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Ill Winds for Climate Change Bill By: Tait Trussell
Cap-and-trade is looking like a political loser. ....more
The Fall of the Red Czar By: Gregory Gethard
Green jobs adviser Van Jones is out of a job, but still in favor with the Democratic Party. ....more
Ask Not If Global Warming is True By: Joseph Bast / The Heartland Institute
The Left doesn't want a real debate on climate change. ....more
The Perils of Going Green By: Tait Trussell
Renewable energy is not without its dangers. ....more
Save the Earth: Stop Having Babies / NewsReal Blog The environmentalist Left suggests a novel way of decreasing your "carbon legacy." ....more
Organic Failure By: Tait Trussell
Climate change zealot Henry Waxman finds his next legislative victim: America’s farmers. ....more
Climate Fixers' Hard Sell By: George F. Will / JewishWorlReview.com
Developing countries are unmoved by climate change hysteria. ....more
Senator Boxer's Race-Baiting Backfires / NewsReal Blog She tried convincing a black opponent of cap-and-trade to change his position because the NAACP disagreed with him. ....more
The Nuts and Bolts of Cap and Trade By: Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson
Only this Congress can craft legislation that destroys jobs and robs us of liberty while benefiting selected Big Businesses. ....more
Two Scientists, Two Standards By: Michelle Malkin
The New York Times frets over a scientist who is a Christian but ignores Obama's Biggest Radical, who believes in compulsory abortion and a "Planetary Regime" to control "all natural resources." ....more
Red China Won't Turn Green By: Joseph Klein
The UN exempts some of the world's fastest growing economies from environmental agreements that would cripple U.S. industry. ....more
The Cap-and-Trade Bait-and-Switch By: Nicolas Loris and Ben Lieberman / Heritage Foundation
The environmentalist bill was sold under false pretenses. ....more
Delusions of Greendeur By: Tait Trussell
The Obama administration believes Green jobs can fix our economy, take men "from jail cells to solar cells," and "heal our souls." ....more
Henry Waxman Questions Your Patriotism By: Doug Heye / The Hill
One of the top House Democrats claims those who oppose cap-and-tax legislation are "rooting against the country…against the world." ....more
End the War on Reading By: Jamie Weinstein
The Left wonders, why bother reading environmental bills you're voting for? ....more
Dragon Us Down, the Green Way By: William R. Hawkins
Nancy Pelosi backs away from her role as a leader on Chinese human rights and pushes a Green agenda that Beijing believes will smooth its rise to world hegemony. ....more
The Cap-and-Trade Charade How this "environmental" legislation would cripple the economy. ....more
Opening Pandora's Box By: Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson
Now that the EPA has declared carbon dioxide a "pollutant," how will the administration ration energy, soaring costs, and job losses? ....more
How the Left Politicizes Science By: Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson
A closer look at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). ....more
Moore Taxes Filmmaker Michael Moore says $2-per-gallon gas tax "will get people to switch to more energy saving cars." ....more
Smoot-Waxman By: E. Ralph Hostetter
Henry Waxman's environmentalist overhaul is protectionism in disguise. ....more
Environmentalist Economic Strangulation By: Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson
The OPR (Obama/Pelosi/Reid) War on Energy. ....more
The Sad CAFE By: Steven Milloy
Obama's proposed mileage standards would kill more Americans than the Iraq war. ....more
Al Gore Rakes in the Green By: Joseph D'Hippolito
As the Left stifles dissent on the environment, the former vice president seems to lie to Congress -- and reaps rich benefits from Green technology. ....more
Crisis of Convenience By: Andrew Cline
For the environmentalist Left, an economic recession is a terrible thing to waste. ....more
Remaking Evangelicals In Ted Turner's Image? By: Mark D. Tooley
Former National Association of Evangelicals lobbyist Richard Cizik says he is "creating the future" of the evangelical church, with Ted Turner's money and environmentalist talking points. ....more
Senator Defends Radical Environmental Overhaul Barbara Boxer advocates a "cap-and-trade" plan that will cause huge increases in energy prices. ....more
Save Us From "Save Our Planet" By: E. Ralph Hostetter
The science is far from settled, but the consequences of Green policy could be permanent. ....more
Cool on Global Warming, Hot on Baseball By: Bill Steigerwald
A spring chat with George F. Will. ....more
James Hansen's Political Science A NASA employee takes his Green politics too far. ....more
Sustaining Idiocy By: Mark D. Tooley
An evangelical-turned-environmentalist teams up with a former Soviet dupe to warn of an impending eco-catastrophe. ....more
Obama’s Cap-And-Trade Rip-Off By: Steven Milloy
Yet another bad idea finds its way into the administration’s budget. ....more
Obama's Biggest Radical By: Ben Johnson
Presidential Science Adviser John P. Holdren is a frequently mistaken alarmist who has endorsed world government, worldwide wealth redistribution, and compulsory abortion for American women. ....more
The Green Energy Fantasy By: Keith Lockitch
Green energy policies would hobble the economy. ....more
The Truth About Global Warming Everything you need to know about the "climate change" scare. ....more
Limousine Liberals and Nuclear Madness By: Steven Milloy / CNSNews.com
Alec Baldwin and Christie Brinkley play the politics of fear in New York State. ....more
Delay, Baby, Delay By: Ben Lieberman / Heritage Foundation
The new administration drags its feet on offshore drilling. ....more
Unstoppable Global Warming By: E. Ralph Hostetter
New evidence proves climate change is not man-made, it's not bad, and it does not occur at our discretion. ....more
Cooling to Global Warming Hysteria By: Bill Steigerwald
The American people are shrugging off the media's manufactured crisis. ....more
Gore Out of Balance By: Steven Milloy
Al Gore’s latest global warming hypothesis is the most harebrained yet. ....more
Obama’s Green Guru John Holdren advocates "redistribution of wealth," and warns that global warming "is already well beyond dangerous." ....more
Here Come the Food Police By: Tom Purcell
The British government is sending bureaucrats door-to-door, to make sure you eat your broccoli. ....more
Climate Confusion By: Steven Milloy
Global warming alarmism makes a comeback in the Obama administration. ....more
The Rule of the Green Czar By: Kathy Shaidle
Obama’s new “energy czarina” is a card-carrying socialist. ....more
Obama's Environmental Agenda: Made in China By: William R. Hawkins
How Carol Browner's environmental policy could wreck the economy and serve the interests of the world's largest Communist state. ....more
Obama's Climate Czar's Green Socialism By: Stephen Dinan / Washington Times
Will her support for an eco-socialist group that supports "global governance" sink her candidacy? ....more
Environmentally Friendly Car Crashes By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
Seattle decides the environment is more important than clearing ice from its roads. ....more
Is It Time to Raise Gasoline Taxes? One of a throng of bad economic ideas being suggested. ....more
No Time for an Oil Crackdown By: Ben Lieberman / Washington Times
Forcing changes in our gas tanks could tank the economy. ....more
The Green Left vs. Edison By: Steven Milloy / Fox News
Some environmentalists say artificial light is cutting us off from the rest of the universe. ....more
Global Warming Rope-a-Dope By: Walter Williams
How many years must the world cool before we realize it's not warming? ....more
The EPA's Most Wanted List By: Steven Milloy / CNSNews.com
The government wants you to track down "environmental fugitives." ....more
Crawling to Kyoto II By: Christopher C. Horner / Human Events
Will the Constitution's requirements be waived to ratify this job-killing treaty? ....more
Poznan's Price Tag By: Patrick Bell / Heritage Foundation
Rep. James Sensenbrenner tells us the real impact of the new UN conference on global warming. ....more
Feeding the Russian Bear By: Gregory Gethard
Germany’s nuclear disarmament is a victory for Putin’s Russia. ....more
The Global Warming Gospel By: Mark D. Tooley
The evangelical Left’s dubious new obsession. ....more
The Left's Man at Commerce By: Ben Johnson
The sad record of self-pitying Bill Richardson. ....more
The Real Cost of Global Warming By: Ben Lieberman / Heritage Foundation
Which is more dangerous: government or CFCs? ....more
Detroit Needs Drilling, Not Bailouts By: Steven Milloy / Fox News
The roots of the current crisis. ....more
The Ethanol Panacea By: Paul M. Weyrich
The EPA underwrites high grocery prices and uncertain prescriptions for the environment. ....more
Greens Pave Way to Republican Comeback By: Steven Milloy / Fox News
A path out of the political wilderness. ....more
Responding to a Terrorist Energy Crisis By: William W. Beach, James Jay Carafano, Ph.D., Ariel Cohen, Ph.D., David Kreutzer, Ph.D. and Karen Cam / Heritage Foundation
What if the terrorists attack Saudi Arabia, triggering a global oil shortage? ....more
Greens Aim to Take Us Forward to the Past By: Steven Milloy / Fox News
There's something much more important than our standard of living. ....more
Thirty Years of Warmer Temperatures Go Poof By: Lorne Gunter / National Post
...and Gore and his true believers are dealt a serious blow. ....more
Manhattan Project as Metaphor By: Ari Rabkin / The Weekly Standard
And a very misleading one. ....more
Five-Star Green Hypocrisy By: Steven Milloy / Fox News
The World Wildlife Fund should consider a new motto. ....more
Bringing Alaskan Energy To The White House Race By: Ben Lieberman / Fox News
Palin has her work cut out for her. ....more
Greens Exploit Wall Street Bailout By: Steven Milloy / Fox News
The beginning of the New (Green) Deal? ....more
Biden: Climate Change Is "Clearly Manmade" Another politician doesn't need proof, just green faith... ....more
Trial Lawyer Guru Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and his lawyer allies rake in millions by fomenting environmental panic. ....more
Activists Hit the (Plastic) Bottle Again By: Steven Milloy / Fox News
Abandoning science, once again. ....more
Pickens' Natural-Gas Nonsense By: Steven Milloy / Fox News
Hiding the costs is one way to make this alternative look good. ....more
China May Choke on Its Own Growth By: Derek Scissors / The Heritage Foundation
Industry v. environment. ....more
Powering the Nation By: Vasko Kohlmayer
How hysteria stopped nuclear energy. ....more
Debunking Democrats on Drilling By: Steven Milloy / Fox News
Why the price of gasoline fell by 38 cents in 30 days. ....more
The Real Population Bomb By: Steven Milloy / Fox News
It's been 40 years since a dire population warning. ....more
Nuclear Power Wake-Up Call By: Steven Milloy / Fox News
How greens exploit big businesses. ....more
The 21st-Century Boston Tea Party By: Pete Hoekstra and John Shadegg / The Washington Times
House Republicans refuse to back off on energy. ....more
Poisoned Profits By: Steven Milloy / Fox News
Recycling junk science. ....more
The Really Inconvenient Truths By: Janet Levy
How environmentalism became an anti-capitalist tool. ....more

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