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A Winnable War By: David Petraeus / Times Online
Afghanistan is hard, but victory is possible. ....more
Obama’s Missile Defense Surrender By: Stephen Brown
The story behind the sellout. ....more
Lessons from Afghanistan By: William R. Hawkins
Air strikes can be successful, but they will not assure victory against the Taliban. ....more
Hijab (The Headscarf)—Yes; The Burqa—No By: Phyllis Chesler / Pajamas Media
The French need to take their argument further. ....more
Veterans Betrayed By: Tait Trussell
How the Obama administration tried – and failed – to make veterans pay for their wartime medical care. ....more
Joining the Battle By: Stephen Brown
Germany scraps its restrictive rules of engagement and aids the war in Afghanistan. ....more
The Bright Continent By: Gregory Gethard
Thanks to President Bush and Tony Blair, West Africa is a more hopeful place. ....more
The Future of the U.S. Military By: Robert Gates
Security challenges for the new century. ....more
The Rough Riders of Afghanistan By: David Forsmark
Doug Stanton's "Horse Soldiers" tells the thrilling inside story of the modern cavalry that fought the Taliban on horseback. ....more
Trading Our Defense for Moscow's By: Sally McNamara
Third site missile defense should be our first option, not on the diplomatic cutting board. ....more
Time for Congress to START Advising Obama on Arms By: Baker Spring / Heritage Foundation
The Senate needs to curb the administration's rush to disarmament. ....more
Aloha, "Star Wars" By: Washington Times Editorial / Washington Times
Obama gives up on defending Hawaii from North Korea's missile threat. ....more
Feminist Embarrassment, D-CA By: Dennis Prager
Sen. Barbara Boxer proves she's no lady, she's a senator. ....more
Moving Forward with Missile Defense By: Baker Spring / Heritage Foundation
Six steps to greater security in an increasingly dangerous world. ....more
Obama's 2010 Defense Budget By: Jim Talent and Mackenzie Eaglen / Heritage
And the top five worst choices for national security. ....more
Joker One By: David Forsmark
Marine vet Donovan Campbell's new book is a classic of modern warfare. ....more
The Fight for Pakistan By: Ryan Mauro
In the Swat Valley, a military offensive marks the first step to confronting the country’s terrorism problem. ....more
"Smart Power": Dumb Idea By: Donald Lambro / Washington Times
Iran, Al-Qaeda, and North Korea are making a mockery of Obama's new foreign policy. ....more
"U.S. Hegemony Ends" By: William R. Hawkins
China weighs in on our new administration's policy toward Beijing. ....more
The Media’s Coffin Politics How media manipulation inspired the ban on showing military caskets. ....more
Raptors to Clip the Russian Bear's Wings By: Michael Fumento / Washington Times
Now is no time to cancel the F-22s. ....more
China Rising By: William R. Hawkins
How the global economic turmoil may benefit Beijing. ....more
Missile Defenseless? By: Bill Steigerwald
Heritage Foundation expert Baker Spring discusses the future of the program under the Obama administration. ....more
Did Feinstein Reveal War Secrets? By: Washington Times Editorial / Washington Times
The California Democratic senator gives reporters her best guess at the secret location of our anti-terror base. ....more
Al-Qaeda's Shadow Army By: Bill Roggio / Washington Times
The myth of "rag tag" Taliban fighters goes up in smoke. ....more
Elections Have Consequences By: Frank J. Gaffney Jr. / Washington Times
Obama signals portentous changes to our national life. ....more
Signing Their Death Warrants By: David Keene
The new arrangement in Iraq may put contractors' families in jeopardy. ....more
The U.S. and India Reach for a New Frontier By: Lisa Curtis and James Jay Carafano / Heritage Foundation
It's time for a new strategic partnership on laser-based missile defense. ....more
"Don't Ask, Don't Tell"? Don't Change By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
The commander-in-chief is getting ready to ignore the men in uniform. ....more
Intelligence Failure Leon Panetta to head the CIA? ....more
It's Our Fight By: William R. Hawkins
The stake the U.S. and India have in Israel's war on Hamas. ....more
The Toothless Lion By: Douglas Stone
The British back out of Iraq, and international greatness, with a whimper, not a roar. ....more
Why Europe Wants the Shield By: Vasko Kohlmayer
Once again, Old Europe looks to the United States to save it from totalitarian threats. ....more
Obama's Blindspot By: William R. Hawkins
Will his war cabinet prepare America for the high-end of conflict? ....more
Tennis Shoes and Stolen Toilets By: Reuben F. Johnson / The Weekly Standard
Russia's military 'renaissance.' ....more
Defense Spending "Fraud" By: James Jay Carafano and Eric Sayers / Heritage Foundation
Hype, Reality, and Real Solutions ....more
Bullying Barack By: Peter Brookes / New York Post
Stakes rising on Obama's first test. ....more
British Defense Cuts By: Ted R. Bromund / The Heritage Foundation
How they threaten the Anglo-American special relationship. ....more
Up in the Air By: Alan W. Dowd / Weekly Standard
Will Obama destroy Missile Defense? ....more
How the Party of Defeat Lost Fallujah By: Ben Johnson
A military document confirms our book’s thesis: psychological warfare had a debilitating effect on troop effectiveness and caused the most humiliating chapter of the war. ....more
The Betrayal in Iraq By: David Horowitz and Ben Johnson
Andrew Grotto of The Center for American Progress tries to refute the thesis of Party of Defeat but shows instead that the liberal case against the war is based on a lie and is indefensible. ....more
Russia's Gambit By: Vasko Kohlmayer
Ridding themselves of the Missile Shield might not be so difficult after all. ....more
China's Cyber Spies By: Peter Brookes / New York Post
Hacker army infiltrating America. ....more
Make this Veterans Day Memorable By: Sharon Hughes
Teach your children well: today is not just another day off school. ....more
Approaching the "Invisible Red Line" By: Mackenzie Eaglen / The Heritage Foundation
Why Congress must act now to restore military readiness. ....more
The Unbearable Lightness of Barney By: Stuart Koehl / The Weekly Standard
A Democratic congressman's plan to slash the defense budget. ....more
Wesley Clark: General Denial By: CNSNews.com
The Left's favorite enlisted man says Iraqis are "not better off than they were before" the Surge. ....more
A Congressional Radical Poll By: Paul M. Weyrich
Dennis Kucinich's plan to establish a Dept. of Peace has 70 sponsors: is it a bad joke or a plea for national suicide? ....more
Ending the Free Ride By: Douglas Stone
Is NATO worth saving? ....more
Shaping the NATO—EU Relationship By: Sally McNamara / The Heritage Foundation
What the U.S. must do. ....more
Europe's Last Stand By: Geert Wilders
Who will preserve the heritage of Rome, Athens and Jerusalem? ....more
The Need for Missile Defense By: Peter Brookes / The Heritage Foundation
The threat keeps growing. ....more

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