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Demonizing Panetta’s CIA By: Ben Johnson
Should a Saddam dupe, an impeached federal judge, and the socialist wife of an ex-con be entrusted with national secrets? ....more
Pat Leahy's Terrorist Importation Plan The Vermont Democrat is "disappointed" Gitmo terrorists weren't released in the United States. ....more
Perilous Euphemisms By: Susanne M. Reyto
Relabeling Islamic terrorism puts us all at risk. ....more
Defending All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic By: John Perazzo
From trying to release photos of detainee abuse to seeking the pardons of left-wing terrorists, Rep. Jerrold Nadler consistently puts his country at risk. ....more
The Confluence of Cyber-Crime and Terrorism By: Steven P. Bucci, Ph.D / Heritage Foundation
The open door begging for hostile disruption. ....more
Stop Mirandizing Terrorists By: Washington Times Editorial / Washington Times
Al-Qaeda members are not shoplifting teenagers. ....more
The Inflation Freak-Out Begins By: Steven M. Cohen
The grim reality of delusional social-realignment programs and trillion-dollar deficits emerges. ....more
Leaking Intel for Fun and Political Advantage By: Gregory Gethard
Congressional Democrats only believe in revealing classified information if it hurts our country. ....more
President Has "More Effective" Method to Get Intel from Terrorists - What Is It? By: Dennis Prager
If waterboarding is unnecessary and ineffective, what should we use instead? ....more
Selling Insecurity By: Jacob Laksin
President Obama’s case for closing Gitmo remains as unconvincing as ever. ....more
Erratic By: Ben Johnson
Obama actually did approve releasing the detainee abuse photos, before he voted against it. ....more
Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood? By: Donald Lambro / Washington Times
Freed terrorists, if the administration has its way. ....more
Less Safe, Less Responsible By: Frank J. Gaffney Jr. / Washington Times
Janet Napolitano brings "change" to Homeland Security. ....more
More Bad Than Good By: Dr. Walid Phares
Obama's policies on Homeland Security, foreign affairs, and law and order have consisted of one step forward and two steps back. ....more
Obama's Wisely Broken Promise By: Stephen Brown
The president backtracked on his promise to end military commission trials for terrorists -- and that's a good thing. ....more
Homeland Insecurity, American Style By: John Perazzo
Janet Napolitano proves the UK is not the only nation confused about keeping its citizens safe. ....more
Reparations for Al-Qaeda? By: Mark D. Tooley
The Religious Left demands more than "the truth" from a Truth Commission. ....more
Where Have You Gone, Bill Casey? By: Dr. Paul Kengor
The nation needs a politically incorrect intelligence agency, now more than ever. ....more
Costly Shibboleths By: Ben Johnson
The hidden gems of Obama's economic plan: redistributing the wealth and creating a (literal) Nanny State. ....more
U.S. Detainees Policy Fulfills Geneva By: David Rivkin, Lee A. Casey and Charles Stimson / Heritage Foundation
U.S. detention operations compare favorably with any detention facilities in the history of warfare. ....more
Overlooking Oversight By: Washington Times Editorial / Washington Times
Barack Obama's dreadful record on fighting the War on Terror in court. ....more
Eric Holder: Supporting Terrorism Is Not Illegal? By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
The AG nominee is one of the ethical landmines awaiting Obama. ....more
Holding Terrorists Accountable By: Charles Stimson / Heritage Foundation
A lawful framework for the long war. ....more
The New Era of Irresponsibility By: Ben Johnson
Obama's executive orders dismantle our most effective anti-terrorism tools, without a clue of what to do next. ....more
Leon Panetta's Hypocrisy By: Washington Times / Washington Times
Guess who had a hand in promoting "extraordinary rendition"? ....more
Stimulating Chaos By: Michael Reagan
I want Obama to succeed, but his economic plans and CIA appointment give me little cause for hope. ....more
CAIRing for Hamas By: Joe Kaufman
The connections between the terrorist group killing Jews in Israel and the "Muslim civil rights organization." ....more
Shilling for the Ft. Dix Six By: Robert Spencer
American Muslims are convicted of jihad; American Muslim leaders are furious -- at the U.S. government. ....more
The Human Factor By: David Forsmark
A look inside the CIA's dysfunctional intelligence culture. ....more
No Left Turns on the War? By: Jacob Laksin
If its war cabinet is any guide, the Obama administration will be a disappointment to the antiwar Left. ....more
Marxist Lawyers Undermining American Security The Center for Constitutional Rights pursues an agenda that increases U.S. vulnerability to terrorism. ....more
Uncovering the Missing Border Fence By: Tom Fitton
We've filed suit to find out why it has not been built. ....more
Joe Biden's Non-Gaffe By: Michael Reagan
Obama will be tested, and he's no Jack Kennedy.... ....more
Letting Terror Go Free By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
A Clinton-appointed judge brings Islamist terrorists to the nation's capital. ....more
After Gitmo By: Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu
Why keeping the facility open may be the least worst option. ....more
"Whose Judgment Do You Trust?" By: Kathy Shaidle
Joe Biden's disastrous foreign policy gauntlet. ....more
Petrol Procrastination By: Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu
The impending national security dangers of inaction. ....more
Which Has More Islamist Terrorism, Europe or America? By: Daniel Pipes
And what factors really cause militant Islam to decline or flourish? ....more
Vacation Hate-America Camp By: Mark D. Tooley
Will your church celebrate "Torture Awareness Month"? ....more
Obama's Bundler, Osama's Enabler By: Ben Johnson
Will Obama return the contribution of a radical who agreed Osama had a “valid argument” for 9/11 and says she is working “to undermine the war effort”? ....more
Justice Kennedy: American Idle By: Ann Coulter
The Boumediene decision gives terrorists the same legal rights as R. Kelly. ....more
Scanning for Common Sense By: James Jay Carafano / The Heritage Foundation
Congressional container security mandate questioned. ....more
A Tale of Two Books By: Frank J. Gaffney Jr.
Scott McClellan's undocumented allegations vs. Douglas Feith's documented book: dare to compare. ....more
Security Gone Wild By: James Jay Carafano / Fox News
Bigger government, more problems. ....more
Homeland Security in the Next Administration By: James Jay Carafano / The Heritage Foundation
The challenges ahead. ....more
Bob Barr: He's In It to Lose It By: William R. Hawkins
Libertarian Party presidential hopeful Bob Barr's plans to lose the War on Terror and wreck our Homeland Security. ....more
Next Steps for Homeland Security By: James Jay Carafano / The Heritage Foundation
The clock is ticking - and time is running out. ....more
All Aboard By: James Jay Carafano, Diem Nguyen and Charles D. Stimson / The Heritage Foundation
Fifty states now compliant with Real ID. ....more
A Team You Can't Trust By: Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
The Clintons' last collective decision was to pardon domestic terrorists. ....more
The Border Patrol: Problems and Prognostications By: Paul M. Weyrich
The difficulties of a much larger but less skilled force on our southern border. ....more
Letting Al-Qaeda Chat Away By: Paul M. Weyrich
Who's keeping the feds from wiretapping the next 9/11 terrorists? Madam Speaker. ....more
The New Gitmos By: Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu
U.S. forces are teaching "insurgents" reading, writing, and job skills. ....more
Taking the ACLU Down on Wiretapping By: Tom Fitton
Exposing a judge's conflict of interest and derailing a nuisance lawsuit. ....more
Laboring to Hurt Homeland Security By: Paul M. Weyrich
Union regulations are a potentially serious handicap to an effective reaction to terrorism. ....more
Hitting the Snooze Alarm on Wiretapping Terrorists By: James Jay Carafano, Robert Alt, and Andrew Grossman / Heritage Foundation
Congress must stop playing politics with FISA and national security. ....more
Justice for Zacarias Moussaoui By: John Rosenthal / Policy Review
His transcripts paint the portrait of a determined enemy. ....more
Maura Harty’s Belated Exit By: Joel Mowbray
The State Department bureaucrat who made it easier for the 9-11 terrorists to get visas is set to retire. ....more
Equal Treatment for Terrorists By: William R. Hawkins / Washington Times
The moral blindness that refuses to distinguish between us and our enemies. ....more
The Other Side of the CIA Tapes By: Joseph Klein
What the mainstream media won't say. ....more
Going Easy on Espionage By: Joel Mowbray
Why is the federal government letting a CIA employee with connections to Hezbollah off with less time than a common criminal? ....more
Bush Doctrine, 2.0? By: Frank J. Gaffney Jr.
Bush repudiates Bush on North Korea, Gitmo, Palestine, and U.S. sovereignty. ....more
Intelligence Methods Matter By: Todd Gaziano and Brian W. Walsh
Fix FISA without hobbling Homeland Security. ....more
The Civilian Side of the War on Terror By: Dana R. Dillon / Hoover.org
Moving beyond purely military solutions. . . ....more
Who Will Surveil the Judges? By: Gary J. Schmitt
The loophole in FISA you could drive a dirty bomb through. ....more
Modern Copperheads By: William R. Hawkins
The Senate Left channels its worst predecessors' views of the Constitution. ....more
Saving American Lives or Terrorists' Feelings? By: Joseph Klein
Disturbing answers about how far some presidential candidates would go in interrogations. ....more
9/11 Amnesia By: Alan W. Dowd
The most dangerous thing would be to forget. ....more
Teach Arabic or Recruit Extremists? By: Daniel Pipes
What is the real agenda behind New York City's new Arab-language school? ....more
The DoJ: Subsidizing the Enemy By: Deborah Weiss
Why is the Justice Dept. paying for the annual convention of an unindicted co-conspirator in a terror trial? ....more
Shrinking Homeland Security By: Andrew Walden
The American Psychological Association threatens to revoke its members' licenses if they help U.S. interrogators "torture" terrorists. ....more
A Trying Time for CAIR By: Robert Spencer
Is the nation's most (in)famous Muslim organization working against America? ....more
Simple Lessons for the Long War By: James Jay Carafano / Heritage Foundation
Why did Congress force the release of the CIA's report on 9/11? ....more
After the 9/11 Act By: Matt A. Mayer and James Jay Carafano / The Heritage Foundation
Homeland Security grants still moving in the wrong direction. ....more
A "Humiliating" Executive Order By: Andrew Walden
President Bush insists interrogators respect the dignity of Islamist mass murderers. ....more
Gitmo Myths Dispelled By: Steven Groves and Brian Walsh / Heritage Foundation
Bringing the Left's favorite red-herring into the light of day. ....more
Detainee Lawyers' Constitutional Wrongs By: Alan Nathan
Losing our rights to win an argument. ....more
The Border Fence: So Far, Lip Service Despite a legislative mandate, the Department of Homeland Security has built just 15 miles of fence. ....more
Closing Down Gitmo? Why enemy combatants may be coming to a prison near you. ....more
Homeland Security: The Good, The Bad.... By: James Jay Carafano / Heritage Foundation

The second most important department of government deserves better.

Note to Colin Powell: Gitmo Saves Lives By: Joseph Klein

Why closing American detention centers would not improve our security.

This Is Not the Face of Terror By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
Unfortunately, the average terrorist is not elderly and inept. ....more
Massive Terrorist Plot! NYT: See Page 30 By: Ben Johnson
The New York Times has its reporting priorities. ....more
Killing for Allah at JFK By: Robert Spencer
Another jihad terror plot shows the failure of the media and American Muslim advocacy groups. ....more

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