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Female Terrorists Are Still Terrorists By: FrontPage Magazine
FrontPageMagazine.com | Friday, December 15, 2006

When Israeli forces fired into a crowd of Palestinian female “human shields” – who were providing cover to fleeing Muslim terrorists who had barricaded themselves inside a mosque – much of the world demonized the Israelis for indiscriminately killing innocent women. That is, it was absolutely indistinguishable from any other day in Israel’s existence. However, it raises the issue of the Palestinians’ growing reliance on female terrorists, including suicide bombers, and inspires a simple reflection: no nation can cower in fear of the international media as the terrorist enemy – the shahid and liberator who is at once a Muslim saint and the very pinnacle of Palestinian machismo – literally hides behind a woman’s skirt. As growing numbers of women derive fervent joy from spilling Jewish blood, the world must remember: Female terrorists are still terrorists and should be shot on sight.

In the case of the female “human shields” – as Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya called them – the IDF had some 60 Palestinian terrorists pinned down in Beit Hanun, where they had taken refuse in the Um al-Nasir mosque (which is undoubtedly purely coincidental).  PA radio called women to the site to save the boys. “We took them [female robes and scarves] so they could disguise themselves as women and escape,” said Suhad al-Masri, 28. Some of the IDF said they saw gunmen in the crowd and fired, killing two women. Despite the loss of her comrade, one of the women there rejoiced in their mission’s success, beaming, “indeed, we got all the resistance men out.” Haniya lionized the women “who led the protest to break the siege of Beit Hanun,” and al-Jazeera spread the good news throughout the Arab world, extolling the “Palestinian women martyrs against the Israeli occupation .”


These flag in comparison to true PA heroines: female suicide bombers.


In fact, media coverage of she-bombers is positive, or else. In January, Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah Party – the alleged “moderates” seeking Middle Eastern peace – protested Al-Arabiya television network for airing a “scandalous and despicable” program “defaming” female suicide bombers. Marching pamphleteers threatened to shut down the Dubai-based network’s Gaza affiliate if they refused to apologize. Of course, the affiliated Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades were the first to allow women to break the glass ceiling (literally).


The effort is nothing if not a bipartisan affair. In late November Fatima Al-Najjar, a 72-year-old grandmother killed herself and many innocent Jews for Allah. A Hamas spokesman praised the event in a newspaper as “an historic day in the life of the Palestinian people and a true turning point in the Palestinian people's jihad.


The phenomenon is catching on region-wide. In Iran, Tusi University Professor Mohammad Sadeq Kushki lamented, “There were days when we exported martyrdom to the world, but today we should learn martyrdom from the Palestinian youths.” Mullah media refer to them as the “olive girls.”


The “olive girls” rhetoric is producing much fruit. FrontPage Magazine columnist Ken Timmerman quotes Itamar Marcus:

“The new role model for young Palestinian women is Wafa Idriss, the first female suicide bomber,” Marcus says. Idriss blew herself up in Jerusalem on Jan. 27, 2002, killing an 81-year-old Israeli man and wounding 150 others, four seriously. “We're beginning to see her name pop up everywhere,” Marcus says. “There's the Wafa Idriss course in human rights and democracy at Al-Quds University in Jerusalem. There are Wafa Idriss schools run by the United Nations. It's incredible.”

Small wonder girls as young as 11 dream of dying as shahada in the PA.

According to reports, many who attempt to immolate themselves are “tainted women,” at least by Islamic standards: single mothers, the sterile, or non-virgins. The profile fit the first Palestinian female suicide bomber, Wafa Idris, a 27-year-old sterile divorcee who killed herself in January 2002. Experts say terror cells often seduce and defile women in order to give them this opportunity to redeem themselves, via a new form of honor killing.


For Palestinian women, it is nearly a win-win situation. Those who survive are treated better in Israeli prisons than they would have been at home. Survivors are kept, in the words of the UK Telegraph, “near the finest Israeli villas, in the heart of the most fertile area of the country, the Plain of Sharon.” One of their Israeli guards – a female herself, and unarmed – calls them her “girls” and exhibits a Christ-like determination to turn the other cheek:


Their stories come out of the Thousand and One Nights. Some of them did it to make amends for a relative who was a collaborator, others to escape becoming victims of honor killings, and for the psychologically frail or depressed it was a good way to commit suicide and at the same time become “heroines.” Personally, I don't judge them or hate them, because if I did I wouldn't be able to look after them any more.


The delightful Arabian Nights characters don’t reciprocate. One of the guard’s “girls” had this to say: “I wanted to kill 20, 50 Jews. Yes, even babies.” Other failed she-bombers equate Jews with “snakes, rats, and viruses.” Another said:


I would definitely attack a kindergarten…I am capable of looking at your children, eating or playing, and blowing myself up…We’re performing these acts because of the Garden of Eden.


Not all look at this as a religious pursuit. Twenty-year-old Ayat Allah Kamil said she was motivated a more earthly aspiration: she wanted to get laid. She believed female suicide bombers “will be the chief of the 72 virgins, the fairest of the fair.” Another would-be bomber, 18-year-old Suha, also confessed, “I thought I would be one of the 72 virgins.” Perhaps they should stop strapping on the explosives belt and reach for another kind of strap-on instead.


Mothers, too, feel no remorse at abandoning their young children, often infants barely weaned from the breast, to do their jihadist duty. They’ve been convinced their children will be better served by their mother’s triumphant example of “resistance” than by her love and affection. Only in the sickness of Palestinian Islamic culture could the natural maternal instinct be transformed into a thirst for death – a pining for suicide, so long as that act begets yet more death. This may explain why the survivors’ children don’t visit for years at a time.


As perverse as this development is, it would be less cause for concern if it had not generated so many glowing portrayals in the international media.


The Washington Post recently ran a puff-piece with the curiously feminist-sounding title, “Hamas Women Seek bigger Political Role.” The piece – penned by an ardent, Jew-hating Palestinian – begins by describing a “grandmother-turned-suicide bomber” as part of this “network of female activists”! This cadre, known as The Sisterhood, an adjunct of the Muslim Brotherhood favored by Hamas founder Sheik Ahmed Yassin (whom the even-handed Washington Post describes as “charismatic”). It has a reported 5-10,000 members, who “even in the rigidly conservative movement…are demanding a say in politics and in Hamas’ military wing.” Better yet, “The younger women are already more confident than the older generation.”


I am woman; hear me detonate.


The Post dutifully reports the Sisterhood’s benevolence:


The Sisterhood assigns local neighborhood leaders who are expected to attend weddings, funerals and community events, give lectures on Islam, participate in demonstrations and visit the injured and families of those killed in clashes with Israeli troops.


And they are political activists, as well. The members actively canvassed the PA in January, urging Hamas’s election.


[“Former Hamas member” Emad] Falouji said change was slow, but inevitable. Just a decade ago, “it was forbidden to photograph the women,” he said. “Now they are in parliament. They lead protests.”


Oh yeah, and blow up Jews.


These are not feminist icons; they are sufferers of Shari’a Stockholm Syndrome. Their bloodlust overpowers all other loyalties, including to their babies. They should not be treated as innocent mothers; they are either the expertly manipulated pawns of a cynical terrorist cadre or the most inhuman of all suicide bombers. In any event, freedom-loving Israelis should have but one recourse in their defense of Western civilization: shoot them and all their murderous cohorts on sight.

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