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The Media War Continues By: Armand Laferrere
EURSOC | Tuesday, October 26, 2004

On Oct. 7 and 8, 2004 the Franco-German channel Arte, mostly paid for by the taxpayer, broadcast a very bad French-Egyptian movie by Yousri Nasrallah called "Les portes du soleil". The fact that it was very bad was actually a blessing, for the main purpose of the movie was to show the founders of the state of Israel as moral equivalent to the Nazis.

The movie begins with a scene in a Palestinian school in 1943 where a teacher tells children about "our country, Palestine" and the "Jewish colonisation" going on. 1-9-4-3. Was nothing else happening at that time in Jewish history ? Apparently not, according to Arte.

It goes on: the 1948 war, when Israel barely survived a coordinated attack on the day of her birth by Arab states openly calling for genocide, is described slightly differently. Jews in green-grey uniforms come with tanks and commit mass murders of innocent women and children, burn the villages, pile the clothes of the dead according to size in order to send them to Israel. The Palestinian hero tattoos the date of the slaughter on his own wrist.

This is nauseating. This is unbelievable. Of course the 1948 Jews had neither tanks nor real uniforms - they almost didn't have two rifles of the similar kind, for God's sake ! Arabs were brutalised, some were expelled in militarily important areas just as Jews were expelled from their homes in Arab countries - but indiscriminate slaughter by Tsahal? When, where? And what kind of person could dream up the Nazi analogies, apparent from the color of the uniform, the clothes piled on and the tattoo on the wrist? My God, which side actually had tattooed wrists in this war?

This is nauseating. This is unbelievable. But this is where we are.

And it goes on. In a kibbutz, a Palestinian woman is reduced to slavery and forced to work under the threat of a gun. A kibbutz - one of these idealistic socialist communities which wanted to change the world and bring eternal peace - is turned into a concentration camp by the sick mind of the director. This man has found actors to play this, two democratic governments to help finance it, and a television executive, Mr Jerome Clement - may his name live in infamy forever - to broadcast it in spite of many warnings that this movie would endanger the physical safety of French Jews.

This is where we are. And it goes on. Later in the movie, it is stated as fact that Jews took part in the intra-Arab killings of Sabra and Chatila. The Oslo agreements are called a "Jewish deceit". At no single moment is Arab terrorism mentioned. The Palestinian children are not seen listening to the brainwashers who, day in and day out, incite them to give themselves as human sacrifices in order to kill Jews.

After watching the whole abomination, I wrote to Mr Clement to tell him that, had Hitler won the war, we French would have enjoyed exactly the kind of television that he had provided us. He will not answer. The movie was generally celebrated by the left-wing press, and ignored by the right-wing press.

Since no one with authority will apparently do it, and because only a Frenchman can, I have this to add.

I apologise to the Jewish people. I feel hurt in my flesh by the despicable Jerome Clement, by the French ministries of Culture and of Foreign Affairs who made me pay for this cloaca of a movie, and for the general apathy that surrounded this scandal. I am deeply sorry about the behaviour of my country, France - my only country, which I have always loved dearly and cannot support today.

I believe that truth and justice will prevail. Their enemies are many, powerful, sophisticated. But the friends of truth and justice have found comfort and solace, for many centuries, in an old story of wretched slaves who managed to come out of Egypt against all odds - against many, powerful, sophisticated enemies. In today's troubled times, I recall this old story and I know who I'll support.

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