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The Myth of Prison Overcrowding By: Debra J. Saunders / The Washington Times
The Left will leap at any excuse to release prisoners. ....more
Smile; You're On Judicial Camera By: Marion Edwyn Harrison, Esq.
Televising Supreme Court confirmation hearings is bad enough; don't televise the trials. ....more
Al Gore: Nazi Fighter By: Dr. Paul Kengor
Gore's statements likening himself to Winston Churchill, and his opponents to the fascists, are nothing new. ....more
Key Questions for Sonia Sotomayor By: Deborah O'Malley and Robert Alt / Heritage Foundation
The American people deserve to know her position on the Second Amendment, felon voting, interpreting the Constitution through international law, judicial activism, and "empathy." ....more
Sotomayor's Selective Empathy By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
Ask the innocent man she left in prison for six additional years about her empathy. ....more
Hard-Left Infiltrates Legal Profession The American Constitution Society recruits and indoctrinates young lawyers. ....more
Billionaire Supports Totalitarian Energy Bill Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens stands to profit immensely from Cap & Trade, the policy that will bankrupt many. ....more
Sotomayor’s Racialist Judicial Activism By: Ben Johnson
Do the American people believe convicted felons in prison should have the right to vote, and that laws denying them this privilege are racist? Sotomayor does. ....more
Rush to Judge-ment By: Gregory Gethard
If Republicans follow Democratic precedent, Sonia Sotomayor should expect to face a drawn out confirmation process featuring detailed questions about her philosophy and record, grilling over her religious views, an investigation into her college alumni memberships, and remarks attributing her success solely to her race. ....more
Sotomayor: More than "Gender" and Ethnicity By: Marion Edwyn Harrison, Esq.
A look at the history of rejected nominations shows the judge will face more questions than who her parents were. ....more
Filling the Activist Quota By: John Perazzo
Woman? Check. Minority? Check. "Empathy"? Check. ....more
Blind Justice, RIP By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
Empathy is the opposite of equality before the law. ....more
Swing Set By: Gregory Gethard
Conservatives may soon experience the unthinkable: nostalgia for David Souter. ....more
A Methodist-Teamsters Alliance By: Mark D. Tooley
A Methodist bishop claims labor politics embody "the very purpose of Jesus' coming." ....more
Good Riddance By: FrontPage Magazine
Supreme Court Justice David Souter’s upcoming retirement will mark the end of a bad mistake. ....more
Get Ready for the Show Trials By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
Will Eric Holder pursue "war crimes" charges against the Bush administration? ....more
Language Barriers Arizonans are fighting back against an order to spend more for English language learners. ....more
Bush v. Gore, meet Franken v. Coleman A special election may be in order. ....more
Eric Holder: Supporting Terrorism Is Not Illegal? By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
The AG nominee is one of the ethical landmines awaiting Obama. ....more
Should Judges Make Immigration Policy? By: Jon Feere / Center for Immigration Studies
The next wave of judicial activism. ....more
Obama's Legal Left Brain Trust By: John Perazzo
The far-Left American Constitution Society has deep ties to the president-elect and will play a major role in transforming our country. ....more
Outlawing "Illegal" and "Aliens" By: Tom Fitton
The Arizona Supreme Court and the Hispanic Bar Association make a new threat. ....more
Rolling Back San Francisco's Sanctuary Policy By: Tom Fitton
An appellate court rules that San Francisco is not above the law. ....more
Letting Terror Go Free By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
A Clinton-appointed judge brings Islamist terrorists to the nation's capital. ....more
On the Hunt for Hillary's Health Care Records By: Tom Fitton
We cleared another hurdle to uncover the secret documents of her '94 health care task force. ....more
Obama's Earmark for Fr. Pfleger By: Tom Fitton
The candidate's relationship with the incendiary priest deepens. ....more
Free Speech Will Trump "Fairness" Censorship By: Paul M. Weyrich
How the Supreme Court may preserve the First Amendment for talk radio. ....more
Helping the Vets or Smearing the Service? By: Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu
How special courts for military veterans excuse bad behavior and belittle vets' sacrifices. ....more
Justice Kennedy: American Idle By: Ann Coulter
The Boumediene decision gives terrorists the same legal rights as R. Kelly. ....more
Judges Gone Wild By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
Who says judicial appointments don't matter? ....more
Defining the Right to Keep and Bear Arms By: Thomas A. Bowden
Whatever the Supreme Court rules in D.C. v. Heller, the Constitution is clear. ....more
The Grave Threat of the Easter Bunny By: Tom Purcell
The ACLU feels Peter Cottontail is establishing a theocracy in America's schools. ....more
Judicial Review, Not Judicial Rewrite By: Alan Nathan / Washington Times
The D.C. handgun case reminds us of the Supreme Court's role in the government. ....more
Letting Al-Qaeda Chat Away By: Paul M. Weyrich
Who's keeping the feds from wiretapping the next 9/11 terrorists? Madam Speaker. ....more
Hazelton: Immigration's New Frontline By: Tom Fitton
Why we support the city's attempts to repulse illegal immigrants. ....more
Taking the ACLU Down on Wiretapping By: Tom Fitton
Exposing a judge's conflict of interest and derailing a nuisance lawsuit. ....more
Hysterical Hypocrisy By: Alan W. Dowd
The Left's hissy fit over Bush's presidential signing statements. ....more
A Billion Dollar "Harmless" Lawsuit? By: Ted Frank
Congressional failures have created a trial lawyers bonanza. ....more
His Grandfather's Miracle By: Henry Mark Holzer
Clarence Thomas: an American hero. ....more
Mukasey and the Tea Leaves By: Henry Mark Holzer
Why the Attorney General nominee's record doesn't tell us much about what he would do as Attorney General. ....more
Why the Left Has Changed Journalism, Education, and the Courts By: Dennis Prager
One side of the political spectrum believes pushing its views tops doing its job. ....more
The Neverending Gonzalez Non-Scandal By: James H. Warner
Who oversees the overseers? ....more
Scandal, Interrupted By: Washington Times / Washington Times
Alberto Gonzalez is gone, but the Congressional investigations (and obstruction) may continue for decades. ....more
Whatever Happened to Lynne Stewart? By: Ben Johnson
Libby fried; a terror lawyer got to slide. But John Conyers has his priorities. ....more
Nappy-Headed Hoax By: Ann Coulter
When will the Durham DA tell us justice was raped by Nifong-haters? ....more
Detainee Lawyers' Constitutional Wrongs By: Alan Nathan
Losing our rights to win an argument. ....more
Free At Last By: Ben Johnson
Scooter Libby finally sees justice, and the Hypochondriac Left sniffles. ....more
A Supreme Victory Over Racism By: Bill Steigerwald
Ward Connerly sounds off on a color-blind High Court ruling. ....more
Raping a Man's Name By: Dennis Prager
How a lying woman and a race-baiting DA raped three innocent men's reputations in front of the entire world. ....more
Duke and Marmaduke By: Ann Coulter
Mike Nifong's left-wing war of envy. ....more
"American" Jihad, Courtesy of the Open Borders Lobby By: Ben Johnson
How the ACLU and People for the American Way protected the Fort Dix Six. ....more
The Duke LaCrosse Scandal: Eight Lessons By: Dennis Prager
Racism is alive and well -- and lynching white boys in America. ....more
Circumventing Legal Authority By: Alan Nathan / Washington Times

How the courts attack the American will on illegals, eminent domain, and homeland security.

Public Injustice The group Public Justice specializes in filing lawsuits against American businesses, and filing amicus briefs in support of accused terrorists. ....more
The Phoniest Scandal of the Century (So Far) By: Dick Morris
Only gutless Republicans could turn the U.S. Attorney firings into a budding constitutional crisis. ....more
What We Learned at the Libby Trial By: Byron York / The Hill

The testimony the media did not report.

Shooting Elephants in a Barrel By: Ann Coulter
It's official: it's illegal to be a Republican. ....more
Constitutional Authority to Attack Iran By: Henry Mark Holzer
Bush's promise to stop the terror state and its surrogate killers in Iraq. ....more
The Ignorant Leading the Stupid By: Alan Nathan
...when Democrats tell the media about the Constitutional power to send troops to war. ....more
The Old Centurion and His New Recruits By: David Forsmark
Joseph Wambaugh ends his ten-year silence – and inspires a generation of writers. ....more
The Legal Left's Utter B.S. Michael Ratner condemns "the excesses and utter illegalities of the United States in the so-called war on terror." ....more
F-ck the Draft By: Henry Mark Holzer

The ultimate argument against Charlie Rangel's draft bill is that it's immoral.

The Legal Lynching of Rumsfeld By: Joseph Klein
The "Center for Constitutional Rights" tries to get Rummy indicted in a German court. ....more
Conservatives to Spike the Supreme Court? By: Henry Mark Holzer
The forgotten issue of the '06 Congressional races. ....more
Kill Union Special Interests By: Cindy Omlin and Mark Mix
The Supreme Court sides with unions instead of workers. ....more
Getting Off Easy By: Ben Johnson
A Clinton-appointed judge gives terrorist-enabler Lynne Stewart a slap on the wrist and a pat on the back. ....more
The Founding Fathers' Homeland Security Policy By: William R. Hawkins / Washington Times
Whose legal opinion should we believe: Anna Diggs Taylor or Adams, Jefferson, and Madison? ....more
Terrorists Are Not POWs By: John Yoo and Glen Sulmasy / AEI.org
The Supreme Court missteps on terror. ....more
Revolving Constitutional Convention By: Michael Uhlmann / Claremont.org
The modern invention of judicial supremacy. ....more
Liberty and Justices for Al-Qaeda By: Patrick Poole
Are the unelected, appointed-for-life philosopher kings of the federal judiciary a threat to our civil liberties? ....more
Supreme Folly on Hamdan By: Joseph Klein
Gitmo's murderers: now protected by High Court decree. ....more
Geneva Convention Rights for Al-Qaeda By: Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu
What the Supreme Court's ruling means for Gitmo – and the War on Terror. ....more
Congressional Arrogance Now Constitutionally Mandated By: Michael Reagan
Reps. Pelosi, Hastert, and Jefferson claim a Divine Right not to play by the rules. ....more
Separation of Powers or a Power Grab? By: Alan Nathan / The Examiner
Can the Legislative branch really usurp the rights of the commander-in-chief on wiretapping? ....more
ADL v. Jesus By: Don Feder

The ADL turns its attention from fighting religious prejudice to creating it.

Who Is Really Oppressing the Palestinians? By: David Meir-Levi
How Muslims and Arabs sacrifice their own. ....more
Alito...Boo! By: Ann Coulter
We know why the Left was scared of Alito – but why were Republicans? ....more
Why the Left Can't Sink Alito By: Dick Morris
It's not about ideology; it's about competence. ....more
Alito: Victim of Leftist Racism By: Michael P. Tremoglie
The Left sizes up a "meatball-sucking WOP." ....more
Why the Left Really Hates Alito By: Dennis Prager
The Left thinks the courtroom is a place to screw rich white males, not enforce justice. ....more
Fork Replaces Donkey as Democratic Party Symbol By: Ann Coulter
The Alito hearings are showing just how the Left has screwed itself (and I couldn't be happier). ....more
Did America Cause Canada's Crime Spree? By: David Frum / National Post
Why not blame Uncle Sam, eh? ....more
Why Can't I Get Arrested? By: Ann Coulter
Leftists have indicted or investigated Rush Limbaugh, Tom DeLay, Ed Meese, and every other cool conservative in history. Why not me? ....more
Alito's Confirmation is Not an Election By: Orrin Hatch / TheHill.com
The roles judges and senators aren't supposed to play. ....more
Alito Nominated, Democrats Hide from Base By: Ann Coulter
A conservative Supreme Court nominee? What kind of Fitzmas gift is that? ....more
Inside the Constitution By: Bill Steigerwald
With a new Supreme Court nomination in the air, Ed Meese discusses the Supreme Law of the Land. ....more
Samuel Alito: Minority Rights Champion By: Ben Johnson
The next Borking will be directed against a friend of persecuted blacks, gays, Sunni Muslims, and Islamic women. ....more
How to Judge Alito By: Henry Mark Holzer

Bush's latest nominee may be called "Scalito," but Clarence Thomas sets the standard for judicial excellence.

Put on the Gloves, Mr. President By: Michael Reagan
The American people love a fighter – and now you must kill or be killed. ....more
"Scratch-Off" Miers By: Ann Coulter
The similarities between Miers and David Souter begin to mount. ....more
Stephen Breyer's Perpetual Constitutional Convention By: Don Feder
Welcome to the Left’s perennial illusion that reality is fluid. ....more
Who Was the 2nd Choice? By: Ann Coulter
Conservatives are interested in much more than Roe v. Wade. ....more
The Right's Irresponsible Criticism of Bush By: Michael Reagan
The Miers nomination has the Right making the Left's arguments -- and it's time to let Harriet be heard. ....more
Does This Law Degree Make My Resume Look Fat? By: Ann Coulter
A gyno-American questions whether sexism is really behind opposition to the Miers nomination. ....more
How the Left Hurts America By: Dennis Prager
Three harsh examples in just two weeks. ....more
Bias in Law and Journalism Schools: A New Study (pdf) Did you wonder why the press is so slanted and the judiciary wants to rewrite the Constitution? Wonder no more. ....more
Conservative Disinformation About Harriet Miers By: Henry Mark Holzer
Tony Blankley, Ann Coulter, William Kristol, Michelle Malkin and others discuss why they really oppose the new Supreme Court nominee. ....more
Setting Murderers Free By: Ben Johnson
The New York Times decides a "life sentence" should mean 15 years -- even for child killers. ....more

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