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Taking Islamism to the Streets By: Andrew Walden
A terrorists' lawyer organizes a march on Washington. ....more
Child Marriage in the Islamic World: The Forgotten Human Rights Abuse By: Robert Spencer
What should one expect of a religion whose founder married a six-year-old? ....more
Newsweek Publishes Biased Story Against Ex-Muslim Teen By: Pamela Geller / American Thinker
Rifqa Bary is not finding many friends in the mainstream media. ....more
It's Hell Stupid By: Bill Siegel
The real reason why jihadis blow themselves up. ....more
No "Separation of Mosque & State" in Obama's America? / NewsReal Blog Taxpayer money is used to promote an Islam In America "brand." ....more
Honor Killings Come to America By: Ryan Mauro
A 17-year old Muslim girl flees her family to avoid being killed for converting to Christianity. ....more
Sudan’s Rosa Parks By: David Swindle
With pants as her weapon, Lubna Hussein has taken a bold stand for gender equality in the Muslim world. ....more
Ex-Muslim Teen Fights To Survive By: Phyllis Chesler / Pajamas Media
Her plight is like Elian Gonzalez's -- except far worse. ....more
A Slow-Motion Honor Killing By: Robert Spencer
An ex-Muslim teenager fears for her life – in America. ....more
Muslims Persecute Christians By: Robert Spencer
But will the world take notice? ....more
A Study in Defeat By: Jacob Laksin / City Journal
Bruce Bawer calls out Western apologists for radical Islam. ....more
NYC City Council Honors Islam on 9/11 By: Andrew Walden
Big Apple schoolchildren may get the day off to celebrate the religion of the hijackers. ....more
A Caliphate of Toxic Assets By: Alyssa A. Lappen
How Shari'a-compliant finance is preparing the next wave of Enrons. ....more
Obama vs. Sarkozy on Banning the Burqa By: Phyllis Chesler / Pajamas Media
An American-style president is ruling France. ....more
Quick Decisions, Quirky Statements By: Marion Edwyn Harrison, Esq.
The president's historical reign of error. ....more
The Middle Eastern Cold War By: Daniel Pipes
There are many cracks in the Arab Street. ....more
A Courageous, But Sad, Speech in Cairo By: Dennis Prager
It took courage for Obama to affirm the Holocaust took place, praise secular Islamic society, and condemn genocidal hatred -- and that's sad. ....more
Heinrich Himmler's Adoration of Islam By: Emerson Vermaat / Militant Islam Monitor
The head of the SS once hoped Islam had conquered the West and subjected the Catholic Church. ....more
If Islam is the Religion of Peace, Why Do They Have to Keep Reminding Us? By: Don Feder / GrassTopsUSA.com
We might be more easily convinced if its adherents quit trying to blow up synagogues. ....more
Obama's Lost Opportunity to Address Coptic Persecution By: Joseph Puder
The chairman of the American Coptic Association tells us what Obama should have said in Cairo. ....more
Jihad Returns to America By: Robert Spencer
The Little Rock slaying was a coordinated strike -- and more will follow. ....more
The Queen’s New Clothes By: Hege Storhaug
Why is Norway’s queen wearing an Islamic shawl in her own country? ....more
The Speech President Obama Won't Give in Egypt By: Dennis Prager
An honest speech would ask Muslims who's making war on whom. ....more
From Persecuting Copts to Placating Them By: L. Azuri / MEMRI
The Mubarak government tries to bribe Egyptian Christians in North America not to protest his visit. ....more
The Prison-Islamist Complex By: M. Zuhdi Jasser / The Hill Blog
Homegrown terrorism is a real and present threat to national security. ....more
Islamist U? By: Ryan Mauro
Meet the men behind America’s first accredited Islamic college. ....more
Islamists' Unlikely Ally: the ADL By: Stephen Steinlight / CIS.org
How the primary organization dedicated to combating anti-Semitism finds itself paired with the strangest of bedfellows. ....more
Muslim Row By: Ryan Mauro
How radical Islam is invading the State of Tennessee. ....more
Culture of Cruelty By: Daniel Pipes
Disturbingly graphic evidence surfaces of the vicious torture common even in "moderate" Arab regimes. ....more
ISNA, Conspiring Since 1963 By: Joe Kaufman
The Islamic Society of North America seems to be lying about its age and associations. ....more
Unraveling the Unraveling By: David Solway
Quentin Tarantino gone Muslim mainstream. ....more
Quentin Tarantino Gone Muslim Mainstream By: David Solway
Many idealistic thinkers are coming to believe that “radical Islam” is a passing phenomenon... ....more
Sudanese Evil, UN Inaction By: Nat Hentoff / Washington Times
If we really mean "Never Again," here's what we need to do. ....more
The Obama-Muslim Brotherhood Policy By: Frank J. Gaffney Jr. / Washington Times
The president appears to be taking his Middle Eastern cues from some unlikely sources. ....more
Islam: What's Jihad Got to Do With It? A look at Islam's historical justification for "holy war." ....more
Understanding Radical Islam The history and objectives of the movement that threatens the world. ....more
Champions of Liberty By: Amil Imani / AmilImani.com
Geert Wilders, David Horowitz, Robert Spencer and others gather to tell the truth about worldwide Islamic jihad. ....more
The Voice of America Silenced on Radical Islam By: Daniel Pipes
A new directive orders the VOA employees to avoid mentioning any ties "extremists" may have to the Religion of Peace. ....more
A Victory for Gender Equality By: Stephen Brown
Yemen moves to end the servitude of child brides. ....more
Cruel and Usual Punishment By: David Forsmark
Nonie Darwish examines the threat of Sharia law. ....more
Defiant Wilders By: Jacob Laksin
In the face of death threats and lawsuits, Geert Wilders remains unbowed. ....more
Jihad Defined Is it really just a peaceful self-conquest? ....more
Freedom: The Right Way to Reach Out to Muslims By: Fred Gedrich
What Obama should offer to the citizens of Islamist governments. ....more
The Deceits of Bridges TV By: Daniel Pipes
Faux moderates speak to a miniscule audience, then erupt into deadly violence. ....more
What Is the Muslim Public affairs Council? While publicly nurturing an image of moderation, MPAC privately embraces an anti-American, anti-Israel agenda. ....more
A UN Vice for Islam's Critics By: Nat Hentoff / Washington Times
How the Organization of the Islamic Conference shuts down free speech about the Compassionate, the Merciful. ....more
CAIR’s "Holocaust" Libel By: Joe Kaufman
Abusing a historical tragedy to condemn Israel. ....more
Geert Wilders: Man Out of Time By: Robert Spencer
Wilders is in good company...including Winston Churchill's. ....more
The War on Wilders By: Jacob Laksin
A Dutch court rules that Geert Wilders must be tried for his views. ....more
Hamas Inauguration By: Robert Spencer
Obama selects a Muslim with ties to Hamas to pray at the inauguration. ....more
CAIRing for Hamas By: Joe Kaufman
The connections between the terrorist group killing Jews in Israel and the "Muslim civil rights organization." ....more
Hate on the Home Front By: Orit T. Sklar
Pro-Hamas demonstrators in Atlanta march for the annihilation of Israel, justify anti-American terrorism, and equate Israeli Jews with Nazis. ....more
The SEC's Next Shoe By: Frank J. Gaffney Jr. / Washington Times
It doesn't end with Madoff. ....more
Shilling for the Ft. Dix Six By: Robert Spencer
American Muslims are convicted of jihad; American Muslim leaders are furious -- at the U.S. government. ....more
The Mumbai Conspiracy By: Joe Kaufman
Pakistani Muslims have discovered the culprits behind the Mumbai terrorist attacks: the United States and India. ....more
The Mumbai Massacre: Caused by the Jews By: FrontPage Magazine
The Washington Post blames the victim. ....more
Brooklyn's Extremist Imam The life and times of Siraj Wahhaj, a CAIR advisory board member. ....more
Stealth Jihad: Prison Bans Crucifix to Avoid Offending Muslims By: Daily Mail / Daily Mail
...But heated Muslim foot-baths present no problem. ....more
The Cross and the Crescent By: Joseph Puder
A frightening lesson from Mumbai. ....more
Were There Muslims in Mumbai? By: Don Feder / GrassTopsUSA.com
The New York Times only saw "gunmen." ....more
Stealth Jihad By: Ben Johnson
Robert Spencer’s compelling new book documents the Islamization of America by other means. ....more
Deconstructing an Islamist By: Valentina Colombo
An Egyptian intellectual challenges Tariq Ramadan. ....more
Rape as 'Resistance' By: Nonie Darwish
How low can the Arab world go when it comes to Israel? ....more
The Feds' Favorite Islamists Why is the DOJ funneling American taxpayer dollars to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)? ....more
Situating Honorcide By: David Solway
A civilization continues to lie to itself. ....more
How Sharia Law Punishes Raped Women By: Hasan Mahmud
Welcome to the most insane and sexist laws in human history. ....more
CAIR’s Disappearing Leadership Act By: Joe Kaufman
Is the boat finally sinking? ....more
Hypocrisy of the ‘Angry Arab’ By: John R. Bradley
A professor attacks me, but only reveals his own incompetence. ....more
Treasury Sells Out to Shari'a By: Frank J. Gaffney Jr.
Petrodollars come to Washington. ....more
CAIR's Sex Shopper By: Joe Kaufman
Some jihadists don't want to wait for the 72 virgins. ....more
Manufactured Outrage By: Robert Spencer
The MSA gets angry with me at SUNY-Stony Brook. ....more
Sell Off or Sell Out? By: Frank J. Gaffney Jr.
The sedition of Sharia-Compliant Financing. ....more
Making Islamists Squirm By: Patrick Poole / Pajamas Media
If Obsession gave CAIR heartburn, a new documentary will give them kidney stones. ....more
Shariah vs. Jewish Law By: David Yerushalmi
Setting the record straight. ....more

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