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Senate Says, Leave Your Guns at Home / NewsReal Blog The Senate votes to prevent people with concealed carry permits to take their guns across state lines. ....more
Global Gun Control? By: Washington Times Editorial
Obama mulls beefing up border security, for the wrong reason. ....more
Gun Myths on the Senate Floor By: Chris W. Cox / NRA-ILA
Levin's lies become part of the national gun control debate. ....more
Eric Holder: Gun Grabber By: John Lott / FoxNews.com
Will Obama's Attorney General take aim at the Second Amendment? ....more
Leftists Fight "Gundamentalism" By: Mark D. Tooley
A Religious Left group tells the world Jesus' position on the Second Amendment. ....more
Taking Aim at Second Amendment Infringements By: Bill Steigerwald
The Supreme Court stands up for individual rights. ....more
Liberty Wins (At Last) at the Supreme Court By: Michael Reagan
Liberals learn a hard lesson about what the Constitution really does guarantee. ....more
A Supreme Cause for Optimism By: Bill Steigerwald
Second Amendment expert Robert Levy explains why constitutionalists are pleased with the High Court's debate on gun control. ....more
Judicial Review, Not Judicial Rewrite By: Alan Nathan / Washington Times
The D.C. handgun case reminds us of the Supreme Court's role in the government. ....more
The Islamic Plan for Gun Control Disarmament and dhimmitude. ....more
The Politically Incorrect Truth about Hunting By: Bill Steigerwald
It's fun -- so says Frank Miniter in his new book on this anti-Left sport. ....more
John Lott, Loaded for Leftists By: Robert VerBruggen / American.com
His new book, Freedomnomics, is a rousing response to Freakanomics. ....more
Nuts in the Crosshairs By: Ann Coulter
Forget about banning stalkers; how about a Muslim exception to the Second Amendment? ....more
Gun Laws Kill By: Michael Reagan
Virginia Tech: another triumph for gun control. ....more
Let's Make America a "Sad-Free Zone" By: Ann Coulter
Campus murderers might think twice (or kill fewer people) if their victims could shoot back. ....more
Interpreting the Second Amendment By: Barry Loberfeld
The key is why it was created in the first place. ....more
Day Three of the UN Gun-Grab Conference By: Cam Edwards / Townhall.com
Angola and Cambodia weigh in on how to deprive citizens of their rights (and they're more than qualified). ....more
Guns Kill...Bad People By: Larry Elder / Townhall.com
Why does the Left oppose the most effective form of self-defense? ....more
Michael & Me By: Larry Elder / Townhall.com
My new, self-financed movie turns the guns on Michael Moore (and he makes a big target). ....more
Ending Anti-Gun Harassment By: Zell Miller / Boston Globe
Sen. Larry Craig's overdue bill protects gunmakers from frivolous lawsuits. ....more
The Lie of the Assault Weapons Ban By: John R. Lott Jr. / Los Angeles Times
More proof of my contention: More Guns, Less Crime. ....more
The Threat of Gun-Free Zones By: Gerard Valentino / CNSNews.com
Left-wing legislation creates "fish-in-a-barrel" zones for criminals. ....more
The Gun Control War-on-Terror? By: Don Feder
Is a gun-grabbing measure an effective tool against al-Qaeda? John Kerry thinks so. ....more
Silencers Without Guns By: Mike Adams
How did the campus Left react when I offered to teach women to defend themselves...with a gun? ....more
Big Fat Liar on Campus By: Mike Adams
My campus needs a lot less (Michael) Moore and a lot more (John) Lott. ....more
The Christian Case Against Gun Control By: David Yeagley
Packin' heat: What Would Jesus Do? ....more
The Democrats' Assault (on) Weapons By: Lowell Ponte

Dean, Kerry and the Clintons gun for your votes -- and your rights.

The Cop Revolt Against Gun Control Gun-ban activists made a fatal error targeting police. ....more
Gray Davis' Cop-Killer Gun Law In his futile attempt to avoid recall, Davis opens fire on police safety. ....more
A Victory for the First And Second Amendments By: Scott Bach

A New Jersey school district has to respect a Second Amendment group's right to free speech.

Smoking Guns By: Lowell Ponte
Who's paying the bills of the anti-gun lobby's top 'witness'? ....more
Liberals Feign Logic By: Ann Coulter

The Left's emotional fuming isn't convincing viewers anymore; neither should its "rational" arguments.

British Man Denied Parole, Ruled "A Threat to Burglars" By: Val MacQueen
In Merry Old England, only the criminals are safe. ....more
The NRA: The Buffer for Freedom By: Wayne LaPierre
Speech of Wayne LaPierre, President of the National Rifle Association, at David Horowitz's Restoration Weekend. ....more
More Gun Control, Please By: Larry Elder
Why does Washington, D.C., a district whose laws make it illegal to buy, possess, transport or acquire a handgun, experience the highest per capita murder rates in the nation? ....more
Irrational Responses to Irrational Evil By: Bruce S. Thornton

Many urban liberals view gun owners as lower class, unenlightened oafs, the kind of people who drink domestic beer, attend monster-truck rallies, and listen to country and western music. In short, people who need guidance by their intellectual and moral betters.

Snuffy and Me By: Tammy Bruce
A murder spree in the nation's leading gun-free zone is not a good argument for gun control. ....more
Wisconsin Diversifies The saga of the Mountaineer. ....more
Beware the Gepper Richard Gephardt is going from strength to strength. Alas. ....more
Root-Cause Redux We have a Texan in the White House, hundreds of congressmen who fly home for weekends, and terrorists who ram planes into buildings. So why is it we're not allowing pilots to fly with side arms? ....more
A Gutless Supreme Court Decision By: Tanya Metaksa
Why did the Supreme Court recently shy away from the opportunity to strike down a politically correct Clinton-era gun law? ....more
Democrats Distance Themselves from the Brady Bunch By: Tanya Metaksa
WITH AN EVER WIDENING split in the Democratic Party on the issue of gun control, Sarah Brady and her group, are still working hard to keep the issue viable in the political arena. The Brady bunch, formerly known as Handgun Control, Inc., are trying new tactics as Americans’ enthusiasm for gun control has lessened and Democrats are reassessing the issue. ....more
The Second Amendment Strikes Back! By: Larry Elder
THE SECOND AMENDMENT is back. Rejecting six decades of the government's head-in-sand approach to the Second Amendment, Attorney General John Ashcroft now says the founding fathers meant what they said and said what they meant. The Second Amendment confers an individual's right to keep and bear arms. ....more
All the News We Heard from a Guy at Handgun Control, Inc. By: Ann Coulter
HAVING BEEN cheerfully assured by "Handgun Control, Inc." (aka the Brady Campaign) that the Constitution protects only kiddie porn and says absolutely nothing about guns, the New York Times has been viciously denouncing Attorney General John Ashcroft for having the temerity to suggest that the Second Amendment protects the "right of the people to keep and bear arms." (In an eerie coincidence, the Second Amendment actually says, "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.") ....more
Guns & California Politics By: Tanya Metaksa
THOSE LIBERAL FOLKS IN THE LAND OF FRUITS AND NUTS cannot get enough of gun control. Many Hollywood film stars publicly espouse gun control, while maintaining closets full of expensive firearms. There are a few exceptions, of course, with Charlton Heston being the most noteworthy. As President of the NRA he publicly defends the Second Amendment, the NRA, and his firearms ....more
Stop the War Against the Gun Industry By: Tanya Metaksa
THE LEGAL ASSAULT AGAINST THE FIREARMS INDUSTRY led by the gun ban lobby has been going on since 1998. Although the industry has been winning the battles, the costly war grinds on. ....more
The ‘SAP’ Awards By: Larry Elder

Author provides a litany of prominent Hollywood Leftists who denounce gun ownership or use for others but not themselves. 

When Guns Are Banned By: Tanya Metaksa
JOLLY OLD ENGLAND IS NOW EXPERIENCING THE TRUTH in the saying, "when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." Law abiding citizens were forced to give up all their handguns after the British government passed one of the most stringent gun bans in the world in 1997. Pistols that had been in families for generations -- I know of one that that had been in the battle of Trafalgar -- as well as single shot Olympic pistols, were confiscated by the government for pennies on the dollar, all in the cause of public safety. ....more
Guns, Children, Scholarship, and “The Bikini Factor” By: Tanya Metaksa
EVERY NEW STUDY ABOUT GUNS OR GUN OWNERS that is put forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or various university schools of public health is destined to get positive media coverage. The latest “study” is from The Harvard School of Public Health, one of the more prolific organizations to publish scholarly works against firearms and their owners. ....more
Arming America: A Recognized Fraud By: Tanya Metaksa
AFTER 8 YEARS OF A BILL CLINTON PRESIDENCY this country has gotten used to mendacity, especially if the ends justify the right means. An untruth, a rewriting of history, or even using the hard work of someone else without compensation can all be washed away with an apology or even an excuse – especially if the media elite favor you. ....more
Media (Gun)smoke and Mirrors By: Larry Elder

A deadly shooting spree at a Virginia law school gets lots of attention in the national media--  except for the part about how a Good Samaritan used HIS gun to put a stop to the carnage.

Arming America: Fiction, not History By: Tanya Metaksa
A VERY DETERMINED gun rights proponent has delivered the ammunition to shoot down Arming America, last year’s Bancroft Prize for American History. Clayton Cramer, software engineer by day, historian by night, has spent the last 18 months documenting the lack of historical accuracy as well as the fabrication of data in a book that had been hailed as brilliantly researched and very well written. ....more
Who is the NRA? By: Tanya Metaksa
MANY WRITE vituperatively about the National Rifle Association (NRA), but when an editorial appears that is so blatantly ignorant about the organization and its 4 million members, it’s time to respond. ....more
Media Equates Gun Owners with Terrorists By: Tanya Metaksa
DURING the past weeks media hysteria in support of Senate bill S. 860, the McCain-Lieberman ban on gun shows, has been mounting. All the gun-ban groups are copying the Americans for Gun Safety (AGS) fact sheets to promote the legislation. ....more
Pseudo-Republicans: Leave Gun Rights Alone By: Tanya Metaksa
IN JANUARY the United States Senate began its 2001 session evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. Although Vice-President Dick Cheney had the tie-breaking vote, each Senator held the power to broker any deal if his or her vote would make the difference. ....more
Emerson Ruling Both Good and Bad for Gun Rights By: Tanya Metaksa
The bad news was that the Court overturned Federal District Court Judge Sam Cummings’ 1999 dismissal of Dr. Timothy Emerson’s prosecution for possessing a firearm while under a restraining order. That federal law was the 1994 Lautenberg Amendment to the Gun Control Act, which made it a federal felony for anyone under a restraining order to own a firearm. Judge Cummings had ruled the Lautenberg Amendment unconstitutional and in violation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. ....more
The Wastefulness of the War on Guns By: Tanya Metaksa
TAXPAYERS as well as gun owners have to understand the cost in dollars of this ongoing effort by municipalities, counties, and states to engage in frivolous lawsuits against the firearms industry. Using taxpayer dollars to go after a segment of legitimate commerce is not only selective discrimination based upon the manufacture and sale of a legal commodity, it is a costly exercise in pre-September 11 political correctness. ....more
Save Lives, Arm Pilots By: Tanya Metaksa
AS the federal government encourages people to fly and return to normal, they keep expanding restrictions that didn’t work on September 11. Since terrorists used box cutters and knives, the flying public is now being prohibited from carrying anything sharp, even nail files. Thanks to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) everyone on the airplane is effectively disarmed against suicidal terrorists. ....more
California Gun Ruling Brings out Media Bias By: Tanya Metaksa
MANY CONSERVATIVES have complained that the liberal media fails to cover conservative successes. This past week, the coverage by the liberal media of a judicial setback to the gun control agenda was not ignored, but was turned on its head to promote the liberals’ agenda. ....more
The Gun War Rages On By: Tanya Metaksa
IT IS AUGUST IN WASHINGTON AND EVERYONE FLEES THE CITY: Congress has left until Labor Day, President Bush has gone to Texas, and most everyone else is on vacation. It’s time to assess George W. Bush’s presidency from the gun owners’ perspective. ....more
Global Gun Ban in the Making, Part II By: Tanya Metaksa
ON JULY 21, THE UNITED NATIONS CONCLUDED THEIR first conference on international gun control, the UN Conference on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons. The international cabal dedicated to banning small arms and the liberal media were disappointed in the final resolution, yet the UN is now in the business of promoting international restrictions on firearms. US citizens who care about the Second Amendment should take note and remain vigilant. ....more
Global Gun Ban In the Making (Part 1) By: Tanya Metaksa
THE TWO-WEEK conference on international gun control – titled the UN Conference on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons – is in its second week at the United Nations (UN) in New York City. In many ways, the scenario is deviating from what the planners had hoped. This conference was to herald a new gun-free era, a replay of the banning of landmines. Yet many countries, including the United States, are not cooperating. ....more
First Registration, Then Confiscation By: Tanya Metaksa
AMERICA PRIDES ITSELF ON BEING A COUNTRY OF LAWS. Yet, laws are written by biased legislators. When those biases distort meanings and redefine objects it becomes difficult for ordinary citizens to comply, leading to mass confusion and non-compliance. California firearms statutes are a prime example. ....more

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