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A Peace Group’s War Plans By: Michael P. Tremoglie
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, August 30, 2004

As “peace” activists are wont to do, they advocate peace by initiating war and engaging in hate. 

Not In Our Name (NION) - one of the major players in the “peace” coalition opposing the war in Iraq -  is no different. They plan a confrontational demonstration near the location for the Republican Party convention in New York City, the night President Bush is to accept the party’s nomination for president.

This is what I have been told by a source within the organization. A few months ago, I received an email from someone who read my exposes about Not In Our Name. He told me that he was a NION administrator, “…. because I have volunteered for that group and been a member since it started. I would like to talk to you about what I know, and am willing to talk…. I have worked with all three major groups, ANSWER, UFPJ, and NION and know how they work together. “He then requested, “ Please be in touch.”

He answered several of my questions about his relationship with NION. He wrote he was disillusioned with NION, because they are a "vanguard group” whose objective is to lead people to their ideology and not do anything for peace. The “communists who run the show” particularly embittered this individual.


What he told me was astounding. Last fall, communicating via email he said, “ I have been critical (about) the upcoming RNC (Republican National Convention scheduled for this August in New York City) protests and really dislike the method by which the leaders of UFPJ (United For Peace and Justice, another major player in the anti-war coalition), ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, also a peace coalition founder) and NION have insured that violence will take place. This is one of the strongest reasons for which I am writing this email. The upcoming protests for next September will be awful.


According to my source, NION plans to disrupt the convention by having a group of people as march leaders who have memorized a march route different from the one given provided to the police.  The march is to begin at Union Square with a small stage and some speakers. They will march north on Broadway to as close as possible to Madison Square Gardens the site of the convention.


The marchers will proceed west towards the river, after which, “ The plan is to attempt to turn north again as soon as we can and then turn east again as soon as we are allowed. You can see how this pattern will soon result in a circle being formed around the Garden... They are telling the police that then they will turn north again on Broadway and move away from the Garden to some "spill out" location, such as a nearby park or pier...  This moving away from the Garden will, of course, never happen.  They plan to move south again and join up with the marchers still coming up Broadway.  This will probably work, and the police will probably shut out the people from moving around in a circle only after they realize what is going on, leaving a group of protestors cut off from the pack... That will turn into a violent confrontation...  This is a planned provocation that will surely end in violence.  The route and method of police negotiation will make this an absolute certainty.”


This concept - to stage a march and disrupt the convention - was developed at a national NION meeting at the offices of the Asian American Writer's Forum. This meeting was attended by – among others - Mary Lou Greenberg, a Director of NION and a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), with which NION is affiliated, Peter Laarman (a founder of NION), and Joe Urgo, who is an RCP representative. Urgo and Greenberg developed the idea for the march.


Urgo has some experience in negotiations with police. Laarman, whose role in the day to day working of the organization is extremely small, is also assisting with the application of the march and rally permits. He is coordinating this with the lawyers for United for Peace and Justice who are applying for permits as well. This particular march the night of Bush’s nomination is being sponsored by NION.


NION believes, as do the other anti-war groups, that Republicans are more of a threat than Al-Qaeda or the Baathists. Whether they are just inveterate haters of Republicans or they are treasonous is uncertain. What is certain is that peace is not even a tertiary consideration for them - destabilizing the United States is. NION, and the other “peace” groups are linked to communist, Islamist, and anti-capitalist groups.


However, the ultimate irony of this plan was that it was designed, in part, by a former Vietnam Veteran Against the War (VVAW) colleague of John Kerry. Joe Urgo – now a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party – was one of John Kerry’s VVAW executive members. It has been alleged that Kerry was part of the committee that authorized Urgo’s trip to North Vietnam, “to produce propaganda audio tapes to be broadcast over Radio Hanoi for the purpose of attempting to convince American troops to desert their duty and units in South Vietnam. ” [1]


NION is linked to the RCP, which is an affiliate of the Revolutionary International. Other members of the Revolutionary International, are the murderous, Shining Path, narco-terrorists of Peru, and the equally murderous, narco-terrorist, Communist Party of Nepal.


How successful NION will be at disrupting the convention will be a function of how much Mayor Bloomberg permits. The more chaos, the greater the chance of terrorism –Bloomberg knows this. What he will do with this knowledge is another matter.


How closely Kerry and /or members of his staff are with NION, his former collaborator Joe Urgo, and the Revolutionary Communist Party needs to be examined.




[1] http://www.xasa.com/grupos/alt/article/172213/alt.news-media

A former police officer, Michael P. Tremoglie recently published his first novel, A Sense of Duty. His work has appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, Human Events, and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. He has a Master of Science degree from Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia.

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