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"Cash for Studies" Program Gets an F By: David Paulin
Good intentions are not enough to save failing schools. ....more
Clutivating Leftist Children in the Classroom The NEA's views on socialized medicine, the welfare state, and global warming filter down to all our children. ....more
More Education, Less Support for Raising Teacher Salaries By: William G. Howell and Martin R. West / Education Next
A recent survey finds the more people know about unionized teachers' performance, the less they're willing to subsidize it. ....more
Accountability Overboard By: Charles D. Chieppo and James T. Gass / Education N ow
How teachers unions have seized the board of education in Massachusetts and frozen out charter schools. ....more
The Democratic Divide By: Richard Colvin / Education Next
Not all Democrats tow the teachers union line. ....more
America's Largest Labor Union An inside look at the radical agenda of the National Education Association. ....more
Language Barriers Arizonans are fighting back against an order to spend more for English language learners. ....more
Turning Around Public Schools By: Emily Ayscue Hassel and Bryan C. Hassel / Education Next
A blueprint for bringing public education from failure to success. ....more
The More Teacher Union Leadership Changes.... By: Linda Seebach / Education Next
...the less it improves our children's test scores. ....more
Private Schools International The rewards that more private schools bring. ....more
School Choice: The Real Test By: Ed Feulner / CNSNews.com
Change we can believe in for D.C.'s public schools. ....more
College Education for Jr. High Kids? By: Diane Ravitch / Edweek.org
The sad reality of "remedial education" on campus. ....more
Homeschooling 2.0 By: Milton Gaither / Education Next
It's not just for Christian homemakers and hippie communes anymore. ....more
Obama Supports School Choice, for His Children By: Dr. John A. Sparks
The first family’s kids will have a great education, but what about D.C. residents? ....more
Real Educational Equality for Black Students By: David Whitman / Education Next
A number of successful urban schools have one thing in common: they teach values and accept no excuses. ....more
Classroom Chaos By: Michelle Malkin / New York Post
Left-wing groups paint a horrifying portrait of the nation's classrooms as Abu Ghraib-like torture chambers. ....more
Socialism for Tots Children's Defense Fund founder Marian Wright Edelman advocates ever-expanding government intervention as a means of "protecting" kids. ....more
Your Child is Not State Property By: Thomas A. Bowden
Why is California persecuting homeschoolers? ....more
Old School Values By: Tom Purcell
When Catholic schools struggle, everyone suffers. ....more
They Don't Need No Education By: Paul M. Weyrich
Obama and Hillary have no clue about how to handle the voters' most prized issue. ....more
Vouchers for Jihad The American Youth Academy is an Islamic school that gets taxpayer funding despite its radical ties. ....more
Is School Choice Enough? By: Sol Stern / City Journal
A firestorm of debate within the school-reform movement. ....more
A School-Vouchers Democrat By: Bill Steigerwald
The Democratic former mayor of Milwaukee explains why he's really pro-choice. ....more
Victory at University of Delaware By: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
University President ends mandatory ideological reeducation program. ....more
The Miseducation of Christopher Dodd By: Dennis Prager
Education isn't the answer to every problem; sometimes it's the cause. ....more
The School of Extreme Hatred By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
Fairfax's own Saudi-funded madrassa is open for business. ....more
Pulling a 'Fast' One By: Sol Stern / New York Post
How to con the media and the education system. ....more
The Worst Person In The World By: David Horowitz
Why Keith Olbermann hates Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, and me. ....more
Why the Left Has Changed Journalism, Education, and the Courts By: Dennis Prager
One side of the political spectrum believes pushing its views tops doing its job. ....more
Teach Arabic or Recruit Extremists? By: Daniel Pipes
What is the real agenda behind New York City's new Arab-language school? ....more
Can This Law Be Fixed? By: Frederick M. Hess / American Enterprise Institute
A hard look at the No Child Left Behind remedies. ....more
Illinois Public School Smut By: J. Matt Barber
Where books about teens having sex with adults are assigned reading. ....more
The Real Self-Esteem Crisis in Education By: Onkar Ghate
If teachers taught students well, they wouldn't have to teach them how to feel good. ....more
Another One Rides the Bus By: Lloyd Billingsley
John Edwards has a plan for your children. ....more
Four Score and Seven Manatees Ago By: Jay Greene / City Journal
Why have we stopped naming schools after great public figures? ....more
A Madrassa Grows in Brooklyn By: Daniel Pipes
New York City opens an Islamist public school where Muslims are innocent of 9/11, the NYPD is racist, and George W. Bush is "trying to destroy the United States." ....more
Happy Birthday, Thomas Jefferson By: Gen LaGreca
Remembering one of our greatest Founding Fathers. ....more
Teaching For "Social Justice" By: Sol Stern
The leftist assault on America's public schools. ....more
UK Teachers Drop the Holocaust to Appease Muslims By: Laura Clark / Daily Mail

The Brits decide not to correct Holocaust deniers; David Irving would be proud.

The War Against JROTC By: Aaron Hanscom
The leftist fight against the military has no ceasefire for K-12 students.... ....more
Passing Up "No Child Left Behind" By: Frederick M. Hess / AEI.org
Why public opinion is hampering educational reform. ....more
The Arizona Bill Is Half Wrong By: David Horowitz

Legislatures should not restrict speech in university classrooms.

Girls Forced to Cheer for Girls By: Dennis Prager
According to Title IX, girls must cheer for other girls as often as for boys. ....more
Myths of the Teachers Unions By: Jay Greene / The American Enterprise
The misconceptions that stand in the way of educational reform. ....more
The Cupcake Ban By: Tom Purcell
The Nanny State banishes Twinkie the Kid and Fruit Pie the Magician from public schools. ....more
The NEA: Classroom Bullies By: Michael Reitz
The far-Left union fights to force teachers to underwrite its political agenda. ....more
Another Victory for Hamas High By: Eric Danis
The "Wheels of Justice" will run over the truth, after all. ....more
AAUP Prez Howls By: David Horowitz

The new president of the American Association of University Professors, Cary Nelson, doesn't want anyone to read this book.

We Have Changed The Face of Education In Pennsylvania By: David Horowitz
Despite a massive disinformation campaign by the teacher unions, abetted by some members of the education press, students in Pennsylvania have academic freedom rights for the first time in history. ....more
What We're Up Against -- The Lying Pennsylvania Press By: David Horowitz
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette lies about the report on the hearings and shills for the teacher unions. Bottom line: students in all but one Pennsylvania school have no academic freedom rights. ....more
Pennsylvania Committee Finds Students Have No Rights By: Sara Russo
The academic freedom committee of the Pennsylvania House reported today that students in Pennsylvania have no academic freedom rights and recommended that Pennsylvania universities revise their policies to be "student specific." ....more
Exploring Christopher Columbus By: Tom Purcell
Was he a great man or a racist oppressor? ....more
Islamist School Inspector By: London Daily Mail
Political correctness places a man of hate in a position of power. ....more
Localize Public Education By: Bill Steigerwald
Big Government education isn't the answer – even if the GOP runs it. ....more
Major Victory for Academic Freedom in Pennsylvania By: Elizabeth Ruiz
Trustees of Temple University adopt a Student Bill of Rights. ....more
We Have No One to Blame But Blacks Ourselves By: Walter Williams / Washington Times
Educational stats are in, and they're ugly. ....more
Kowtowing to Teachers' Unions By: Dick Morris
In New York, it's the special interests vs. the children. ....more
Bringing Anti-Americanism to the Schools Veterans Teaching Peace in Schools is a speakers' bureau that denounces America's "unrelenting militarism." ....more
Cornel West's Favorite Communist By: David Horowitz
Some people think I've been unfair to Cornel West. Think again. ....more
Teaching Requirement: "Social Justice"? By: Elia Powers / InsideHigherEd.com
A teacher accreditation group says schools should consider a candidate's views when hiring elementary, secondary teachers. ....more
Just Say Yes This is the twenty-eighth issue of Heterodoxy, the celebrated journal edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, which FrontPage Magazine will re-publish in its entirety over the next two years. All the issues will be archived on DiscoverTheNetworks.org. ....more
The Failures of Universal Preschool A costly, ineffective, intrusive, statist solution that doesn't work. ....more
Drop Title IX Suits By: Christina Hoff Sommers / USA Today
American boys' education should be our concern now. ....more
An Inherited Genetic Disorder By: David Horowitz
Max Blumenthal, son of Sidney. Enough said? ....more
How to Reform Education By: Mitt Romney / Washington Times
How can we rise to the occasion? ....more
Time to Take on this Teachers Union By: Frederick M. Hess and Martin R. West / AEI.org
Screwing kids for the benefit of the incompetent. ....more
Leading the Fight for Academic Freedom By: David Horowitz
As the federal government prepares to enact an Academic Bill of Rights, courageous legislators show their mettle. ....more
Den of Thieves By: David Horowitz
Columbia professor Manning Marable makes a bid for fame, and falls on his you-know-what. ....more
Defending "The Professors" By: David Horowitz
My answers to a critic from the left. ....more
Meathead's Kids By: Lloyd Billingsley
Rob Reiner has a dream. ....more
Radical Education By: Sol Stern
Our “social justice” schools and their capitalist benefactors. ....more
The Pathetic Case Against the Academic Bill of Rights By: David Horowitz

How vapid can the opponents of intellectual freedom be?

Willful Misunderstanding By: David Horowitz
How the Left uses distortion to discredit and defame a conservative author and to avoid dealing with his book. ....more
Indoctrination High By: Ben Johnson
Colorado geography (non-)teacher Jay Bennish proves the Academic Bill of Rights is not just for colleges. ....more
Academic Hanky Panky By: David Horowitz
A Peace Studies professor challenges my book. ....more
Pennsylvania Schools Reject Indoctrination By: Joseph Klein
And the ACLU readies a lawsuit in response. ....more
Close, But No Cigar By: David Horowitz
A Harvard sociology professor attempts to review the book I wrote. ....more
Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been? By: David Horowitz

An InsideHigherEd.com columnist asks me some questions.

Textbooks Proselytize for Allah By: Kalavai Venkat
Public school books portray Allah as the true God, ban the term "Israel," and call Jews Christ-killers. ....more
Teachers Unions vs. Education By: John Stossel / Townhall.com
Good luck firing anyone, for any reason, ever. ....more
A Professor Who Wants To Be Dangerous By: David Horowitz
Professor John Vandermeer thinks Castro's vicious dictatorship is a "vibrant democracy," Cuba's bankrupt socialism is a model for the world, and that there are "thousands" of professors just like him. ....more
Stranger Than Fact By: Judith Weizner
Satire: in Bennington, Vermont, public school teachers force a creepy politically correct exam on their students. ....more
Educational Indoctrination, Year 501 By: Emil Levitin / Republican Voices Indoctrination Center
In the Massachusetts public schools, hating Christopher Columbus is elementary. ....more
Class(room) Warriors By: John Leo / Townhall.com

The Left's new weapon to enforce political conformity in education.

The High Cost of High School Failure By: Paul E. Peterson

Why the public education cartel won't admit the real problem.

Education Myths By: Jamie Glazov
In a Frontpage Exclusive, Jay P. Greene discusses what special-interest groups want you to believe about our schools -- and why it isn't so. ....more
Education Reform Pays Off By: Diane Ravitch / Hoover Institution
Positive test scores prove the effectiveness of higher standards. ....more
Victory In Ohio: The Universities Concede By: David Horowitz
After a year of opposing the Academic Bill of Rights and defaming its sponsor, the higher education system in Ohio has conceded the point. An agreement has been reached that will implement the core principles of the Academic Bill of Rights in all colleges and universities in Ohio, both public and private. ....more
Censoring 9/11, Campus-Style By: Jason Mattera / Townhall.com
Patriotic remembrances are banned from several campuses, as socialists throw a "Peace Fest" instead. ....more
The Myth of the Eco-Friendly Savage By: Charles C. Mann / Christian Science Monitor
Why the red man should not be the Greens' poster boy. ....more
educationb By: Alan Nathan
education ....more
Philosophers' Empty Suits By: Sara Dogan

The intellectual case against the Academic Bill of Rights is non-existent

Academic Freedom: Horowitz v. Mattson By: David Horowitz
Professor Kevin Mattson lays out his objections to the Academic Bill of Rights. David Horowitz replies. ....more
Santa Monica High's Multicultural Fistfights By: Steve Miller
The leftist schoolboard at my alma mater has blamed whites for creating the conditions that force minority students to beat them up. ....more
Communists Against the Military By: Ben Johnson
The radical Left’s campaign to drive military recruiters out of the public schools. ....more
Victory in Pennsylvania By: David Horowitz
The Pennsylvania House passed a resolution on academic freedom based on the Academic Bill of Rights last night by a vote of 177-87. This is a turning point in the struggle for student rights. ....more

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