the PLC warns, “Talking with officers is risky. It is very easy to accidentally give them information they need to stop or arrest us or someone else. Officers do not have to tell us why they are speaking to us. They are allowed to lie to us and to trick us into giving them information.” (Note the PLC's use of the term “us” here.)

Moreover, the global communist revolution, it seems, has yet to lose its appeal. One of the most hyped events at the protest will be a conference entitled, “Life After Capitalism” which seeks, “to bring together and give voice to the (non-sectarian) anti-capitalist left in the United States.” The group publicly states on its website that these protests intend to send a message far beyond the 2004 election: “What we face are institutional problems, problems which will only be challenged and ultimately overcome by imaginative and broad based social movements - not ballot boxes.”


After advocating violence and suggesting change will not come through “ballot boxes,” the leftists claim they are standing up for democracy. In fact, they are merely perpetuating the Left's long history of domestic terrorism in an effort to silence their enemies. 

Shawn Macomber is a staff writer at The American Spectator and a contributor to FrontPage Magazine. He also runs the website Return of the Primitive.

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