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Responding to a Terrorist Energy Crisis By: William W. Beach, James Jay Carafano, Ph.D., Ariel Cohen, Ph.D., David Kreutzer, Ph.D. and Karen Cam / Heritage Foundation
What if the terrorists attack Saudi Arabia, triggering a global oil shortage? ....more
The Saudi Ban of Women Competing in the Beijing Olympics By: MEMRI / MEMRI
A women's rights activist speaks out. ....more
The School of Extreme Hatred By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
Fairfax's own Saudi-funded madrassa is open for business. ....more
Saudi Arabian Airlines Cleans Up Its Act By: Daniel Pipes
How we can win religious freedom step-by-step. ....more
Destruction Through Diplomacy By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
The Saudi "peace" plan is diplomacy, Muslim-style. ....more
Saudi Charity Begins...Nowhere By: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld
CAIR blames Muslim suffering on American bias, but there are plenty of well-heeled Saudis sending oil cash to madrassas. ....more
The Swine are Christians and the Apes are Jews By: Robert Spencer
Saudi textbooks are filled with hate – but the Wahhabis alone are not to blame. ....more
The Evolving Al-Qaeda Threat By: James Phillips / Heritage Foundation
Four fronts where Osama's minions can – and must – be defeated. ....more
Hamas' Quandary with the Mullahs' Money By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
Sunni-Shi'ite tension isn't limited to Iraq. ....more
A Failure Fans the Flames By: Ben Johnson

Al Gore continues his rhetorical jihad by inciting the Saudis.

The Sino-Saudi Alliance By: Frederick W. Stakelbeck Jr.

China’s growing presence in the Middle East is a direct threat to American interests.

Georgetown Sells Out to the Saudis By: Alexander H. Joffe
Prince Alaweed bin Talal has been busy buying public opinion. ....more
Buying Fox News By: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa A. Lappen
A Saudi Prince boasts about his ability to change news reports. ....more
Why Clinton Wouldn't Call Out the Saudis By: Dick Morris
It wasn't just the presidential library it was also the '96 election. ....more
Banned from the Saudi Mall By: Omar El Okeily / Asharq Alawasat
Single Saudi males persona non grata. ....more
Fox's Saudi Prince By: Frank J Gaffney Jr.
Wahabbi power at Fox. ....more
Saudi Arabia and the WTO By: Steven Stalinsky
Should we support the Kingdom's efforts to join? ....more
Al-Qaeda and the House of Saud By: John R. Bradley / Asia Times Online
Eternal enemies or secret bedfellows? ....more
Saudis' Double-Crossing Games By: Center for Security Policy / CenterForSecurityPolicy.org
The Saudis must be forced to take sides. ....more
Must-See Saudi TV, Part II By: Steven Stalinsky
Today on Capitol Hill, MEMRI will demonstrate the hatred pumped into every home in the Kingdom every single day. ....more
Saudis Howl for Blood of Koran Desecrators By: Steven Stalinsky
...and demand the detainees at Guantanamo Bay be set free. ....more
Confronting the Saudis By: Stephen Schwartz / Weekly Standard
Courageous Senators move to hold the Wahhabist kingdom in check. ....more
Saudis Fighting the Tide By: Mai Yamani / The Daily Star
As democracy begins to sweep across the Middle East, Saudi Arabia digs in its heels. ....more
Will the Saudis Blow Up Their Own Oil Infrastructure? By: Daniel Pipes
Gerald Posner's new book says the Kingdom may have an unthinkable plan to deter invasion. ....more
A Saudi Prince vs. Wahhabism By: Aluma Dankowitz / MEMRI.org
Prince Khaled Al-Faisal calls on Saudi public and rulers to stop the hate. ....more
The Foreign Face of Iraqi Terrorism By: Stephen Schwartz / Weekly Standard
Saudi Arabia's imperialist jihad in Baghdad. ....more
The NY Times' Wahhabi Apologists By: Erick Stakelbeck
The Times portrays CAIR’S radical Wahhabis as opponents of Saudi Wahhabism. ....more
Homegrown Sleeper Cells By: Barbara Stock / MichNews.com
How Wahhabi Islamism dominates American Saudi schools. ....more
The House of Saud's Eternal Dilemma By: John R. Bradley / Asia Times
Saudi Arabia appoints a new Wahhabi education minister. ....more
Visas for Terror By: Joel Mowbray
Consular Chief Maura Harty pledged reform at the agency responsible for improperly issuing legal visas to all of the 9/11 terrorists. So what happened? ....more
A Tale of Two Media By: Joel Mowbray
Mainstream and “alternative” media see Saudis very differently. ....more
Our Hate-Monger "Ally"? By: Jeff Jacoby / Townhall.com
Saudi Arabia: Supplying terrorists with motivation for centuries. ....more
Dummies for Islam By: Robert Spencer
Saudis spread jihadist hatred in America while General Vines spreads Islamic whitewash. ....more
Saudi Terror Conference: Part IV By: Steven Stalinsky / MEMRI
Saudi religious leaders call upon Muslims to fight the U.S. in Iraq. ....more
Saudi Terror Conference, Part II By: Steven Stalinsky / Middle East Media Research Institute
As Saudi Arabia prepares for a counter-terrorism summit, media in that country promotes terror-ideology. ....more
Allah and the Tsunami By: Stephen Schwartz / Tech Central Station
The stingy Saudis say the non-Wahhabi Muslims had it coming. ....more
Terror's Royal Allies By: Stephen Schwartz / Tech Central Station
Does Bin Laden really want to overthrow the Saudis? ....more
Saudi Arabia's Terror Conference: Part I By: Steven Stalinsky
The Kingdom says: Kill all the Americans you want, just leave us alone. ....more
The Mosul Massacre, Courtesy of the Saudis By: Stephen Schwartz / NYPost.com
The deception continues. . . ....more
Our Real Muslim Allies By: Stephen Schwartz
Saudi Arabia offers fightin' words...and not much else. Meanwhile, Albania delivers. ....more
Saudi Arabia: An "Ally" We Could Do Without By: Nir Boms
Why the Saudis harbor and fund radical jihadists. ....more
The New Evil Empire? By: Stephen Schwartz / The Weekly Standard
Applying Cold War lessons to Saudi global mischief. ....more
Marching for Women's Rights -- in Saudi Arabia By: Stephen Schwartz / Weekly Standard
Last Saturday may have been the first step to securing a humane existence for the kingdom's oppressed majority. ....more
Beheading Revival By: Steven Stalinsky

In Islam, there is nothing unusual or inhumane about cutting an infidel's head off.

Saudi PR Campaign By: Nonie Darwish and Lee Kaplan
Saudi Arabia is behind a massive effort to disinfect Islam's image in the eyes of the West. ....more
Getting to Know Our Saudi Friends By: Claude Cartaginese

What a new Saudi ad campaign doesn't say.

Empty Promise By: Joel Mowbray
Saudis need us to buy their oil just as much as we need them to sell it to us. ....more
Academia's Saudi Purse Strings By: Daniel Pipes

How the Kingdom pays American thinkers to spread pro-Saudi propaganda.

Saudi Arabia's Jihad TV By: MEMRI / MEMRI.org
Rampant anti-Americanism and calls for the annihilation of Christians and Jews? Just another entertainment choice in the Kingdom of Hatred. ....more
The Saudi House of Mirrors By: Stephen Schwartz / Tech Central Station
The Saudi Matrix is disintegrating. ....more
Whose Saudi Arabia? By: Stephen Schwartz / Jerusalem Post
A country founded on the basis of Wahhabism can never be a moderate Islamic state. ....more
Saudi "Culture of Death" Indoctrination By: MEMRI / http://www.memri.org/
In Saudi schools, the "three R's" are reading, writing and rigor mortis. ....more
Why Saudis Love Osama By: Joel Mowbray

A new poll reveals widespread Saudi support for the terror master.

Qaddafi's American Hit Man? By: Daniel Pipes
Uncovering the Libyan ruler's plot to assassinate the Saudi Crown Prince. ....more

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