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ACLU Cheers Gitmo Closure Executive Director Anthony Romero calls the move “a giant step forward.” ....more
Dissent Behind the Bamboo Curtain By: Kathy Shaidle
Chinese citizens remind the world that communist tyranny endures. ....more
Collectivism Squared By: Henry Mark Holzer
When government is supposedly looking out for everyone’s welfare. ....more
Obama's Passport By: Marion Edwyn Harrison, Esq.
Unforeseen sources of danger and disclosure. ....more
Gold Medal in Tyranny By: Matthew Continetti / The Weekly Standard
A look at China's authoritarianism. ....more
Federal Censorship Commission By: Don Watkins
How the Federal Communications Commission does violence to free speech. ....more
ACLU Strikes Another Blow for National Insecurity A federal judge strikes down a key part of the USA Patriot Act. ....more
The Al-Qaedan Civil Liberties Union The ACLU decries the Real ID Act aimed at stopping terrorists and illegals from falsifying their identities. ....more
Christians under Attack in China By: Frederick W. Stakelbeck Jr.
The concept of religious freedom is lost on Beijing. ....more
F-ck the Draft By: Henry Mark Holzer

The ultimate argument against Charlie Rangel's draft bill is that it's immoral.

Proud Evil (Part 1) By: Myles Kantor
Remembering the totalitarian malice of East Germany. ....more
Founding Fathers of the Legal Left The ACLU's Marxist founders and revolutionary ideals. ....more
Human Rights Watch vs. Human Rights By: Joshua Muravchik / The Weekly Standard
The cynical manipulation of a worthy cause has a history. ....more
Middle East Minorities Unite! By: Joseph Puder

The truth about religious persecution in the 'Cradle of Civilization.'

White Guilt By: David Forsmark
How blacks and whites destroyed the promise of the civil rights era. ....more
ACLU Sues over Ban on Picketing Troops Burials By: Garance Burke / Associated Press

But you won't guess who their client is.

Miami's Book "Ban" By: Humberto Fontova

The ACLU pledges its love to Castro once again.

Microchips for Illegals? By: Frederick W. Stakelbeck Jr.
Why implanting illegals is the wrong answer. ....more
The Criminalization of Christianity By: Roberta Leguizamon
Nearly 2,000 religious prisoners sit in boxcar prisons in Eritrea. ....more
Socialist "Peace" Activists America-hater Ramsey Clark heads a "peace" and "civil liberties" organization with nearly 20 different identitities. ....more
Cambodia's Killers By: Michael Benge
The Khmer Rouge continues its terror. ....more
A Clarion Call for Free Speech By: Michael Rosen
Can the Muslim world digest words and images it deems objectionable? ....more
Legislating Religious Correctness By: Daveed Gartenstein-Ross / The Weekly Standard
Religious vilification laws converge with the Islamist vision of a blasphemy-free society. ....more
Castro's Library Pass (Part I) By: Walter Skold

While books burn in Cuba, the American Library Association sleeps.

Yemeni Election 2006: A Fraud in the Making By: Jane Novak
Yemen's next election may not be a victory for democracy, but its defeat. ....more
Putting the Reins on Camel Jockeying By: Karin Kloosterman and A. Salome Jessel
Is the United Arab Emirates prepared to end the exploitation of children? ....more
Chavez and Company By: Patrick Devenny
Hugo Chavez has had a lot of help corrupting Venezuelan democracy. ....more
Feminist Group Pushes Radical Agendas The National Women's Law Center seeks to make the intervention of bigger government the answer to a wide array of social and moral problems. ....more
Defending Terrorists in the Name of "Civil Liberties" The National Coalition to Protect Political Freedom displays its sympathy for terrorists and anti-American causes. ....more
The Emperor's New Robes By: Ann Coulter

Our infallible, divine ruler is a county judge in Florida named George Greer.

When Cops Don't Shoot By: Michael Goodwin / NY Daily News

...Officers die, and criminals go before leftist judges.

The Mullahs' Killing Fields By: Donna M. Hughes
Twenty-five years of Iran's revolutionary terror. ....more
Leftist Lies about Gitmo By: Charlie Daniels
Fresh from visiting the troops in Guantanamo Bay, the music icon speaks his mind. ....more
Freedom of Speech Denied in Berkeley By: Suzanne DeWitt / ChronWatch
The city is stalling on granting a permit for a "Rally Against Global Terrorism." ....more
Why Jews Welcome Muslims By: Lawrence Auster
Will America's Jewish leadership move beyond its support of Open Borders to recognize the threat of Muslim immigration?  ....more
The Un-PATRIOT-ic Left By: Jamie Glazov

Why is the Left waging a ferocious war on the Patriot Act? Heather MacDonald, Contributing Editor of City Journal, dukes it out with Joe Williams, editor of Santa Cruz Indymedia

test standard By: Steve Sexton
my test summary ....more
Personal Statement On Gay Marriage By: David Horowitz

I am a supporter of equal rights for gay Americans but not for trampling the views of the American majority through judicial tyranny and civic anarchy.

What’s a Cop’s Life Worth? By: Heather Mac Donald / City Journal
Race changes the equation. ....more
Islam Symposium Part III: The Right to Dissent, Comedy and the Burqa By: Jamie Glazov
Jamie Glazov continues his conversation with Ibn Warraq, Hussam Ayloush, As'ad AbuKhalil and Robert Spencer. ....more
John Ashcroft and Civil Liberties By: Allison Weisberg
Does the Left attack him because it hates American safety? ....more
F*** the Draft By: Henry Mark Holzer

Charles Rangel has it wrong.

What's Wrong With Human Rights? By: Jim Kalb
The UN idea of human rights is a Trojan Horse for the socialist left. ....more
Cuba Frees Leading Dissident One of Cuba's most prominent political prisoners, Dr Oscar Biscet, has been released from prison after nearly three years. Prison officials said the 41-year-old medical doctor was let out of a high security jail in the eastern province of Holguin at 0530 (1030 GMT) on Thursday. He was arrested in November 1999 for a series of offences, including flying the Cuban flag upside down at a news conference to protest at the lack of political freedom under Fidel Castro's one-party socialist system. Only Dr Biscet's wife was there to meet him as he left jail several hours earlier than planned, in an apparent attempt by the authorities to minimise publicity. After his arrest in 1999 Dr Biscet was charged with insulting a national symbol, together with public order and criminal incitement offences. 'Counter-revolutionaries' The Cuban Government denies that there are any political prisoners on the island. It says prison inmates are there because they are common criminals and it labels dissidents as "counter-revolutionaries". Castro denies holding political prisoners But local human rights groups say 320 people are currently in jail in Cuba, solely because of their beliefs. According to Dr Biscet's wife Elsa Morrejon, quoted by Reuters news agency, he suffered a serious gum infection in prison that caused three molars to fall out. She said he refused treatment because he did not trust the medical staff at the prison. In 1999, Dr Biscet went on a 40-day water-only fast to demand the release of political prisoners in Cuba. The Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation says Cuba is one of the few countries in the world that prevents the International Red Cross and other humanitarian organisations from visiting its prisons. ....more
Is There Freedom To Associate With Terrorists? By: Stuart Taylor Jr. / National Journal
There may be a risk that the war on terrorism will lead the government into guilt-by-association excesses akin to those of the McCarthy era, but so far the administration has not crossed that line. ....more
Message to Harry: Respect African-Americans Who Love Their Country Or Leave It. By: David Horowitz
Everybody has heard by now about Harry Belafonte’s attack on Secretary of State Colin Powell whom he compared to a slave currying favor with his master. ....more

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