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Sacrifice at the Shrine of Trade By: Scott Johnson
The forgotten plight of Christians under Vietnamese Communist rule. ....more
The Changing of the Workforce Guard By: Bill Costello
The culture is changing - faster than anyone suspects. ....more
Furthering the U.N.'s Leftist Agenda By: Steven Groves / The Heritage Foundation
How an unaccountable and undemocratic international committee comes to throw the first stone. ....more
Jeremiah Wright: "Prophet"? By: Dennis Prager
Calling a hatemonger a prophet is an insult to Isaiah and the gang. ....more
Obama’s Ascendancy and the Myth of "Racist" America By: John Perazzo
The Democratic presidential hopeful’s rising star shows how minimal is the influence of white bigotry in America. ....more
Day of Rubbish By: Ben Johnson
Pat Buchanan believes we have nothing to fear but blacks and black helicopters. ....more
My Grandfather’s Son: A Memoir By: David Forsmark
Clarence Thomas defies all stereotypes. ....more
Sharpton Wants Dems to Discuss Hate Crimes “Hate crimes and racism and Jena never came up one time” in the recent Democratic debates, Sharpton complains. ....more
Standing Up for the "Jena Six" The ACLU laments the "double standard for whites and blacks," and black youngsters' "school-to-prison pipeline." ....more
In the Heart of Freedom, in Chains By: Myron Magnet / City Journal
Elite hypocrisy, gangsta culture, and failure in black America. ....more
Uncertain Times for NAACP The famed civil rights group says it will cut its national staff by 40 percent and close 7 regional offices. ....more
Civil Rights Leaders for Israel's Elimination The Arab American Action Network refers to Israel's 1948 creation as "The Catastrophe." ....more
The Supreme Court vs. the U.S. Constitution By: Matthew Woessner
Why the Hamden decision endangers the very foundation of our nation. ....more
Proud Evil (Part 1) By: Myles Kantor
Remembering the totalitarian malice of East Germany. ....more
Founding Fathers of the Legal Left The ACLU's Marxist founders and revolutionary ideals. ....more
Human Rights Watch vs. Human Rights By: Joshua Muravchik / The Weekly Standard
The cynical manipulation of a worthy cause has a history. ....more
Middle East Minorities Unite! By: Joseph Puder

The truth about religious persecution in the 'Cradle of Civilization.'

The Animal Liberation Front's Campaign of Terror By: Frankie L. Trull
A UCLA professor abandons his research amid threats and actions taken against his family, friends and colleagues. ....more
The New Roman Lions By: Daveed Gartenstein-Ross
Apostasy laws don’t just threaten men like Abdul Rahman. ....more
Commemorating King at Duke By: Steve Miller
With the President of Duke and the Mayor of Durham presiding, Duke University perverts King's Holiday into the celebration of an America-hating black racist. ....more
Castro's Library Pass, Part IV By: Walter Skold

Fidel's gang of five.

Castro's Library Pass (Part III) By: Walter Skold

A tyrant's loyal librarians.

Castro's Library Pass (Part II) By: Walter Skold

Are some burned books more equal than others?

Yemen's War on Words By: Jane Novak
Journalists battle for truth in an age of terror. ....more
Hatefest in Atlanta By: Michael Reagan
When leftists turn a civil rights march into a Bush-bashing attack. ....more
Laureate Condemns Hanging of Iranian Boys By: Ali Akbar Dareini / Associated Press

The Mullahs publicly execute two teens for being gay.

Standing with Ganji By: New York Sun / New York Sun Editorial
America stands with the heroic Iranian political prisoner. ....more
Selling Out Civility in the Middle East By: Gerald Adler
Even the UN Commission on Human Rights can be bought off at the right price. ....more
The Emperor's New Robes By: Ann Coulter

Our infallible, divine ruler is a county judge in Florida named George Greer.

The Smear Campaigns of People for the American Way This "civil rights" group's propaganda targets those who oppose its intensely partisan leftwing political agenda. ....more
What Is The Southern Poverty Law Center? Though nominally a civil rights group, the leftwing SPLC is in fact dedicated to smearing its political adversaries by hurling reckless accusations of racism at them. ....more
Guantanamo Human Rights Commission: Defending America's Enemies These "human rights" guardians publicly lament the plight of captured enemy combatants in the War on Terror. ....more
Who Is Jesse Jackson? The longtime civil rights icon has built a career on a foundation of deception. ....more
Preferring Suicide Over Forced Marriage By: ABCNews.com / ABC News

Brutalized into wedlock by tribal Islam, Afghan girls are dousing themselves with kerosene and setting themselves on fire.

The Mullahs' Killing Fields By: Donna M. Hughes
Twenty-five years of Iran's revolutionary terror. ....more
The ACLU Saves the Boy Scouts from God By: Cinnamon Stillwell and Lee Kaplan
How the Department of Defense has allowed the secular left to infringe upon the religious rights of millions of American children. ....more
The Center for Constitutional Rights Has Germany Investigate America By: Stephen Brown
Leftist American Legal Organization lodges legal complaint with German prosecutor’s office. ....more
Rumsfeld Urged to 'Defend' Scouts Movement By: Rowan Scarborough / The Washington Times
Lobbyists ask the Eagle Scout to have their back. ....more
Judicial Juggernaut By: Kimberly Schuld
The fissures within one anti-Bush "Civil Rights" group shows how conservatives can advance the President's judicial nominees. ....more
Does Racial Profiling Exist? By: Michael Tremoglie
The leftists can't prove it. ....more
Dr. King's Most Embarrasing Moment By: David Horowitz
Martin Luther King did attack America's military power in 1967. But it is a moment we should want to forget rather than remember. ....more
I Have a Dream By: Martin Luther King Jr.

On this Martin Luther King Day, which coincides with the 40th anniversary year since the famous march on Washington, Frontpage commemorates both by posting King's famous speech, delivered on the steps at the Lincoln Memorial .

American Taliban II By: Henry Mark Holzer

In Hamdi v. Rumsfeld the good guys win, again.

The Big Lie Before the Supreme Court By: David Horowitz
The University of Michigan case before Supreme Court is about the most dangerous race movement in America today. ....more
Conservatives Can Be Proud of Their Civil Rights Record By: John Fonte / National Review
Get your history right.  ....more
Sodomy, “Privacy,” and Federalism By: Henry Mark Holzer

If the Supreme Court invalidates the Texas Homosexual Conduct Law, it will be morally right, but how about constitutionally?

CBS Could Show Augusta How to Really Discriminate By: Ann Coulter
If you think a golf club's "no girls" policy is discrimination, then take a look at what is happening at CBS. ....more
What's Wrong With Human Rights? By: Jim Kalb
The UN idea of human rights is a Trojan Horse for the socialist left. ....more
A Green Light to Spy on Americans? Nonsense. Don’t believe the mainstream press’s hype about the latest court decision on intelligence sharing. ....more
Message to Harry: Respect African-Americans Who Love Their Country Or Leave It. By: David Horowitz
Everybody has heard by now about Harry Belafonte’s attack on Secretary of State Colin Powell whom he compared to a slave currying favor with his master. ....more
Inglewood's Black Police Chief The problem in Inglewood isn't white racism or rogue cops. ....more
Life at the Margins Nicholas Markowitz, 15, was kidnapped in a Los Angeles suburb, held for several days, and then murdered. The de facto absence of a death penalty in California led to the decision to murder the teenager. ....more
Taking the Pledge By: Larry Elder
Instead of fighting to retain God in government schools, why not battle to remove government from education? That is the real outrage. ....more
The NAACP's Decline and Fall

The disgrace of a once noble organization.

bell hooks and the Politics of Hate By: Jamie Glazov
THE HATE-MONGER bell hooks is back on the national scene. The radical sociologist professor just recently engaged in one of her gutter hate diatribes in a commencement address at Southwestern University, a liberal arts college in Georgetown, Texas. ....more
Reconsidering Black Anti-Semitism By: Larry Elder

Americans blacks are three to four times more likely than any other group to espouse anti-Semitic views, despite the fact that American Jews have been pretty good to American blacks over the years. 

‘Foul’? Or, Just ‘Good Coaching’? By: Larry Elder

Women claim they're being edged out of collegiate coaching jobs by men.  Still, an all-female board names the pairings for the N.C.A.A. tournament to favor female-coached teams and nobody seems to notice.   


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