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Franken-Style Smears From David Brock’s Noise Machine By: David Horowitz
FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I thought it interesting when George Soros and co. gave $2 million to a self-confessed liar to be the "liberal'" media watchdog (BTW $2 million would run FrontPagemag.com for ten years). David Brock's site 'Media Matters" doesn't disappoint. It is just what one would expect from a man who has made a career out of sleaze, the betrayal of friends, an alarming lack of scruples and a generally contemptuous attitude towards the facts. So I am not surprised that my attempt to hold Al Franken to account for his own reckless disregard for decency and ethics should draw its first fire from David Brock.

Not surprisingly, either, the attack on my attempts to "prove" Franken's shameful smear by dredging up older smears from the storage bins of the gutter left. In 2001, for example, I ran an advertisement called “10 Reasons Why Reparations for Slavery Is A Bad Idea and Racist Too.” A longer version of the ad had previously run in the leftwing magazine Salon.com. None of Salon’s leftist editors considered my article problematic in the slightest. But when I attempted to run it in college papers like the Daily Californian, a mob of campus fascists descended on its editorial rooms and race-baited its Hispanic editor (“You’re a disgrace to your skin”) and intimidated him into apologizing for running an ad that the left couldn't answer but found politically  incorrect.

For a long time, the campus left relied on intimidation and name-calling as their "response" to the reparations ad. At Brown University, leftists stole the entire issue of the Brown Daily Herald, denounced its liberal editors as "racists" for printing the ad, and demanded space to respond, but never did.

Finally, Robert Chrisman and Ernest Allen came up with a 10 Reason response to the arguments presented in the ad. Where I had pointed out that no one group was responsible for slavery since slavery had existed in Africa before Europeans set foot there, these gentlemen argued that slavery in Africa was not really bad slavery like slavery in America. This morally obtuse and historically illiterate response would hardly be worth mentioning except that Brock's site -- without reference to a single point or argument in my ad itself -- dredges up this attack to establish that I am a racist after all. Chrisman and Allen: "As one examines the text of Horowitz’s article, it becomes apparent that it is not a reasoned essay addressed to the topic of reparations: it is, rather, a racist polemic against African Americans and Africans that is neither responsible nor informed, relying heavily upon sophistry and a Hitlerian ‘Big Lie’ technique.” This is Alice in Wonderland stuff as anybody who bothers to read my ad or the article on which it is based would readily recognize. (Does even David Brock think that the leftwing editors of Salon would have published a “racist polemic against African Americans … and a Hitlerian Big Lie” about American slaves and their descendants? But Brock’s version of Die Sturmer can hardly be bothered to concern itself with such realities or be expected to be minimally responsible enough to make the judgment as to what is worthy of consideration what is simply trash.

Brock & co. dredge up another sample of Franken-style smear, this time authored by the terminally angry Time columnist Jack White. White’s ire was roused by a column I had written criticizing the NAACP for suing gun manufacturers, whom they held responsible for the high homicide rates among black youth and whom the NAACP accused of “racism.” In my article I said that while there were racists in America (who came in all colors) America was not a racist country. I noted that wherever people are oppressed, there are refugees from oppression, but there were no such refugees from America. “If blacks are really oppressed in America,” I asked, “why isn’t there a black exodus.” Those were my words. Here is how Jack White twisted so that he could stigmatize me as a “bigot”: “‘If blacks are really oppressed in America [Horowitz asks] why isn’t there a black exodus?’ Well, what does Horowitz want us to do, go back to Africa?” White’s malicious distortion was picked up by NAACP chairman Julian Bond who has a talent, shall we say, for malicious allusions (It was Bond for example who described George Bush as coming from the “Taliban wing of the Republican Party). Bond referred to my statement as “Horowitz’s invitation to black Americans to love America or leave it,” and accused me of being a “’60s turncoat” and a closet racist. The editors of Time apologized personally to me for the bad behavior of their columnist and ran a review of my book on race calling it “indignant sanity.”

Ignoring the actual facts in these two episodes, Brock’s site merely repeats the slanders, revealing the sick condition of what passes for liberal culture where these viruses of slander and defamation are apparently self-perpetuating. I will repeat here what I said in my article on Franken: “As a writer and activist, I have written more than a million words -- all of them public record. In those words, there is not a single sentence, phrase, not or comment of mine that could be called racist." I should have said that reasonable people could call racist. The Media Matters attack does actually quote several sentences from a piece I wrote about the NAACP suit (which of course is not mentioned as the context for the quote): “If blacks constitute just under half the prison population, for example, [the politically correct will not allow that fact] to suggest that the black community might have a problem when it comes to raising its children as law-abiding members of society. Oh, no. Such a statistic can only be explained by the racism of a criminal justice system that is incarcerating too many blacks.”

I wrote that five years ago. It seems to me to be precisely what Bill Cosby is saying now to cheering black audiences, most recently at Jesse Jackson’s recent rainbow gathering. 

David Horowitz is the founder of The David Horowitz Freedom Center and author of the new book, One Party Classroom.

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