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Community Organizer-in-Chief By: Steven M. Cohen
Radical social advocacy has made a lifelong impact on Obama. ....more
The Socialist Workers Party at Prayer By: Mark D. Tooley
The Episcopal Church's General Convention condemns Israel and the United States, world without end, Amen. ....more
Jesus Wants You to Free Castro's Spies By: Mark D. Tooley
The National Council of Churches wants convicted Cuban intelligence agents returned to a land where "abject poverty and hunger do not exist." ....more
Church Flacks for Iran By: Mark D. Tooley
The Religious Left demands Obama drop sanctions against the government beating protesters in the streets of Tehran. ....more
Religious Leftists, and Islamists, and Folk Singers, Oh My! By: Mark D. Tooley
The National Religious Campaign against Torture assembles a motley crew to oppose U.S. "torture." ....more
Michael Moore Calls for $2-per-Gallon Gas Tax The filmmaker believes the Nanny State should "get people to switch to more energy saving cars." ....more
The Legal Left's Love Affair with Jihad The Center for Constitutional Rights laments Obama's decision to try suspected terrorists in military tribunals. ....more
Al-Qaeda Terrorists=The Prophet Jeremiah? By: Mark D. Tooley
Religious Leftists have likened themselves and terrorists to Biblical prophets, capitalism to Communism, and conservative Christians to the Antichrist. ....more
Michael Moore's New Agitprop Moore's new "documentary" blames wealth-creators for the recession. ....more
House Speaker Accuses the CIA of Lying Nancy Pelosi says the CIA "misled" her, and the country, about waterboarding. ....more
Who "Misleads" Whom? By: Gregory Gethard
Nancy Pelosi's desperately accuses the CIA of breaking federal law "all the time." ....more
ACLU Outraged Over Obama's Photo Flip-Flop The ACLU says the President's decision “makes a mockery” of his campaign promise of transparency. ....more
All the Rage By: Ben Johnson
Wanda Sykes’ death wish is but the latest exhibit of leftist bloodlust. ....more
The United Hates of America By: David Solway
Reflections on the leftist-Islamist alliance. ....more
Obama’s Latest Radical at the Defense Department By: John Perazzo
Rosa Brooks, a big-government political partisan with ties to George Soros, is entrusted with America’s national defense. ....more
Muslim Campus Speaker Says U.S. Created AIDS Khalid Yasin also calls for Sharia law and the execution of gays, and says 9/11 was an inside job. ....more
Question to Left: If You Love America, Why "Transform" It? By: Dennis Prager
Perpetual criticism is not a sign of affection. ....more
The Threat at Home By: David Horowitz
If America is not for itself, who will be? ....more
"United in Hate" Author to Speak Live By: WorldNetDaily.com
Jamie Glazov to deliver speech at Freedom Center's book club event this month. ....more
Teresa Heinz Kerry's Radical Gifts By: Ben Johnson
The untold story of how Teresa Heinz used tax-exempt "charity" to finance the 2004 Democratic National Convention, reward campaign volunteers, turn out the Democratic vote, demonize U.S. troops, underwrite pro-terrorist radicals, and screen pedophilia chic films. ....more
The Christian Left Cozies Up to China By: Mark D. Tooley
Global warming trumps religious suppression for the National Council of Churches. ....more
ACORN Accused of Mob Tactics By: S.A. Miller / Washington Times
House testimony today will state the groups perpetrated fraud, coordinated with the Obama campaign, and ran a rent-a-mob for the far-Left. ....more
Reparations for Al-Qaeda? By: Mark D. Tooley
The Religious Left demands more than "the truth" from a Truth Commission. ....more
Pelosi's "Frequent-Flyer" Abuses Our Speaker isn't always opposed to the military.... ....more
Praying for Marxism in Africa By: Mark D. Tooley
The World Council of Churches salutes Communist Mozambique. ....more
Sustaining Idiocy By: Mark D. Tooley
An evangelical-turned-environmentalist teams up with a former Soviet dupe to warn of an impending eco-catastrophe. ....more
Sir Teddy By: Helle Dale / Washington Times
Her Majesty prepares to knight a supporter of the Northern Irish. ....more
The Left's Trinity of "Prophets" By: Mark D. Tooley
Bill Moyers, Jim Wallis, and William Sloane Coffin preach the virtues of Big Government. ....more
Jesus Loves Global Taxation? By: Mark D. Tooley
The World Council of Churches endorses globalist socialism. ....more
Leftist Speak By: Don Feder / GrassTopsUSA.com
A Lefticon for the age of Obama. ....more
Obama's Biggest Radical By: Ben Johnson
Presidential Science Adviser John P. Holdren is a frequently mistaken alarmist who has endorsed world government, worldwide wealth redistribution, and compulsory abortion for American women. ....more
Did Feinstein Reveal War Secrets? By: Washington Times Editorial / Washington Times
The California Democratic senator gives reporters her best guess at the secret location of our anti-terror base. ....more
Teresa Heinz Kerry's Radical Giving By: Bill Steigerwald
FrontPage Magazine's Ben Johnson discusses his newest book, about how Teresa funded the 2004 Democratic National Convention, anti-American radicals, and pro-pedophile gay film festivals. ....more
Get Ready for the Show Trials By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
Will Eric Holder pursue "war crimes" charges against the Bush administration? ....more
Turning on Obama and Afghanistan By: Mark D. Tooley
The Religious Left is biding its time to denounce "the killing." ....more
ACORN Supports Obama's Stimulus Bill, and Vice-Versa The group best known for voter fraud and promoting subprime loans launches a new crusade to get public cash. ....more
The Man Who Shaped Barack Obama A hard look at Saul Alinsky. ....more
Hamas Inauguration By: Robert Spencer
Obama selects a Muslim with ties to Hamas to pray at the inauguration. ....more
The Stealing the Election Project By: Fred Lucas / CNSNews.com
The "Secretary of State Project" elects left-leaning candidates to count oversee our nation's elections. ....more
Hate on the Home Front By: Orit T. Sklar
Pro-Hamas demonstrators in Atlanta march for the annihilation of Israel, justify anti-American terrorism, and equate Israeli Jews with Nazis. ....more
Archbishop: British PM is a Market-Worshiping Nazi By: Mark D. Tooley
The confused economic musings of Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. ....more
To Gaza, With Love By: FrontPage Magazine
Israel denies Cynthia McKinney the opportunity to carry on the leftist tradition of radicals bringing supplies to terrorist strongholds. ....more
Ap-Peace-ers September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows supports Barack Obama's pledge to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center. ....more
People for the Anti-American Way Norman Lear's group participated in the massive immigration rallies that were held in dozens of cities across the U.S. ....more
The European Left, and Ours By: Peter Berkowitz / Policy Review
Bernard-Henri Lévy, on point and off. ....more
Left-Wing Funder Bilked, Will Close The JEHT Foundation will close next month because its principal donor lost a fortune to Bernard Madoff. ....more
Franken's Electoral Frankenstein By: Paul M. Weyrich
Appealing to the U.S. Senate would be the worst outcome, for the nation and for Franken. ....more
Dishonest Non-Patriot By: Mark D. Tooley
A leftist minister's new book, Honest Patriots, claims true patriots compare America to Nazi Germany. ....more
Prof Defends Suicide Bombers Kent State's Julio Cèsar Pino says a Palestinian "died a martyr’s death…in occupied Jerusalem, Palestine." ....more
Bush's America is Built on "nativism, white supremacism, theocratic tyranny"? That's how NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller describe the Bush "regime." ....more
Marxist Lawyers Undermining American Security The Center for Constitutional Rights pursues an agenda that increases U.S. vulnerability to terrorism. ....more
Christians Bankroll Palestinian Liberation By: Mark D. Tooley
Guess who is giving thousands to groups working for the annihilation of Israel? ....more
'The Moderate Islamist' By: David Solway
The Left must have its fairy tales. ....more
"Dark Lady" of the Left A look at the life and worldviews of Cher. ....more
Spiritually Progressive By: Mark D. Tooley
Tikkun’s Michael Lerner slams the Catholic Church. ....more
The Socialist Multi-Millionaire Fimmaker Michael Moore says, "We're seeing the end of capitalism as we know it. And I say good riddance." ....more
Defrocking an Anti-American Leftist By: Mark D. Tooley
The Catholic Church may excommunicate a radical. ....more
The Betrayal in Iraq By: David Horowitz and Ben Johnson
Andrew Grotto of The Center for American Progress tries to refute the thesis of Party of Defeat but shows instead that the liberal case against the war is based on a lie and is indefensible. ....more
From New Leftist to Labor Kingpin Andrew Stern is a key figure in the Soros-funded Shadow Party. ....more
Anti-Religious Thuggery By: Joseph D'Hippolito
Americans United for Separation of Church and State threaten a pro-life Catholic prelate. ....more
Ted Turner: Pro-Castro, Anti-Christian The media mogul admires Cuba's former dictator, while referring to Christians as "bozos" and "Jesus freaks." ....more
Candidate of the Left By: David Horowitz
Fruit Flies, Barack Obama, and my good friend Christopher Hitchens. ....more
Academia Endorses Bill Ayers By: Orit T. Sklar
More than 4,000 academics, including deans and department heads, sign a petition supporting the unrepentant terrorist. ....more
A Congressional Radical Poll By: Paul M. Weyrich
Dennis Kucinich's plan to establish a Dept. of Peace has 70 sponsors: is it a bad joke or a plea for national suicide? ....more
Stealing the Election, 2008 By: Bill Steigerwald
Author John Fund details how ACORN and other organizers are corrupting the political process. ....more
ESPN Hearts Castro? By: Joseph D'Hippolito
Some would applaud the courage of Cuban athletes who escaped to freedom in the United States. An ESPN commentator and a veteran British sports writer feel it deserves punishment. ....more
Obama's Foundation Funded the Former "Communist Party" Leader By: Matt Hadro / CNSNews.com
The community organizer funneled education money to a former Communist organizer. ....more
Red Herring: The Depression and the Communist Party By: Dr. Paul Kengor
The Party's last successful bit of propaganda. ....more
Che Guevara's Rendezvous with Justice By: Humberto Fontova
How a whimpering mass murderer became a t-shirt icon. ....more
ACORN's Socialist Founder A look at Wade Rathke, whose group has played a major role in the mortgage crisis and voter fraud. ....more
Rev. Jeremiah Wright: The Cuban Connection By: Humberto Fontova
How the pastor coddled an oppressive and racist regime. ....more
Why Ayers Matters By: Michael Reagan
...and why so many want him to be off-limits. ....more
The Weatherman and the Candidate Who is Bill Ayers, and why is this terrorist's longstanding relationship with Obama important? ....more
Obama's Friends Just what is the Weather Undergound? ....more
Characters Count By: Frank J. Gaffney Jr.
The company a candidate has kept - and been shaped by - is fair game in a presidential election. ....more
America-Haters for Obama Radicals and former terrorists form a new coalition. ....more
Fighting for "Peace" and Violent Revolution C. Clark Kissinger of the Revolutionary Communist Party dresses up his anti-American agendas in the vestments of "peace" and "justice." ....more
Who Is Nancy Pelosi? An in-depth look at the worldviews and politics of the Democrat Speaker of the House. ....more
McCain Fears Voter Fraud ACORN at the center of a growing controversy. ....more
Rosenbergs: Still Guilty After All These Years By: Kathy Shaidle
Will the Left finally admit it? ....more
Israel's Communist Critic Anti-Israel activist Charlotte Kates condones suicide bombings and says the "apartheid state" has "no right to exist." ....more
Modern Feminism's Leading Lady A look at the worldview and agendas of NOW President Kim Gandy. ....more
Saddam Hussein's Old Pal While condemning American and British efforts to contain Saddam, British MP George Galloway stole millions of dollars earmarked for Iraqi children. ....more
From Klansman to Senator A look at the life and political career of Robert Byrd, the longest-serving Senator in American history. ....more
The Man Who Arranged Sean Penn's Trip to Baghdad A look at Norman Solomon, whose writings and activities during the Cold War buttressed Soviet propaganda. ....more
Rising Star of Leftist Airwaves A look at the career and politics of radio personality Rachel Maddow. ....more
A Selective Indifference to War By: John Perazzo
The "peace" movement turns a blind eye to Russia’s invasion of Georgia. ....more
The Far-Left Record of Rep. Tammy Baldwin A comprehensive look at the career and politics of the key Wisconsin Democrat. ....more
They Held a Riot and Nobody Came By: Michelle Malkin / New York Post
Behold the dregs of the self-pitying anti-war movement. ....more
Human Rights Watch Says Corporal Punishment Is Racist In a new report, HRW and the ACLU say that teachers target black students with physical punishments. ....more
The Return of Michael Moore By: Kathy Shaidle
Does he still matter to anyone but himself? ....more
Father of the Animal Rights Movement Professor Peter Singer likens his crusade to the abolition movement of the 1800s and the fight against Hitler in the 1940s. ....more
The Green Party's Socialist Agendas "We must ... restore a fair distribution of income" and "restrict the accumulation of excessive individual wealth." ....more
Socialist Feminist Loathes America The life and times of feminist icon Gloria Steinem. ....more
Group Warns of Conservative Christian "Theocrats" Americans United seeks to eliminate the presence of all religious symbols and practices in public places. ....more
Finding 'Peace' in Iran By: Mark D. Tooley
Fellowship of Reconciliation dispatches a battery of activists to the terror state. ....more

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