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Iraq in Peril By: Benny Avni / New York Post
Did the U.S. withdraw too soon? ....more
Killing Iraq's Christians By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
Baghdad's Christians are being driven to the same fate as Iraqi Jews (RIP). ....more
Mission Overlooked By: Michael Reagan
Celebrity deaths and political scandals drown out the fate of Iraq's infant democracy. ....more
Goodbye, Finally, to Iraq's Cities By: Daniel Pipes
But some Iraqis beg for the evil occupiers to stay until 2025. ....more
The Key to Successful Iraqi Withdrawal By: Dr. Walid Phares
If we take the pressure off Syria and Iran, Iraq will become a tragedy wrapped in farce. ....more
The Art of War Reporting By: David Forsmark
Dexter Filkins' The Forever War captures the personal effects of the Iraq War, on the liberated, as no other book does. ....more
Iraqi Democracy in Action By: Jacob Laksin
Iraq’s violence-free provincial elections are the latest sign of the country’s progress. ....more
Signing Their Death Warrants By: David Keene
The new arrangement in Iraq may put contractors' families in jeopardy. ....more
"Media Lied, People Died"? By: Dr. Paul Kengor
The mainstream media told the same "lies" Bush did about Iraq - before Bush did. ....more
The Toothless Lion By: Douglas Stone
The British back out of Iraq, and international greatness, with a whimper, not a roar. ....more
'Pullout' Treaty a Win for Iraq By: Amir Taheri / New York Post
...and for America. ....more
How the Party of Defeat Lost Fallujah By: Ben Johnson
A military document confirms our book’s thesis: psychological warfare had a debilitating effect on troop effectiveness and caused the most humiliating chapter of the war. ....more
The Betrayal in Iraq By: David Horowitz and Ben Johnson
Andrew Grotto of The Center for American Progress tries to refute the thesis of Party of Defeat but shows instead that the liberal case against the war is based on a lie and is indefensible. ....more
The Left's Evangelical Equivocation By: Mark D. Tooley
A minister's latest attempt to equate abortion with the Iraq War. ....more
Obama's Iraq Choice By: Amir Taheri / New York Post
The only force capable of defeating America is America itself. ....more
Did Critics of the War Go Too Far? By: David Horowitz and Ben Johnson
Jordan Smith, a Huffington Post contributor, says no. Horowitz and Johnson say yes. ....more
Wesley Clark: General Denial By: CNSNews.com
The Left's favorite enlisted man says Iraqis are "not better off than they were before" the Surge. ....more
The View from the Frontline By: Ben Johnson
John McCain wins big among America’s service men and women. ....more
Iraq's Latest Milestone By: Ralph Peters / New York Post
Iraqi lawmakers have achieved far more in the last two years than our own feckless Congress. ....more
Another Step for Iraqi Democracy By: Amir Taheri / New York Post
Iraqi political leaders demonstrate their readiness to learn the art of compromise. ....more
Strategic Disaster By: Dr. Earl Tilford
Lessons from Vietnam for 2008. ....more
Obama’s Muddle Over Iraq By: Jacob Laksin
Where does the presumptive Democratic nominee really stand on the war? ....more
The Future of Iraq By: Kimberly Kagan / The Weekly Standard
The decline of violence, the rise of politics. ....more
A One-Front Terror War? By: William R. Hawkins
If the next president can shift troops to Afghanistan now, it's because Bush is winning the war in Iraq. ....more
Obama's Bundler, Osama's Enabler By: Ben Johnson
Will Obama return the contribution of a radical who agreed Osama had a “valid argument” for 9/11 and says she is working “to undermine the war effort”? ....more
The Party of Defeat, and Self-Defeat By: David Horowitz
In this speech, David Horowitz details the Left's war against the War on Terror, and the Bush administration's refusal to explain why we're fighting it. ....more
Symposium: The Place of the Surge in the War on Terror By: FrontPage Magazine
Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, Michael Ledeen, Caroline Glick, Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu, and Lt. Col. Bill Cowan discuss winning in Iraq, terrorism's real causes, and the explosion of anti-Semitism. ....more
What Iraq Needs Next By: Amir Taheri / New York Post
The ideal time for renewing government. ....more
The Left's Fairy Tale By: Ben Johnson
How the Left's interweaving lies corrode Americans' desire to win the War on Terror. ....more
The Party of Defeat's Top Five Lies About Iraq By: Ben Johnson
An unscientific and (very) incomplete list of the many fibs the Left has employed to smear the president, hamstring the troops, and besmirch America's image around the world. ....more
John Cusack's Imaginary War Profiteers By: Steven Zak
The leftist actor's vapid new film "War, Inc." presents American contactors, like the ones roasted in Fallujah, as Robber Barons. ....more
My Career as a "Defense Department Apologist" By: Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu
Pentagon Analysts like me aren't Bush administration puppets. ....more
Haditha: No Massacre, No Cover-Up By: Ben Johnson
The latest acquittal puts the lie to the Party of Defeat's accusations. ....more
McClellan's Mythology By: Ben Johnson
An incompetent’s flight of fancy – and ill-will. ....more
A Matter of Loyalty By: Michael Reagan
Scott McClellan gets the Iraq War wrong; David Horowitz and Ben Johnson get it right. ....more
Scott McClellan: Prisoner of Conscience? By: Jaime Sneider / Weekly Standard
If the Bush White House was in "permanent campaign" mode, it was an inept campaign. ....more
Not So Fast on the Qur'an Apology.... By: Robert Spencer
Accidentally shooting a Qur'an was stupid; the way we apologized may have made matters worse. ....more
Unfriendly Fire from the Left By: Malcolm A. Kline / AIM.org
The Party of Defeat exposes the fifth column's invaluable media wing. ....more
Lessons of Iraq By: Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu
Adaptability is the name of the game. ....more
On the Road in Baghdad By: Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu
Now I'm an on-site witness. ....more
Petraeus and Crocker Meet the Real Enemy By: Michael Reagan
At least the general was always respectful to those who wanted to hand Iraq over to the terrorists. ....more
Rockefeller's Moment of Truth By: Ben Johnson
Jay Rockefeller unintentionally reveals the Party of Defeat’s view of the military. ....more
Haditha: Still a Lie By: Michael Reagan
Where do innocent Marines go to get their reputations back, Rep. Murtha? ....more
The Party of Defeat’s Haditha Lie Crumbles By: Ben Johnson
If there had been no Haditha, they would have invented it...in fact, they did. ....more
Saddam's Salesmen By: Ben Johnson
When a vicious dictator wants a fifth column of Congressmen to run interference, he knows to call the Party of Defeat. ....more
Saddam's Museum of Horror By: AFP News / AFP News
A display is due to travel across Iraq in "tribute to the thousands of martyrs." ....more
The Protesters Fizzle By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
Success shuts up the Fifth Column Left. ....more
Letting Al-Qaeda Chat Away By: Paul M. Weyrich
Who's keeping the feds from wiretapping the next 9/11 terrorists? Madam Speaker. ....more
Fatah Leader Supports Iraqi Terrorists By: Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook
Palestinian "moderates" want Americans dead, too. ....more
The New Gitmos By: Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu
U.S. forces are teaching "insurgents" reading, writing, and job skills. ....more
The Battle Over Benchmarks By: Joseph D'Hippolito
McCain and Romney clash over timetables. ....more
Forty Years of the Tet Offensive By: David Warren / Ottawa Citizen
How well has the West done in the field? ....more
America's Security Commitment to Iraq By: Michael Ledeen / House Foreign Affairs Committee
What Will Be In It? Should It Be a Treaty? ....more
America and Israel Save Innocent Civilians By: Dr. Earl Tilford
The "Collateral Damage" slander. ....more
Man of the Year: General David Petraeus By: Ben Johnson
For defeating al-Qaeda in its chosen field of battle, the annals of liberty will be kind to General Petraeus -- a brilliant but simple man who simply did his duty. ....more
An Immigrant to Embrace By: David Keene
Why is the DHS barring a pro-American Iraqi's entrance into the U.S.? ....more
Osirak Revisited By: Avraham Shmuel Lewin / The Jewish Press
Ze’ev Raz remembers leading Israel's 1981 attack on Iraq’s nuclear reactor. ....more
Bush's NIE Vindication By: William R. Hawkins
Teddy Roosevelt would have understood Bush's Iran policy. ....more
Day of Rubbish By: Ben Johnson
Pat Buchanan believes we have nothing to fear but blacks and black helicopters. ....more
The Worst Archbishop By: Mark D. Tooley
Rowan Williams of Canterbury brands America "the worst imperialist" -- and delights a Muslim magazine. ....more
It's (Past) Time for Murtha to Resign By: FrontPage Magazine
The surge is working; Jack Murtha shouldn't be. ....more
Still Begging for Defeat By: Michael Reagan
Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid's one-note policy on Iraq. ....more
Winning Iraq By: Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu
American success and media silence. ....more
Code Pink Learns from Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week’s Slanderers By: Ben Johnson
The far-leftists impersonate Blackwater USA – and the mainstream media report their hoax as fact. ....more
Turkish Ambitions in Iraq By: Daniel Pipes
Do they stem from self-defense or Ottoman irredentism? ....more
No Exit By: Dr. Earl Tilford
If we lose this war, we lose Western civilization. ....more

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