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Secondary Indocrtination By: Students For Academic Freedom
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, October 15, 2004

(Editor's note: the following is a letter from a teacher in a suburbian Los Angeles high school. The teacher's name has been withheld for his/her protection.)

I'm an English and ESL teacher at a large public high school located in a well-to-do L.A. suburb. Many incidents have taken place here which disturb me:

1) A teacher of AP government and US history features a cartoon of Bush as the devil in her classroom. A large sign in her room reads "Parking for Democrats Only" (right next to the heartthrob posters of Cesar Chavez and Bobby Kennedy). She is actively recruiting students for "voter registration work," without mentioning the fact that she is a recognized Democratic party operative. This is the teacher entrusted with the "best and the brightest."

2) Two teachers (not including myself) wanted to arrange a tribute to Ronald Reagan following his death last spring. They planned to hold the event after school, and make attendance completely voluntary. They were not permitted to do so as the event was seen as "too political."

3) In 2003, less than two years after 9/11, teachers organized and held an "anti-war rally" at school that turned into a riot.  My "God Bless America" sticker was ripped from my car.  My "America and Israel/United Against Terror" sticker has been partially ripped (on the Israeli side, of course).

4) A senior teacher, for many years our union rep, came to school in a red T-shirt that proclaimed, on one side, "War Leaves Every Child Behind," and had a peace symbol on the back denouncing President Bush. I asked if I could wear my W shirt to school; "of course!" I was told, but I'm not planning to push it, as I'm enough of a pariah already. Personally, I don't think any academic teacher should come to school in a T-shirt of any kind.

5) A student came to class wearing a "Free Palestine" T-shirt. To me, this is the equivalent of a swastika or KKK T-shirt.  I asked the current union rep if school policy permitted students to create a hostile working environment for teachers by wearing a shirt that is a de facto defense of terrorism and murder. The union rep started talking about the Constitution, etc., etc. I said, "Never mind the Constitution -- what is our school policy?" She didn't know and is "still checking." I asked if a Confederate flag shirt would be permitted, even though African-American students and teachers would find that as offensive as I find "Free Palestine." "Oh," she said, "They do that all the time!" Really? The ethnic composition of our school is majority Latino, significant minorities Middle Eastern (Jewish and Muslim), African-American, and white ethnics including many recent immigrants from places like Russia and the former Yugoslavia. We don't have Southern good ol'boys. I have never seen a Confederate symbol of any kind on anyone. The rep was obviously lying (incidentally, she describes herself as "far to the left of Kerry").

These events may not seem too important, but they are emblematic of the greater disease consuming much of academic life and thought. I am especially incensed by the Bush-hating teacher who gets to propagandize to the smartest students in the school.  The message is reinforced, over and over: if you do well, you must be a liberal. Intelligence = voting the Democratic line. No wonder that, when these students get to college, they have no problem falling into the required mind-set.  After all -- if they were Republicans -- they would have to be "dumb", wouldn't they?  This is an outrage.

Students for Academic Freedom was founded by David Horowitz to fight for academic diversity on America's college campuses.

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