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Love At First Sight: When Ollie Met Hugo By: John Nolte / Big Hollywood
The director of "JFK" and "Platoon" finds a new subject in Venezuela's Marxist leader. ....more
See This Movie (Or Stop Complaining About Hollywood) By: Dennis Prager
"The Stoning of Soraya M." is what so many other movies purport to be: courageous. ....more
Ron Silver, RIP By: Frontpage Editors
Our salute to an influential activist and passionate actor whose voice and ability will be missed. ....more
Watching the Watchmen By: David Swindle
The new superhero movie may contain useful lessons for Barack Obama. ....more
Limousine Liberals and Nuclear Madness By: Steven Milloy / CNSNews.com
Alec Baldwin and Christie Brinkley play the politics of fear in New York State. ....more
Superhero Conservatism By: David Swindle
At least one genre of Hollywood characters bend well to the Right. ....more
Taken with Taken Liam Neeson uses his head, and an uncompromising sense of justice, to save his family in this outstanding film. ....more
Clint Eastwood's Libertarian-Conservative Vision By: David Swindle
"Gran Torino" is the capstone on an intellectually coherent, right-of-center career. ....more
Franken's Electoral Frankenstein By: Paul M. Weyrich
Appealing to the U.S. Senate would be the worst outcome, for the nation and for Franken. ....more
Leader of the Hollywood Left The immensely wealthy filmmaker Steven Spielberg ranks among the biggest donors to the Democratic Party. ....more
America-Hating Film Maker Oliver Stone blamed the U.S. for 9/11, and his latest film portrays the American President as a petty religious zealot. ....more
An American Triumph By: Ben Johnson
An American Carol: a hilarious, thoughtful, star-studded, conservative comedy with high production values – at last. ....more
Trumbo By: Lloyd Billingsley
Hollywood whitewashes a Stalinist. ....more
Raking in Million$, Hating America The immensely wealthy filmmaker Spike Lee views his country as a racist snake pit where blacks are denied opportunity. ....more
Actor, Revolutionary, or Both? Tim Robbins supports a "peace" front of the Revolutionary Communist Party and has urged compassion for two multiple murderers. ....more
Time for a Conservative Uprising in Hollywood By: Jamie Weinstein
The Friends of Abe hide their political views in Tinseltown's shadows. ....more
Sean Penn's Radical Ties He's a friend of Hugo Chavez and the Castroite Medea Benjamin, and he supports a "peace" front of the Revolutionary Communist Party. ....more
Rob Reiner: Political Activist in Hollywood TV's former "Meathead" now rubs elbows with luminaries like Al Gore, Howard Dean, George Soros, and Peter Lewis. ....more
Hollywood's Favorite Communist Vanessa Redgrave founded the Marxist Party, embraced Arafat and Castro, and defends Islamic terrorists. ....more
Generation Kill By: Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu
HBO presents a myopic view of the war in Iraq. ....more
Hollywood Once Hailed Offshore Drilling By: Humberto Fontova
The bastion of Green activism used to recognize trail-blazers when it saw them. ....more
John Cusack's Imaginary War Profiteers By: Steven Zak
The leftist actor's vapid new film "War, Inc." presents American contactors, like the ones roasted in Fallujah, as Robber Barons. ....more
American Hater of the Big Screen Danny Glover's love affair with the Black Panthers, Fidel Castro, and Hugo Chavez. ....more
Hollywood's Favorite Communist of Yesteryear Ossie Davis' lifelong Marxist odyssey. ....more
Tinseltown Letdown By: Christian Toto
This year’s Oscars were reliably liberal, but lacked their usual star power. ....more
Narnia, It's Not By: Don Feder / GrassTopsUSA.com
The Golden Compass can't find its way to success. ....more
"Beowulf" and Christ By: Raymond Ibrahim
Hollywood belittles Christianity yet again. ....more
The Great Antiwar Film Hoax By: Kevin A. Hassett / AEI.org
Hollywood spins the fact that Lions for Lambs and its ilk languished. ....more
Liars for Lambs By: Debbie Schlussel / DebbieSchlussel.com
Robert Redford's boring, ahistorical agit-pic. ....more
Hollywood's Overt War Against the CIA By: Don Feder
Reviews of "The Bourne Ultimatum" and the second season of HBO's "Rome." ....more
Tinseltown Deifies a Mass Murderer By: IGS / IGS

The real victims of Che Guevara.

Rats in the Kitchen and Environmental Propaganda on DVD By: Don Feder
A review of Ratatouille and The Last Mimzy. ....more
Sicko Propaganda By: Humberto Fontova
Michael Moore continues his struggle against reality. ....more
Harry Potter and Leftist Potshots By: Don Feder
A review of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Shooter. ....more
The "No Fairness Left" Doctrine By: Don Feder / GrassTopsUSA.com

Leftists say monopolies are bad -- except in the marketplace of ideas.

Michael Moore: Fred Thompson is a Hypocrite! The rotund filmmaker challenges the former senator on Cuban health care. ....more
Rosie's Twisted "View" A record so contemptible, Hollywood producers find her irresistible. ....more
Easter "Hit" Parade By: Brian Fitzpatrick
The cultural elites launch a blizzard of attacks on religion during Christianity’s holiest season. ....more
The Bad Shepherd By: Mark D. Tooley
A left-wing Methodist accepts the CIA hatefest The Good Shepherd as a new Gospel. ....more
The Stalinist Does Suspense By: Ron Capshaw
How Ed Lacy's race-baiting novels helped spread Communist Party propaganda. ....more
The Leftist Who Learned By: Ron Capshaw
Far-Left screenwriter Morrie Ryskind valiantly exposed Communist infiltration of Hollywood. ....more
Charlize Theron's Cuba By: Humberto Fontova

After visiting Fidel's socialist "paradise," the Hollywood actress declares "there's a lack of freedom in America."

Traitor Profiling By: Lloyd Billingsley
"Breach" trades dramatic detail for political exposition. ....more
Ghosts of the Spanish Revolution By: Ron Capshaw
John Dos Passos and Ernest Hemingway dealt with Stalinist demons in different ways. ....more
The Bad Shepherd By: Lloyd Billingsley

Hollywood slanders the CIA as well-heeled, pansy Yalies.

The Blacklist's Censor By: Ron Capshaw
How one of the Communist Party's most prominent screenwriters left the blacklist but never left the ideological plantation. ....more
The Return of Citizen Moore By: Roger Rapoport
The Left's favorite fat man is back from the trough. ....more
The Pursuit of Happyness: A Color-Blind Success Story By: Debbie Schlussel
A great film whose central message – that the hero succeeded on merit – is lost on its lead, Will Smith. ....more
Whitewashing "Victims of the Blacklist" By: Ron Capshaw
John Howard Larson, head of the Hollywood Communist Party during Tinseltown's golden age, is canonized in his new biography. ....more
George Clooney: Girliest Man Alive By: Julia Gorin
People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" is less of a man than I am. ....more
CAIR KOs "24" By: Henry Mark Holzer
Why Jack Bauer is kissing up to the anti-anti-terrorists. ....more
Free Mumia - Not! This is the fourteenth issue of Heterodoxy, the celebrated journal edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, which FrontPage Magazine will re-publish in its entirety. All the issues will be archived on DiscoverTheNetworks.org. ....more
Liberty Film Festival By: Jamie Glazov
Conservative filmmakers break into the Left’s stronghold. ....more
Free Borat! By: Ben Johnson
The ADL throws Sacha Baron Cohen down the well. ....more
Gere-ing Up for Nazi Propaganda By: Julia Gorin
Richard Gere's new movie piles on the Serbs – and whitewashes Croat fascists. ....more
Dead Stalinists Society By: Lloyd Billingsley
The new film Catch a Fire fans the flames of South African Communist propaganda. ....more
Flag Waving Americans By: David Forsmark
Clint Eastwood's latest film sets the record straight. ....more
Remembering an American Hero By: Lloyd Billingsley
The man who defeated Hollywood Stalinism. ....more
Bush's Most Preposterous Critic By: Jason Maoz / JewishPress.com
The former editor of Spy magazine tries to get serious. ....more
Mel Gibson Unplugged By: Don Feder
Why Mad Max's slip of the tongue reveals a lot about Mel – and the far Right and the Left. ....more
Michael Moore's Next Fib The rotund filmmaker is planning "a comedy about the 45 million people with no health care in the richest country on Earth." ....more
Standing Ground on Border Security By: Amy Fagan and Stephen Dinan / The Washington Times
House leaders plan to hold hearings highlighting flaws in the Senate-passed immigration bill. ....more
The Liberty Film Festival Merges with CSPC By: Center for the Study of Popular Culture
Hollywood's most politically incorrect film festival merges with our parent organization to create a cultural powerhouse. ....more
Oprah Discovers the Holocaust By: Debbie Schlussel
But promotes its Islamist fans today. ....more
Neil Young Gets Old By: Lowell Ponte
The singer-songwriter in winter. ....more
The Courage of "United 93" By: Aaron Hanscom
A remarkable tribute to 9/11's fallen heroes. ....more
"United 93": Movie of the Year By: Debbie Schlussel
A hard-hitting, vivid film that portrays Islamist evil without apology. ....more
Spike-ing Racial Healing By: Debbie Schlussel
Two new films from Spike Lee demean whites, blame Jews for slavery, and associate President Reagan with David Duke. ....more
V for Vapid By: Don Feder
Hollywood gives America a lecture about the Christian Right – delivered by a terrorist murderer. ....more
"V" for Vicious Propaganda By: Debbie Schlussel
Hollywood devolves into self-parody with its newest dystopian fantasy. ....more
It's Hard Out Here for a Wimp By: Ann Coulter
Hollywood is as scared of decent patriotic Americans as the Democrats are. ....more
If Michael Jackson Converts to Islam By: Daniel Pipes
Why blacks in hot water always seem to find Allah. ....more
The Academy Awards Speech We Should Have Heard By: Dennis Prager
I'd like to thank the Academy...and my country, and the military.... ....more
How Rob Reiner Picks Taxpayers' Pockets By: Debra J. Saunders / RealClearPolitics.com
...to promote a literal Nanny State. ....more
Speaking Truth to Dead Horses: My Oscar Predictions By: Ann Coulter
It's going to be a brokeback awards ceremony. ....more
Lies, and the Lying Leftist Who Tells Them By: Peter Schweizer
Al Franken's disingenuous attack on my book. ....more
Mickey Marxism This is the twenty-third issue of Heterodoxy, the celebrated journal edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, which FrontPage Magazine will re-publish in its entirety over the next two years. All the issues will be archived on DiscoverTheNetworks.org. ....more
Gary Busey's Blood Libel By: Debbie Schlussel
Guess which washed-up addict stars in a Turkish film about a Jewish doctor who sells innocent people's organs? ....more
Israel Pans Munich By: Dan Williams / News.com.au
Steven Spielberg has found a new foe in the Jewish state: bored critics. ....more
Propaganda Now By: Roz Rothstein
Leftists justify Paradise Now at the University of Judaism. ....more
Roger Ebert's War By: Debbie Schlussel
The rotund leftist lashes out at me and Ann Coulter. ....more
Spinning the Golden Globes By: Don Feder
Leftist Hollywood rewards awful, box office flops that reflect its skewed worldview. ....more
Harry Belafonte's Day-O at Duke By: Students For Academic Freedom
The campus' special guest speaker on Martin Luther King Jr. Day thinks the president is "the greatest terrorist in the world." ....more
Bodies of Evidence This is the twentieth issue of Heterodoxy, the celebrated journal edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, which FrontPage will re-publish in its entirety over the next two years. All the issues will be archived on DiscoverTheNetworks.org. ....more
Two New Race-Baiting Films By: Debbie Schlussel
Glory Road and Last Holiday serve up more of the Left Coast's anti-white racism. ....more
"Munich" and Revenge By: Dennis Prager
Killing terrorists isn't as morally perplexing as Spielberg makes it out to be. ....more
Remembering Elia Kazan By: Arnold Beichman / NY Post
A new biography captures the professional — and personal — greatness of the late director. ....more
Spielberg Smears Israel By: Andrea Levin / CAMERA.org
Munich portrays Israelis, not Palestinians, as hate-filled hypocrites. ....more
Menendez-Mania This is the eighteenth issue of Heterodoxy, the celebrated journal edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, which FrontPage will re-publish in its entirety over the next two years. All the issues will be archived on DiscoverTheNetwork.org. ....more

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