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Oriana Fallaci on Eurabia By: Bat Ye’or
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Oriana Fallaci intervista Oriana Fallaci (Milan: Corriere della Sera, August 2004) 

In one of the most compelling books published in recent times, Oriana Fallaci comes face to face with herself in a deeply moving dialogue that brings us into intimate contact with the major conflicts of the Twentieth Century and the dawning Twenty-first. Fallaci draws us into her tragic, impassioned vision of a spiritual combat transposed into politics, separating the essential from the incidental, brilliantly combining corrosive satire, humor, and political lucidity against a background of illness, and her confrontation with death.  This theme runs through the book, giving it breadth and a humane density that resonates in the political subjects that she treats with such vivid style.

Fallaci forthrightly accuses the media of complicity with the enemies of the West, and shows how they apply a double standard with selective silence and omission on issues such as the martyrdom of Lebanese Christians and the decapitation of European hostages.  She denounces the new Nazi Fascism, the new bolshevism, the new collaboration, the blindness and cynicism of politicians, their collusion in the progression of Islamist-Nazi Fascism.  She detects a return to the Europe of 1938 in the current politics of the European Union, this proudly antisemitic and anti-American “Eurabia” flourishing on the putrefaction of Twentieth Century genocidal hatred.

Without boasting, she is able to mention the enormous success of her recent books as reassuring proof of approval from readers whose voices can no longer be heard in their countries -- readers who give her moral support and affection and look to her for wise counsel.  Inviting the reader into this dialogue with herself, Fallaci reveals her doubts and despair in the face of the inextricable tragic, suicidal condition of Europe today.  Her reflections on the current political situation, analyzed in a historical perspective, are of crucial importance for the future of Europe, its civilization, and its relations with the United States.

In a few short pages, a masterpiece of irony, she denounces “the cannibalism of political life,” the demagogy, the historical revisionism – especially with regard to Communism – the intellectual terrorism and cultural hegemony that is rotting the workings of society.  Comparing the “warrior-pacifists” draped in their rainbow flags to the appeasers of 1938, Fallaci exposes the surrender cloaked in their inane slogan, “You don’t fight terrorism with weapons.” A politically astute Fallaci detects the occult collaboration behind the affair of the Italian hostages in Iraq and the channels the terrorists used to transmit their demands.  What is the Euro-Arab connection at work in the joint anti-American and anti-Israeli policies?  Who are the brigades of Nazi-fascism and Communism now affiliated with the green terror to inculcate antisemitism and hatred of the West?  Fallaci gives us irreverent portraits of heads of state and tight knit analyses of the most important problems of our times, with focus on the future of European civilization.

Her concise vivid language traces the essential elements of international complexity seen, analyzed, and emotionally experienced with the lucidity and courage of a woman on the threshold of death.  The book shines with intense fervor kindled by the author’s life and death struggle, her suffering in body and soul transcended by relentless work and reflection.  In this brief masterpiece Oriana Fallaci moves us to tears, shakes us with laughter, enlightens us and transmits her love and despair for a Europe she served with such great devotion and now watches in despair as it goes adrift.

* Forthcoming book by Bat Ye’or (See www.dhimmi.org and www.dhimmitude.org)  Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 384pp, February, 2005).

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