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Enduring Nonsense By: Daniel Mandel
The myth that resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will lead to a Utopian Mideastern peace lives on. ....more
Muslim Persecution of Christians By: Robert Spencer
A new video shows why Christians may have no future in the Middle East. ....more
Fatah: We Do Not Recognize Israel By: Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook
Exposing the ruse that lets our tax money go to PA's kinder, gentler terrorists. ....more
Reconstructing Hamas By: P. David Hornik
Under this administration's dozing eye, Hamas is restocking its arsenal and becoming a diplomatic power. ....more
Obama, the Middle East and Islam By: Daniel Pipes
Assessing a troubling political record. ....more
Mission Accomplished? By: Dr. Earl Tilford
The folly of "deterring" Hamas. ....more
Sarkozy's Diplomacy by Delusion By: Nidra Poller
The French prime minister deserves a large part of the blame for Hamas' survival. ....more
UN Silence on Human Shields By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
Kofi Annan denounced Hamas for using human shields; so far, Ban Ki Moon hasn't. ....more
Salvation and Palestinian Propaganda By: Mark D. Tooley
U.S. Lutheran clerics visit Palestine as bishops and leave as public spokesmen. ....more
Egypt: Gaza's Second Front By: FrontPage Magazine
Cairo's foreign policy is quietly pursuing Israeli objectives. ....more
Mourn for Hamas Leaders, Not Christians By: Mark D. Tooley
That seems to be the message of one United Methodist bishop. ....more
Guess Who Cares About Dead Palestinians? Jews! By: Dennis Prager
Israel weeps over its enemies; Palestine cheers dead Jewish civilians. ....more
Operation Just and Necessary By: Dr. Earl Tilford
Want peace? Kill Hamas. ....more
CAIRing for Hamas By: Joe Kaufman
The connections between the terrorist group killing Jews in Israel and the "Muslim civil rights organization." ....more
Hate on the Home Front By: Orit T. Sklar
Pro-Hamas demonstrators in Atlanta march for the annihilation of Israel, justify anti-American terrorism, and equate Israeli Jews with Nazis. ....more
It's Our Fight By: William R. Hawkins
The stake the U.S. and India have in Israel's war on Hamas. ....more
Solving the Palestinian Problem By: Daniel Pipes
A new Arab occupation. ....more
Buchanan's Blitz By: Rabbi Aryeh Spero / Human Events
Pat predictably springs to the terrorists' defense. ....more
The Justifiable Homicide of Hamas By: Dr. Earl Tilford
Israel has every right to destroy, or be destroyed. ....more
Disproportionate Response and Moral Blindness By: FrontPage Magazine
Europe tries to broker a ceasefire between civilization and barbarism. ....more
To Gaza, With Love By: FrontPage Magazine
Israel denies Cynthia McKinney the opportunity to carry on the leftist tradition of radicals bringing supplies to terrorist strongholds. ....more
Israel Strikes Back By: P. David Hornik
Can the people who got Israel into its mess in Gaza get the country out of it? ....more
How Palestinian TV is Covering the War By: Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook
Dispatches from Hamas TV boasts of killing innocent Jews and admits Israelis target terrorists. ....more
Christian Zionists: The Real Terrorists By: Mark D. Tooley
The National Council of Churches' new pamphlet says conservative believers are the main force preventing peace in the Middle East. ....more
Bad Advice for McCain By: Moshe Dann
Is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict really a territorial dispute? ....more
The World Council of Churches and the Zionist Catastrophe By: Mark D. Tooley
The WCC establishes a week to protest the Israeli "Nakba." ....more
When 1+1 = 6+10 By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
Israel's "logic" for negotiating with Hezbollah. ....more
Israel's Staticide By: Frank J. Gaffney Jr.
Following up retreat and "peace" agreements with more land concessions is a recipe for a Jew-free Middle East. ....more
Jews Against Jewish Survival By: Joseph Klein
The new Jewish lobby "J Street" has big plans for Israel. ....more
Force: The Only Language Hezbollah Understands By: Elias Bejjani
The world needs to starting speaking to the terror group in its native tongue. ....more
Israel's Predicament at 60 By: Daniel Pipes
The threats on the horizon. ....more
A Two-State Non-Solution By: Moshe Dann
Egypt and Jordan could help solve the Palestinian plight; the "right of return" cannot. ....more
Divestment: Coming to a Denomination Near You By: Dr. Earl Tilford
The Religious Left is ready for another long, hot summer. ....more
A Tale of Two Peoples By: Dennis Prager
Why do Palestinians get much more attention than Tibetans? ....more
Letting Al-Qaeda Chat Away By: Paul M. Weyrich
Who's keeping the feds from wiretapping the next 9/11 terrorists? Madam Speaker. ....more
Paralyzed by Fear By: Edward Bernard Glick / Washington Times
Israel fears world opinion more than terrorists' shelling. ....more
This is Restraint, Secretary-General By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
Contrary to what the head of the UN thinks, if Israel were really merciless it would fight like the Palestinians. ....more
The Siege of Sderot By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
Is Israel waiting for a catastrophe before hitting back against Hamas? ....more
World Council of Churches Faults Israel By: Mark D. Tooley
...and turns a blind eye to Hamas firing rockets into Israeli population centers. ....more
Give Gaza to Egypt By: Daniel Pipes
It may be in the best interests of Egyptians, Palestinians, Israelis, and Americans. ....more
Bush's Faith-Based Middle Eastern Policy By: Jacob Laksin
It takes great faith to believe anything will be accomplished. Count us among the doubters. ....more
Funding the Palestinians By: Daniel Pipes
Aid to the PA and the deaths of innocents have a direct correlation. ....more
Sderot Abandoned By: Myles Kantor
Israel has "disengaged" from Gaza, but has Gaza disengaged from Israel? ....more
Islamization on the Chesapeake By: Rabbi Aryeh Spero
Condi Rice's ridiculous behavior at Annapolis. ....more
Two Palestines By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
Is Israel supposed to make peace with the Fatah or the Hamas version? ....more
Peace and Pieces By: Joseph Puder
What Annapolis was really all about. ....more
The Pre-Game Show By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
Annapolis was the prelude to the real squeeze. ....more
The Palestinians' Final Solution For Israel By: Joseph Klein
Where Annapolis meets Munich. ....more
Bush Doctrine, 2.0? By: Frank J. Gaffney Jr.
Bush repudiates Bush on North Korea, Gitmo, Palestine, and U.S. sovereignty. ....more
Trashing Jewish Holy Sites By: Steve Feldman
The shameful Palestinian treatment of the Temple Mount. ....more
Hey Kids: Kill Jews and Bring the Resurrection By: Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook
Palestinian TV believes the children are our future.... ....more
Sojourners for Hamas By: Mark D. Tooley
Jim Wallis's "Religious Left" journal says America, the West, and Israel is responsible for Muslim terrorism. ....more
Become an Instant Middle East Expert! By: Barry Rubin
A career counselor's advice to those looking for an affluent life without having to know anything. ....more
Carter Hearts Hamas By: Ben Johnson
At last, a former U.S. president endorses genocidal terrorists. ....more
The Threat to Lebanon By: Dr. Joseph Hitti
Does Hezbollah have a new strategy? ....more
The Soviets' Six-Day War By: Daniel Pipes
How the USSR lured the Mideast into war for its own objectives. ....more
Egypt's Missile Policies By: Jeffrey Azarva / Middle East Quarterly
A review of Nasser and the Missile Age in the Middle East. ....more
Separation of Church (Not Mosque) and State By: Dr. Joseph Hitti
Gen. Michel Aoun tells Lebanon's Maronite bishops to shut up. ....more
The Lebanon Front By: Dr. Walid Phares
A Syrian-Iranian backed al-Qaeda group attacks the Land of Cedars. ....more
Lebanon Fights Al-Qaeda By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
Our allies need the support of their freedom-loving friends. ....more
Preparing a "Major Cemetery for the Zionists" The PA's Hamas shows its peace-loving ways again. ....more
Making a Deal with the Devil By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
Should Israel negotiate for the release of Gilad Shalit? ....more
Israel's Traitor By: David Bedein

Meet Amzi Bishara, the Arab Knesset member who supports Hezbollah.

How Not to Deal with Terrorists By: John Bolton
A speech given at an exclusive retreat with David Horowitz in Santa Barbara, CA. ....more
The Nancy Pelosi School of Freelance Diplomacy By: Don Feder / GrassTopsUSA.com
The road to sabotage runs through my office. ....more
Destruction Through Diplomacy By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
The Saudi "peace" plan is diplomacy, Muslim-style. ....more
The Saudi Surrender Plan By: P. David Hornik
A blueprint for Israel’s demise wins praise in the West. ....more
Convoluted and Contradictory By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
America's foreign policy toward the Palestinians can be explained in two words. ....more
Freedom Stagnation By: Alejandro Chafuen / Washington Times
Freedom House coins a new term for these troubled times. ....more
Come to Your Senses About Iraq By: Senator Joseph Lieberman / Lieberman.Senate.Gov
"There is something profoundly wrong when opposition to the war in Iraq seems to inspire greater passion than opposition to Islamist extremism." ....more
The Coming War with Islam By: Solly Ganor
Is it unavoidable? ....more
Ronald Reagan's Lessons for Bush, Pt. 4 By: Paul Kengor
Searching for "Solidarity" in the Middle East. ....more
Hezbollah: Iran's Proxy in Lebanon By: Elias Bejjani
A nation is under seige by the forces of terror. ....more
Saving Lebanon By: Joseph Puder
80 years of democracy and pluralism cannot be thrown away. ....more
Egypt: Not Such a Peace Partner By: Joseph Puder

Why Israel should be wary.

Gerald Ford: Kissinger's Acolyte By: Jason Maoz
Ford's presidency was a breath of fresh air; his Middle Eastern policy was anything but. ....more
The Lamest Excuse By: David Horowitz
Why Palestinians (and "progressives") can blame themselves for the murders in Gaza.  ....more
If You're Going to Boycott Israel, Do It Right By: Barry Shaw / The Daily Sport
Here are a few more items you'll need to give up. ....more
Jimmy Carter and the Arab Lobby By: Jacob Laksin

And yes, that includes the Bin Laden family.

Palestine: Peace, Not Prejudice By: Joseph Puder
Jimmy Carter's inane ramblings and irrelevant foreign policy legacy. ....more
Female Terrorists Are Still Terrorists By: FrontPage Magazine
...And should be shot on sight. ....more
Hatred, Not Analysis By: Jacob Laksin
Former aides and experts expose Jimmy Carter's new anti-Israeli fiction. ....more
Shilling for Terrorists The ICAHD says Israel's "apartheid regime" seeks "to break the will of the Palestinian people." ....more
Gathering Storm in Lebanon By: P. David Hornik
The Shi'ite crescent is decimating the Land of Cedars. ....more

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