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The Immigration Cure By: Virgil Goode
To fix health care, first fix the broken immigration system. ....more
Tearing Down State and Local Immigration Enforcement One Change at a Time By: Jena Baker McNeill and Matt A. Mayer / Heritage Foundation
The Obama administration ties the hands of local police to expel illegal immigrants. ....more
Realities and Challenges on the Border By: Matt A. Mayer / Heritage Foundation
Congress must demand the administration come up with a plan to secure points of entry, funds border patrol, and increases apprehension of illegals caught in workplace raids. ....more
Harry Reid Welcomes Illegal Aliens The powerful senator favors amnesty, knowing that it would bring his party up to 20 million new voters overnight. ....more
In Praise of Open Borders The American Friends Service Committee publishes an ode to illegal immigrants. ....more
The Other Trouble Along the Border By: Marion Edwyn Harrison, Esq.
Illegal immigration saddles the federal courts with a heavy caseload, a hefty bill, and a new threat to judicial safety. ....more
Amnesty is Not a Stimulus Plan By: Jena Baker McNeill / Heritage Foundation
Congress repackages "comprehensive immigration reform" in a new guise. ....more
Immigration Downturn By: Marion Edwyn Harrison, Esq.
The economy isn't just bad for native-born Americans. ....more
The High Cost of Illegal Immigration America's illegal alien population has become a massive breeding ground for crime and a drain on taxpayer dollars. ....more
Should Judges Control Immigration? How the third branch plans to use "plenary power" to strip you of control over your community. ....more
Multicultural Racism or Real Immigration Reform? By: Stephen Steinlight / CIS.org
Thomas Friedman has a (false) solution for the economy: flood America with immigrants. ....more
The Stimulus Spoils System By: Alyssa A. Lappen
Illegal immigrants are the latest beneficiaries of the Democrats’ patronage politics. ....more
The Stimulus: 300,000 Jobs for Illegals By: Robert Rector / Heritage Foundation
The explicit language that's lacking in the Senate Bill. ....more
Obama: Illegal Immigrant Scourge? By: Stephen Dinan and Audrey Hudson / Washington Times
Janet Napolitano pledges to deport criminal illegal aliens at last. ....more
Leaving the GOP Backing amnesty didn’t help McCain win the Latino vote. ....more
Don't Add Visa Waiver Restrictions By: Jena Baker McNeill and James Jay Carafano / Heritage Foundation
It's a security, diplomatic, and economic issue. ....more
Should Judges Make Immigration Policy? By: Jon Feere / Center for Immigration Studies
The next wave of judicial activism. ....more
Mexico's Cartel War, Year Three By: Austin Bay / Washington Times
Why certain border towns are now off-limits to American citizens. ....more
Fixing Border Security and Immigration By: Jena Baker McNeill and James Jay Carafano / Heritage Foundation
A memo to President-Elect Obama. ....more
Outlawing "Illegal" and "Aliens" By: Tom Fitton
The Arizona Supreme Court and the Hispanic Bar Association make a new threat. ....more
Rolling Back San Francisco's Sanctuary Policy By: Tom Fitton
An appellate court rules that San Francisco is not above the law. ....more
The AWOL Border Fence By: Marion Edwyn Harrison, Esq.
If we don't build it, they will come. ....more
Uncovering the Missing Border Fence By: Tom Fitton
We've filed suit to find out why it has not been built. ....more
"Surge Two" By: George W. Grayson / Center for Immigration Studies
Northward flood of Mexicans coming soon to a border near you. ....more
Arizona's Sham Immigration Initiative By: Congressman Tom Tancredo
The opponents of immigration enforcement stoop to a new low. ....more
Visa Waiver Reform Ready for Next Step By: Jena Baker McNeill and James Jay Carafano / The Heritage Foundation
Now it's in the hands of Congress. ....more
More Illegals, More Crime By: Tom Fitton
A report on sanctuary city policies from the front lines. ....more
Honesty from the Left on Hispanic Immigration By: Heather Mac Donald / City Journal
A provocative new book doesn’t flinch from delivering the bad news. ....more
If It's Fixed, Don't Break It By: Janice L. Kephart / Center for Immigration Studies
Moving forward with E-Verify. ....more
Illegal Aliens and the Mortgage Mess By: Michelle Malkin / New York Post
One villain has escaped notice. ....more
Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote By: Stanley Renshon / Center for Immigration Studies
What elections really mean. ....more
How Many Americans? By: Steven A. Camarota / Center for Immigration Studies
Do we want to be a much more densely settled country? ....more
The New Case Against Immigration By: David Forsmark
One of the year's bravest books on one of America's most contentious issues. ....more
Methodists for "Justice" By: Mark D. Tooley
Nashville illegal immigrant becomes cause célèbre. ....more
Immigration Enforcement? Yes, We Can! By: Mark Krikorian / Center for Immigration Studies
The evidence is in. ....more
Dropping the Immigration Ball By: James Jay Carafano / The Heritage Foundation
Congressional miscue could compromise federal-state cooperation. ....more
Eliminating the Illegal Alien Magnet By: Tom Fitton
Why we filed a RICO suit against employers of illegals. ....more
Score Three for Sanctuary Cities By: Tom Fitton
Why did San Francisco drop the ball with Edwin Ramos, an illegal alien and triple murderer? ....more
Homeward Bound By: Steven A. Camarota and Karen Jensenius / Center for Immigration Studies
Why illegal immigrants are running back over the border. ....more
Sealing Up the Cracks By: Marion Edwyn Harrison, Esq.
An experienced and seasoned Attorney General leads Congress to address our open borders. ....more
Defund Sanctuary Cities By: Michael Reagan
One executive order could help restore law (and sanity) to leftist-run towns that welcome illegals. ....more
Does Obama Think Immigration is a Terrorist Organization? Barack Obama tells the National Council of La Raza that "undocumented immigrants" are "terrorized by ICE immigration raids." ....more
Mexico: The Early Signs of a Failed State? By: Congressman Tom Tancredo
Mexican police are seeking asylum in America, because their own corrupt government cannot keep them safe from the drug cartels. ....more
On the Border: What Is To Be Done By: FrontPage Magazine
Tom Tancredo, Chris Burgard, Chris Simcox, and Michael Cutler discuss drugs, low-level border warfare, and a great deal more. ....more
The H1B Visa Sham By: John Miano / CIS.org
The provision for cheaper labor has no relationship to economic need. ....more
A Confusion of Tongues By: Theodore Dalrymple / City Journal
Why Britain struggles to assimilate immigrants. ....more
Man on the Move By: Ralph Peters / New York Post
Confronting the global migration crisis. ....more
Remember Those Massive Illegal Immigrant Rallies? By: Paul M. Weyrich
The smaller crowds aren't a result of greater patriotism. ....more
A Modest Proposal for Racist Reconquistas By: Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson
Want to do something daring? Try reforming Mexico. ....more
Crying Educational Doom-and-Gloom By: Norman Matloff / Center for Immigration Studies
Who are our "best and brightest?" ....more
War Blog By: FrontPage Magazine
Alan Keyes' third party run, Carter hearts Hamas, and reporters fighting for Iraqi terrorists.... ....more
More Foreigners, More Jobs? By: Paul M. Weyrich
Do we really need more foreign visa workers on the brink of a recession? ....more
The Border Patrol: Problems and Prognostications By: Paul M. Weyrich
The difficulties of a much larger but less skilled force on our southern border. ....more
Letting Al-Qaeda Chat Away By: Paul M. Weyrich
Who's keeping the feds from wiretapping the next 9/11 terrorists? Madam Speaker. ....more
U.S. Catches Record Number of Illegals More than 280,000 in fiscal year 2007. ....more
Hazelton: Immigration's New Frontline By: Tom Fitton
Why we support the city's attempts to repulse illegal immigrants. ....more
Dangerous Delays in Immigration Checks By: Paul M. Weyrich / The Washington Times
More bureaucracy will not solve the problem. ....more
An Illegal Exodus...Back to Mexico? By: Tom Fitton
Arizona is finding out that enforcing immigration law works. ....more
Dangerous Dallying By: Paul M. Weyrich
How the inefficient system of immigrant background checks allows terrorists to slip through the cracks. ....more
Broken Borders: The Local Solutions By: Marion Edwyn Harrison, Esq.
What the federal government refuses to fix, a few locales are now attempting to cure. ....more
America's Toughest Sheriff Cracks Down on Illegal Street Criminals By: Tom Fitton
Arizona's Joe Arpaio has the radical notion the law...should be enforced. ....more
Mexico's Border War, Version 2.0 By: Tom Fitton
The violent border incursions of 2007. ....more
Huckabee's Class Warfare By: Don Feder / GrassTopsUSA.com
The economic unconservative. ....more
Immigration, Mainstream Media, and the 2008 Election By: Dr. Stephen Steinlight / Center for Immigration Studies
The populist revolt against the political and financial elite’s immigration policy has succeeded beyond all expectations. ....more
The Messy Politics of Illegals By: Victor Davis Hanson / The Washington Times
For most Americans, there isn't much to debate. ....more
An Immigrant to Embrace By: David Keene
Why is the DHS barring a pro-American Iraqi's entrance into the U.S.? ....more
Bordering on Limbo By: Marion Edwyn Harrison, Esq.
The uncertain future of the Mexican Border Fence. ....more

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