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Venezuela: The Next Iran? By: Ryan Mauro
Hugo Chavez wants to go nuclear. ....more
Pat Buchanan Blames Winston Churchill for World War II By: R. Emmett Tyrrell / The Washington Times
Why is this not particularly surprising? ....more
Vietnam's War on Religion By: Michael Benge
A long tradition of brutality toward people of faith continues. ....more
Four Lessons for Obama's Foreign Policy Team By: Arthur Herman / The New York Post
Learning from others' mistakes. ....more
The Swaggering Leviathan in the East By: Bernard Chapin
Does the Chinese experience discredit the idea that economic freedom leads to political freedom? ....more
LeMay: Not Kubrick's Cartoon Caricature By: Martin Sieff / The Washington Times
A misunderstood general gets the treatment he deserves. ....more
China Barrels Toward the Economic Abyss By: Derek Scissors / Heritage Foundation
All the mistakes the Washington made before the economic downturn are finding a stronger counterpart in Beijing. ....more
The Good Indians By: Lisa Curtis / Heritage Foundation
Hillary Clinton's trip to India should focus on core strategic goals with our democratic, capitalist ally. ....more
My Honduras Anti-Boycott By: Dennis Prager
I am visiting Honduras; you should help support this righteous pariah nation, too. ....more
Left for Life By: Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson
Is Obama helping the Honduran president subvert the constitution to assure a leftist continues to run the country? ....more
Obama's in Russia, But Honduras is Where the Action is By: Dennis Prager
Whether we eliminate a few missiles is irrelevant; whether Castro and Chavez can dominate Central America is not. ....more
Defeating Chavez Democracy in Honduras By: Ray Walser / Heritage Foundation
Honduran President Manuel Zelaya's swift removal from office probably saved many lives. ....more
Obama's Weakness Issue By: Dick Morris
The president looks tough -- on Republicans. But America looks weak. ....more
Global Warming: The New Key to Our China Policy By: William R. Hawkins
On the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen Square, Tim Geithner ignores human rights but presses Beijing on carbon emissions and T-bonds. ....more
Denying Reform at the UN Human Rights Council By: Joseph Klein
As the administration legitimizes the moral authority of Cuba and China on human rights, a doomed bill in Congress tries to hold the corrupt body accountable. ....more
The Real Saudi Bow By: Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
Obama is helping the Saudis stifle the media -- and Israel. ....more
Undersecretary of Naivete By: Ben Johnson
Obama appointee Rep. Ellen Tauscher is a charter member of the Party of Defeat and believes weakness is the best defense. ....more
Cancel Hezbollah's Holiday By: Elias Bejjani
Lebanese politicians should stop celebrating a holiday celebrating its enslavement. ....more
The Axis of Evil and Obama’s Rude Awakening By: Jamie Weinstein
Can American policy be formed with a real understanding of the threats we face? ....more
Iran's Annihilation of Israel: Made in America By: Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
Obama may have held the first White House seder, but he's not planning to spend next year in Jerusalem. ....more
Tested By: Ben Johnson
North Korea detonates Obama's inviting promises of appeasement. ....more
Al-Qaeda's Plan C By: Dr. Walid Phares
How to counter jihad in the Indian/Pakistani region. ....more
Recommendations for the New U.S. Ambassador to NATO By: Sally McNamara / Heritage Foundation
Five concrete steps to improve our security and strengthen the world's greatest alliance of democracies. ....more
The Dragon's Propaganda Threat By: William R. Hawkins
How Beijing is influencing talks on nuclear disarmament, gaining U.S. technological secrets, and leveraging overseas Chinese to serve the homeland. ....more
Ecuador Grabs for Chevron's Wallet By: Washington Times Editorial / Washington Times
The next Latin American shakedown. ....more
The Bush "Torture" Lawyers: No Better Than Terrorists? By: Joseph Klein
The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture has an inventive theory about why Obama must prosecute. ....more
Panama Bucks the Latin American Left By: Ray Walser / Heritage Foundation
The welcome advent of a pro-American president. ....more
Joan Clark, a 20th Century Life By: Paul Kengor
A freedom fighter who lived the totalitarianism that Bill Clark and Ronald Reagan sought to destroy. ....more
Pyonyang Defiant By: Bruce Klingner / Heritage Foundation
Concrete steps to broadening our North Korea policy. ....more
Sudanese Evil, UN Inaction By: Nat Hentoff / Washington Times
If we really mean "Never Again," here's what we need to do. ....more
Another Useless World Bureaucracy By: Ted R. Bromund / Heritage Foundation
Why the United States should not join the Inter-Parliamentary Union. ....more
Biden's Bull Session By: Michael Radu
Ask Sri Lanka, Peru, and Colombia how well negotiating with terrorists works. ....more
Let's Become "Deadbeat" on the UN By: Joseph Klein
The UN Secretary General assails the United States for being too stingy. Maybe he has an idea. ....more
The Obama-Muslim Brotherhood Policy By: Frank J. Gaffney Jr. / Washington Times
The president appears to be taking his Middle Eastern cues from some unlikely sources. ....more
How to Deal with Russia By: Ariel Cohen / Heritage Foundation
Advice for countering a a revisionist nation with superpower envy. ....more
Crisis, What Crisis? By: Dr. Paul Kengor
Iran is ready to go nuclear after Obama's caudling; the media snore. ....more
Jihadists Against Justice By: Joseph Klein
Islamists deflect UN attention from Sudan, and deny starving Sudanese Western philanthropy. ....more
"U.S. Hegemony Ends" By: William R. Hawkins
China weighs in on our new administration's policy toward Beijing. ....more
The Disaster of U.S. Policy Toward North Korea By: Pavel Stroilov
Who exactly provided the recipe for the failed policy of appeasement? ....more
Withering Before Tehran By: Elan Journo
The president’s outreach evades the record of U.S. policy toward Iranian aggression. ....more
Reconstructing Hamas By: P. David Hornik
Under this administration's dozing eye, Hamas is restocking its arsenal and becoming a diplomatic power. ....more
Saved from Durban II By: Joseph Klein
Obama overrules his anti-Israel, internationalist advisers. This time. ....more
The Key to Successful Iraqi Withdrawal By: Dr. Walid Phares
If we take the pressure off Syria and Iran, Iraq will become a tragedy wrapped in farce. ....more
Building a Strategic Partnership By: Lisa Curtis / Heritage Foundation
U.S.-Indian relations in the wake of Mumbai ....more
The UN-holy Alliance By: Joseph Klein
The Sandinistas join with international Islamists and Noam Chomsky to gain control of the United Nations. ....more
Freedom: The Right Way to Reach Out to Muslims By: Fred Gedrich
What Obama should offer to the citizens of Islamist governments. ....more
Deadly Naievete By: Dr. Paul Kengor
Tehran bides its time as Obama wastes his. ....more
All Carrots, No Sticks By: Douglas Stone
Obama's Iran policy lacks a certain something: realism. ....more
Getting China Right By: Stephen Yates and Walter Lohman
Six concrete steps Hillary Clinton can take to deal with a long-term threat. ....more
North Korea's Missile Gambit By: Bruce Klingner / Heritage Foundation
Pyongyang targets the United States, and its president, with its WMD program. ....more
Memo to George Mitchell By: Daniel Mandel
The Middle East is not Ireland, and the Palestinians do not want a stable, peaceful co-existence with the Zionist enemy. ....more
Biden Projects Weakness in Munich By: Nile Gardiner / Heritage Foundation
The vice president rings in the '70s with a confused foreign policy speech on foreign soil. ....more
Elections Have Consequences By: Frank J. Gaffney Jr. / Washington Times
Obama signals portentous changes to our national life. ....more
Turning on Obama and Afghanistan By: Mark D. Tooley
The Religious Left is biding its time to denounce "the killing." ....more
The U.S. and India Reach for a New Frontier By: Lisa Curtis and James Jay Carafano / Heritage Foundation
It's time for a new strategic partnership on laser-based missile defense. ....more
Sarkozy's Diplomacy by Delusion By: Nidra Poller
The French prime minister deserves a large part of the blame for Hamas' survival. ....more
Obama's Environmental Agenda: Made in China By: William R. Hawkins
How Carol Browner's environmental policy could wreck the economy and serve the interests of the world's largest Communist state. ....more
"Smart Power," or Dumb Policy? By: Michael Reagan
Hillary and her husband's foreign policy was anything but effective. ....more
UN Silence on Human Shields By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
Kofi Annan denounced Hamas for using human shields; so far, Ban Ki Moon hasn't. ....more
Egypt: Gaza's Second Front By: FrontPage Magazine
Cairo's foreign policy is quietly pursuing Israeli objectives. ....more
Ten Questions for Hillary Clinton By: Steven Groves / Heritage Foundation
What we'd like to ask the nominee for Secretary of State. ....more
Solving the Palestinian Problem By: Daniel Pipes
A new Arab occupation. ....more
Disproportionate Response and Moral Blindness By: FrontPage Magazine
Europe tries to broker a ceasefire between civilization and barbarism. ....more
China's Alarming Arsenal By: Washington Times Editorial
Beijing is not aiming at "defense"; how will the new administration respond? ....more
The Toothless Lion By: Douglas Stone
The British back out of Iraq, and international greatness, with a whimper, not a roar. ....more
Bad Rice After Good By: Joseph Klein
UN Ambassador-designate Susan Rice is no Condi. ....more
Why Europe Wants the Shield By: Vasko Kohlmayer
Once again, Old Europe looks to the United States to save it from totalitarian threats. ....more
When Bibi Met Obama By: Dick Morris
The coming U.S.-Israeli collision. ....more
Speak Softly, And....? By: Brett Joshpe
Will Obama back up his promise to retaliate to an Iranian nuclear strike? ....more
The Latin American Left We Can Work With By: Ronald Radosh / Pajamas Media
Not all leftists are Chavez; not all conservatives should be as gullible as Sean Penn. ....more
No Left Turns on the War? By: Jacob Laksin
If its war cabinet is any guide, the Obama administration will be a disappointment to the antiwar Left. ....more
Obama's Blindspot By: William R. Hawkins
Will his war cabinet prepare America for the high-end of conflict? ....more
The Left's Man at Commerce By: Ben Johnson
The sad record of self-pitying Bill Richardson. ....more
Bush's Legacy in India By: William R. Hawkins
The low-key relationship we cannot afford to neglect. ....more
Durban II: An Early Test By: Joseph Klein
Will the first (real) black president lend legitimacy to the UN's anti-Israel hatefest? ....more
The Betrayal in Iraq By: David Horowitz and Ben Johnson
Andrew Grotto of The Center for American Progress tries to refute the thesis of Party of Defeat but shows instead that the liberal case against the war is based on a lie and is indefensible. ....more
A UN Time for "Testing" By: Joseph Klein
Will the Obama administration keep the hands of UN bureaucrats out of America's pockets? ....more
Wesley Clark: General Denial By: CNSNews.com
The Left's favorite enlisted man says Iraqis are "not better off than they were before" the Surge. ....more
Did Critics of the War Go Too Far? By: David Horowitz and Ben Johnson
Jordan Smith, a Huffington Post contributor, says no. Horowitz and Johnson say yes. ....more
Breaking What Is Fixed By: Daniella Markheim
The ill-effects of renegotiating NAFTA and other free trade agreements. ....more
Why is West funding Abbas' hate TV? By: Itamar Marcus / Palestinian Media Watch
Buying $120 million of Islamist hatred. ....more
National Security: The Forgotten Issue By: Stephen F. Hayes / Weekly Standard
Neither candidate has uttered a peep in recent days about the small matter of our national survival. ....more
World Government to Reign in "Fascist" America? By: Joseph Klein
Israel-hating globalist and Obama supporter Richard Falk has a modest proposal for dealing with America and Nazi-like Israel. ....more
Joe Biden's Non-Gaffe By: Michael Reagan
Obama will be tested, and he's no Jack Kennedy.... ....more
The View from the Frontline By: Ben Johnson
John McCain wins big among America’s service men and women. ....more
A Prayer for Lebanon By: Elias Bejjani
Remembering the martyrs. ....more
March 1936 All Over Again By: Dr. Earl Tilford
Ominous parallels with Munich. ....more
The Pathology of Durban II By: Joseph Klein
Another U.N. hatefest draws near. ....more

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