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Letting Al-Qaeda Chat Away By: Paul M. Weyrich
Who's keeping the feds from wiretapping the next 9/11 terrorists? Madam Speaker. ....more
Who Is Really Oppressing the Palestinians? By: David Meir-Levi
How Muslims and Arabs sacrifice their own. ....more
Suing Kerry By: Jamie Glazov
In a Frontpage Exclusive, Mary Jane McManus, wife of Vietnam POW Kevin McManus, discusses the lawsuit Vietnam veterans are bringing against John Kerry.  ....more
Swift Boat Vets Hold Kerry "Un-Augural" By: Marc Morano / CNSNews.com
Vietnam vets celebrate Kerry's defeat. ....more
Kerry's "Disenfranchisement" Demagoguery By: Mark Landsbaum
A sore loser plays the race card to keep America divided on Martin Luther King Day. ....more
Man of the Year: John O'Neill By: Ben Johnson
The Swift Boat Vet overcame tremendous odds, redeemed the image of Vietnam vets, and affected the presidential election. ....more
Restoration Weekend: The Swift Boat Vets By: Swift Boat Vets for Truth
Three war heroes talk about the most surprising turn of the 2004 campaign. With an introduction by David Horowitz. ....more
Kerry's Victim By: Mary Laney / Chicago Sun-Times
How the former Democratic candidate got one of his "brothers" maligned, harassed, and fired. ....more
Mission Accomplished By: David Horowitz
The traitor has been vanquished and the Vietnam war is now over for those who fought it. ....more
Missing Bin Laden -- and the Point By: Dick Morris
The most recent message proves Bush's War on Terror is working, and the Left's won't. ....more
Kerry's "Imaginary" Friend By: David Schlossberg
The Democratic Candidate's "dearest" friend, Richard Pershing, barely knew him at all. ....more
Suppressing Speech in an Election Year By: Michael P. Tremoglie
The Brownshirt brigade stifles the vets behind the film "Stolen Honor." ....more
Serial Self-Aggrandizer By: Joel Mowbray

Kerry lies to make himself more presidential, more heroic -- more human.

Korean Spies for Kerry? By: Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu
In Kerry, Korea's leftists see a man more amenable to the Communist North's designs -- one they are willing to finance. ....more
Jews Commit Political Hari-Kerry By: Don Feder

Why the blind loyalty of American Jews may mean more Israeli deaths.

The Media's "October Surprise" By: Michael Reagan
Why the missing Iraqi explosives story is "all caca." ....more
Kerry's False Plan for Peace By: Charles Krauthammer / The Washington Post

The Massachusetts liberal would sell-out Israel to win support of our European "allies."

Kerry, a Dove-Turned-Hawk? Please By: Larry Elder / Townhall.com
The media gave Kerry a free pass during the debates. ....more
The War Democrats Believe In By: Don Feder

The Left was exhilarated about turning Kosovo over to Islamic terrorists.

A Bad Week for Teresa By: Ben Johnson
A light tax burden and contempt for the institution of motherhood? Just another day in the life of the potential first lady. ....more
2004: A Vital Election By: Dennis Prager
Will this be the year America relinquishes her glory? ....more
A New President for a New Year? By: David A. Sherman

American Jews need to carefully weigh their priorities this November.

False Hope is on the Way By: Ben Johnson
Did George W. Bush squander “International Goodwill”? Can John Kerry win it back? ....more
The Third Debate By: Joel Mowbray
Cataloging Kerry's canards. ....more
Silencing Honor By: Roberta Leguizamon
Left-wing media gatekeepers fight to keep Vietnam POW's off the air. ....more
The ABC's of Media Bias By: Lowell Ponte
The radical roots of ABC Political Director Mark Halperin. ....more
Fall Fashion Preview: Cowboy Boots In, Flip-Flops Out By: Ann Coulter
Forget the "Global Test"; liberals can't pass the terrorism "Gut Check." ....more
Kerry's Nuisance Nonsense By: Dick Morris
One candidate believes the War on Terror must be won with troops; the other believes it must be fought like the War on Poverty. ....more
Bush, Kerry and the Environment By: Steven Milloy / FoxNews.com
Would Teresa Heinz Kerry make environmental policy in a Kerry White House? ....more
Kerry's Case Collapses By: Glenn Harlan Reynolds / MSNBC

The unraveling of Kerry's foreign policy.

A Pro-Osama Nuclear Policy By: Chris Banescu
Why John Kerry is wrong to oppose "bunker-buster" nuclear weapons...dead wrong. ....more
Putting North Korea on the Wrong Track By: Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu
The "secret plan" to let Kim Jong-Il go scot-free. ....more
Why Kerry Won the Debate By: Dennis Prager
Within 90 minutes, he managed to express every possible position on Iraq. ....more
Parlez-Vous Political Free-Fall? By: Ann Coulter
John Kerry's abysmal poll numbers show him to be a candidate only his mother -- and George Soros -- can love. ....more
Kerry's Ultimate Iraq Flip-Flop By: realclearpolitics.com / RealClearPolitics.com
He endorsed unilateral action -- in 1997. ....more
Kerry's Grand Deception By: Rear Admiral Roy F. Hoffmann (ret.) / Richmond Times-Dispatch
The "War Hero" myth. ....more
Nowhere Left to Flop By: Charles Krauthammer / The Washington Post
Kerry's mind-blowing reversals on Iraq and why they have destroyed his credibility. ....more
57 Varieties of Radical Causes, Part II By: Ben Johnson
Click here to order FrontPage Magazine's newest book, with a foreword by David Horowitz. ....more
57 Varieties of Radical Causes, Part I By: Ben Johnson
Click HERE to order your copy of the new book by Ben Johnson, with a foreword by David Horowitz. Continue to read the introduction. ....more
The Gun Control War-on-Terror? By: Don Feder
Is a gun-grabbing measure an effective tool against al-Qaeda? John Kerry thinks so. ....more
Ayatollahs for Kerry? By: Michael Freund / The Jerusalem Post
Syria, Iran and Yasser Arafat himself would like to see the Massachusetts liberal in the White House. ....more
Fighting With The Truth By: Henry Mark Holzer
Once Kerry got his Silver Star, he played fast and loose with it. ....more
Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold By: Barbara Stock / IntellectualConservative.com

Thirty years later, Vietnam Vets who were spat on and called "baby killers" will finally tell John Kerry where he can go.

Bush's Advantage on Military Service By: Ben Johnson
A look at Bush's service in the Guard, in context, shows he did his country more good than John Kerry. ....more
The More Kerry Changes, the More He Stays the Same By: Ann Coulter

Ouija boards and crystal balls: the Democratic candidate's guide to politics.

John Kerry, Patriot? By: Henry Mark Holzer and Erika Holzer
34 reasons why it's still an open question. ....more
Zell Miller: An American War Hero By: David Horowitz
Zell got it just right about John Kerry. ....more
The Unsubstantiated Heroism of Hanoi John By: Ann Coulter

Spokesman says Kerry's explanation depends on what the definition of "we" is.

A True War Hero Speaks on Kerry By: Col. George "Bud" Day
Col. Geo. "Bud" Day, a former POW in Hanoi, describes Kerry's 1971 betrayal.

Monumental Mistake By: Joel Mowbray
Kerry engages—and elevates—Swift Boat vets, but for what purpose? ....more
The Fourth Man on the Boat By: Robert Novak / The Chicago Sun-Times
Admiral speaks out, disputes Kerry's account of 1st Purple-Heart winning wound. ....more
It's Kerry's Anti-War Record They Resent By: Jeff Jacoby / The Boston Globe
It was Kerry, not the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, who picked this fight. ....more
Admitted War Criminal Cries Foul By: Ann Coulter

There are several methods of evaluating the claims of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. . .

The Swift Truth By: Lowell Ponte

An exclusive interview with Swiftboat Vet John O'Neill, the co-author of the current best-seller Unfit for Command.

Kerry's Soggy Tall Tale By: John E. O'Neill and Jerome L. Corsi / The Washington Times
An angry dispute over a rescue in the river. ....more
Startling Comparisons By: Michael P. Tremoglie
The historic lesson of one "dumb, inept" president and his worldly, charming and ambitious challenger. ....more
Kerry: Yep, I'm Back to Pro-War By: Joel Mowbray
The Democratic challenger has switched to yet another position on Iraq. ....more
Brothers Banding Together Against Kerry By: Ann Coulter
You have to work pretty hard to get most of the people in Vietnam angry with you in only four months. ....more
Kerry Froze in the Cold War By: Joshua Muravchik / L.A. Times
...And he froze as an antiwar liberal. ....more
John Kerry's Real Vietnam Record By: Robert Novak / Townhall.com
The explosive bestseller Unfit for Command reveals an ambitious man not given to valor. ....more
Vietnam...Today By: Jeff Jacoby / Townhall.com
Vietnam is now one of the most repressive Communist regimes in the world--thanks to John Kerry's policies. ....more
Kerry's Arafat Yes-Man By: David Bedein

Kerry's new Middle East advisor wants American troops to run interference for Palestinian jihadists.

Democratic Party "Leper" Endorses Bush By: Jerome Zeifman / Insight Magazine
A chief counsel during Nixon's impeachment describes how John Kerry and Hillary Clinton convinced him to vote Republican. ....more
Kerry's Self-Indictment By: Ben Johnson
The Democratic nominee admits no patriot would deny our servicemen body armor...unless he plans a retreat in the War on Terrorism. ....more
John Kerry: The Bagel Candidate By: Dick Morris
The Clinton White House always thought of John Kerry as a backbencher; hollow in the middle. ....more
The Biggest Liar of Them All By: David Horowitz
John Kerry's prime time assault on the truth. ....more
John Kerry's Stalinist Campaign Slogan By: Barbara Kay
"Let America be America Again" is the first line of a Marxist poem written by a "useful idiot." ....more
Teresa's Odd Speech By: Thomas Lifson / AmericanThinker.com

When is the state of a candidate's marriage important? When the man could be our next president and the wife is a hot-tempered, secretive, self-absorbed socialite who seems to be in charge.

Teresa Heinz Kerry Becomes a Campaign Issue By: Dick Morris
After her speech at the DNC, her record is now fair game. ....more
John Edwards: A Workingman's Nightmare By: Lowell Ponte
The pseudo-Populist trial lawyer made his millions by raising your insurance rates. Now he wants to give his colleagues the same opportunity. ....more
Teresa Heinz Kerry's 1975 Anti-Kennedy Screed By: David Guarino / Boston Herald
"I don't trust Ted Kennedy...he's the perfect bastard." ....more
Vietnam Propagandist for President? By: Jim Warner / www.KerryLied.com

Communist Vietnamese "political officers" used John Kerry's antiwar rhetoric against American POW's.

Kerry, Catholics and Capital Punishment By: Michael P. Tremoglie
John Kerry lies about the Pope's position on the death penalty. ....more
The Democrats' Clinton - Kennedy Divide By: Dick Morris
Bill Clinton and Teddy Kennedy represent the two wings of the Democratic Party today; this year, those wings will be in conflict. ....more
"Stronger at Home, Respected in the World"? By: Don Feder
John Kerry promises to get tough on national security, and other comedies. ....more
Kerry's (Latest) Position on the War on Terror By: Joel Mowbray
What is Kerry's position on terrorism? Even he doesn't know. ....more
Kerry Exposed By: Yahoo News / Yahoo News
...by the Washington Post. ....more
Over His Head By: Ben Johnson
John Edwards has no business being one heartbeat away from the presidency. ....more
John Kerry's Winning Formula: Invisibility By: Dick Morris
Republicans fret over Kerry's poll numbers, but the public hasn't yet scrutinized the Massachusetts liberal. ....more
Terrorists for Kerry By: Dick Morris
Osama could have made a good living as Kerry's political consultant -- if he didn't choose to kill babies instead. ....more

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