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Lord Acton's Law, the GOP Version By: David Keene / The Hill
Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson have much different ideas on federal power. ....more
Memo to John Edwards: Jesus Was Not a Leftist By: Dennis Prager

Is it really a good idea to "turn the other cheek" to al-Qaeda?

Who Really Cares? By: Jamie Glazov
Author Arthur C. Brooks reveals the truth about compassionate Conservatism. ....more
Republicans Lose -- When They Deserve To By: Michael Reagan
One party of big-spenders got beaten by another. ....more
Feeding the Hand that Bites Him By: Ben Johnson
President Bush appeases the NAACP. ....more
A Taste of Left-Wing "Civility" By: Don Feder / GrassTopsUSA.com
Lectures on decorum from the "Bush is a Nazi" crowd. ....more
"Godless" Causes Liberals to Pray...for a Bookburning By: Ann Coulter
If you're upset about what I said about the Witches of East Brunswick, try turning the page. ....more
The "God Hates Fags" Left By: Mark D. Tooley
America's foremost anti-gay hatemonger is also a pro-Castro, pro-Saddam Democrat. ....more
Welcoming Wal-Mart By: Edwin A. Locke
Leftist activists punish capitalists for being too attentive and competent. ....more
Capitalism: The Cure for Africa By: Andrew Bernstein
Why trade, not aid, is the answer. ....more
Grabbing the Third Rail By: Michael Reagan
Why we must reform Social Security...and why the Left doesn't want you to touch it. ....more
America, the Great Santa By: Ben Johnson
America's support for Sunday's tsunami victims should remind us how twisted the Hate America Left's view of this country really is. ....more
Useful Idiots By: Robert Locke

The conservative movement is threatened by two things. First, the Left. Second, itself.

A Lot to Learn We think the world has changed since 9/11. But little has. Including us. ....more
While Clinton Slept Dick Cheney gives the Democrats a poke on 9/11 ....more
What Bush Should Say By: Chris Weinkopf
The speech we hope the president will soon give. ....more
Our National Neighborhood By: Tammy Bruce
Why the Left really hates TIPS. ....more
The Axis of Appeasement The State Department "breaks ranks" with the president. ....more
Quantifying Immigration Reduction By: Robert Locke

Immigration needs to be cut. The question is how much?

Judging TIPS by its Enemies By: Michael Tremoglie

Anything that drives the left this batty can't be all bad.

Beware the Neocons By: David Harsanyi
The punditocracy has a new target in its sights. ....more
Who Will Save Iraq? Not the bishops nor the Left, who seem to have forgotten the real victims of Saddam's regime. ....more
The Case Against Conservative Pessimism By: Robert Locke
The future will be what we make it. ....more
A Liberal Gets it Right There are probably not many subjects on which I would agree with George W. Bush or Donald Rumsfeld... but they come closer to the truth than European intellectuals. ....more
Ashcroft: Good Intentions on a Bad Road Conservatives liked him before Sept. 11 and most like him still, but they are wary of what his department has done. ....more
Oust Saddam First, Then Pursue Peace Saddam Hussein is the backbone of the terrorist front. ....more
Why Blacks Don’t Need Leaders The civil rights movement won years ago. All that's left is a hustle. ....more
Parents of Kidnapped Children Say No to Prospective State Department Nominee By: Deroy Murdock

Who does the Department of State think it's representing, anyway?

Visa Express Official Finally Pays By: Deroy Murdock
At last, a head has rolled. ....more
North Korean Gulag Eyewitness report. ....more
Radical Environmentalists Cut Army Down To Size By: Jane Chastain
The army has been ordered to protect trees, not us. ....more
Egyptian Militants Express Regret 'Islam never condones evil,' say plotters against Sadat ....more
Greece: The Cradle of Conservatism By: Richard Poe
Since arriving in Greece, I have thought a great deal about what it means to be conservative. Greece is one of the most profoundly conservative societies on earth. I am not talking about politics. Real conservatism is a matter of the heart. ....more
The Good Guys Won, Anyhow By: Henry Mark Holzer
Taliban John should have been tried for treason. He wasn't. Given the case the government brought against him, it wasn't such a bad result. ....more
'Wahhabi Lobby' Takes the Offensive The Saudis are outspending the former Soviet Union in their worldwide influence operations, and much of that money has been spent in the United States. ....more
Rude Awakenings The War on campus. ....more
The Open-Borders Conspiracy By: Robert Locke

America’s border problems are no accident.

The Facts About Bush and Harken The President’s story holds up under scrutiny. ....more
Making Interior Enforcement Work Tolerating Illegal Immigration Facilitates Terrorism. ....more
5,000 in U.S. Suspected of Ties to Al Qaeda Bill Gertz's report gives new meaning to Homeland Security ....more
Look Who's Talking About Ethics Now By: Michael Tremoglie
The liberals who gave America  Monica and Marc Rich are now calling the kettle black. ....more
Poll on Bush's Speech Americans skeptical of need for new regulations, and half say Bush is more interested in corporate well-being than in ordinary people ....more
Social Security's Raw Deal for Blacks By: National Center for Policy Analysis
Blacks average nearly $21,000 less than whites in lifetime Social Security benefits. ....more
Terrorist in LA Hesham Mohamed Hadayat, the LA Terror Assailant, met Dr. Ayman Zuwahri, the Jihad Islami chief who is Osama bin Laden’s deputy, twice in California – once in 1995 and again in 1998.
A Hero’s Story Rocky Versace would have become an official senior citizen on Tuesday — if the Viet Cong hadn't murdered him in 1965, at the age of 28. On Monday, Versace will receive the Medal of Honor at a White House ceremony. ....more
Arabs at the Crossroads

It's not only the Palestinians who need radical reform of their governance — it's most of the Arab world.

After 226 Years, an Independence Day Like No Other

Even if you believe, as I do, that the birth of the United States was the single best thing that ever happened to the human race, it is easy, in the procession of years, to become blasé about Independence Day. But it will not be an ordinary Fourth of July. It will be like none before.

Disturbing Holiday Thoughts By: David Horowitz
Two troubling incidents – the shooting at LAX and the leak of an alleged U.S. plan to attack Iraq – provoke some disturbing thoughts. ....more
American Mujahid Describes Terror Fight Aqil Collins, an American Muslim freedom fighter who fought in Chechnya, Bosnia and Kosovo, says he volunteered to infiltrate bin Laden's camp. ....more
Our Enemies, the Saudis The time has arrived to reconsider our relations with Saudi Arabia. ....more
Egyptian Government Daily Al-Akhbar Responds to Bush's Address 'No One Will Support America if the Events of Sept 11 Recur!' ....more
'Become a Muslim Warrior' "Become a Muslim warrior during the crusades or during an ancient jihad." Thus read the instructions for seventh graders. ....more
Does Poverty Cause Terrorism? There is no doubt that terrorism is a scourge of the contemporary world. What is less clear, however, is whether poverty and low education are root causes of terrorism. ....more
State Department Outrage: The Firing Of Stephen Schwartz By: Ronald Radosh

A small outrage has taken place in the realm of the Department of State. Stephen Schwartz, one of the most prominent commentators on the war against terrorism, and particularly on the role of the Saudis, has been dismissed from his post as an editorial writer at The Voice of America.

Fatah Calls For Attacks on US, Zionist Targets Groups affiliated with Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement yesterday called upon all Palestinian organizations, including the Islamic movements, to attack Zionist and American targets everywhere in response to US efforts "to remove the legitimate leadership of the Palestinian people." ....more
Saudi Defense Minister: Yarmulke-Wearing Congressmen to Blame for Media Attacks on Saudi Arabia The London-based Saudi daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat reported that when asked about U.S. criticism of Saudi Arabia, Prince Sultan bin Abd Al-Aziz said, "It is enough to see a number of congressmen wearing Jewish yarmulkes to explain the allegations against us."( ....more
The Cold War and the War Against Terror. Four experts on Communist totalitarianism -- Vladimir Bukovsky, Daniel Pipes, Paul Hollander, and Michael Ledeen -- compare the threat of radical Islam to that of the Soviet empire. ....more
Taking Back the Market . . . By Force Could it be that a lack of decisive follow-through in the global war on terrorism is the single biggest problem facing the stock market and the nation today? I believe it is. ....more
Powell Blasts Gore on Bin Laden-Gate Scandal Secretary of State Colin Powell blasted the Clinton-Gore administration for not accepting a Sudanese deal for Osama bin Laden's extradition. ....more
Feds Sweep Malls for Terror Funding Links Federal agents conducted sweeps of shopping malls around the country this week and questioned more than 60 people in a search for possible sources for terrorism funding, officials said Thursday. ....more
Al Qaeda Network Operating In U.S. U.S. officials have collected intelligence that appears to confirm what they have feared most since 9/11 — that al Qaeda is still active in the United States. Officials tell CBS News that accused American al Qaeda member Jose Padilla was apparently expecting help from such a network when he returned here last month on a target scouting mission. ....more
'Tide Turning Against Zionist Jews' The immigrant community in North Carolina has taken a proactive role in devising a program to respond to the daily attacks on Islam which the media are carrying out. The Islamic Center of the Triad in Greensboro is sympathetic to the plight of Muslim immigrants and wants non-Muslims to understand the plight of the Palestinian people who are constantly under Israeli occupation and attack. Imam Badi Ali has built a good relationship with the local media and works around the clock to respond to news coming out of the middle east. With his help, the local community has issued a BOYCOTT LIST of businesses which help Israel in its aggression. ....more
Is Bureaucracy Stalling Armed-Pilot Legislation? Some suggest Magaw opposes guns in cockpits due to competition with new air-marshal program ....more
Feds Deny Asking ISPs to Watch E-mails It may sound like a plot device for a futuristic movie, but the federal government may not be far from forcing Internet service providers to keep copies of all e-mail exchanges in the interest of homeland security. ....more
Judge: Muslim Woman Can Challenge Ban on Veil in License Photo A judge ruled Thursday that Muslim woman can pursue her legal fight to wear a veil for a driver's license photo, despite objections from the state that it jeopardizes public safety. ....more
FBI Scrutinizes Experts in Anthrax and Bioterrorism The FBI is looking closely at 20 to 30 scientists in its investigation of last fall's deadly anthrax attacks, including the biodefense researcher who allowed agents to search his home this week, a U.S. official said Thursday. ....more
Under G*d By: Lowell Ponte

What in the devil possessed those judges on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco? Two members of its three-judge panel on Wednesday ruled that because America’s Pledge of Allegiance contains the words "under God," it violates the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment prohibition against government making any law respecting an "Establishment of Religion."

US FBI-Raj Knocks on Indian-American Door The American post-September 11 FBI-raj finally came knocking at Indian-American doors earlier this month, just as some community activists had warned could happen. ....more
Pre-emptive Expulsion Two men who work in New York for Iran's mission to the United Nations are being expelled from the United States, ABCNEWS has learned. ....more
Confessions of a Green Conservative By: J.P. Zmirak

For centuries, conservatives--not leftists--were the ones who sought to protect the environment, restrain the force of industry, and the technological power of man to remake the world in his own image. 

Baby Boom 2002 By: Chris Weinkopf
Doctors in New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and elsewhere all report a sudden spike in the number of children being born, starting in June, roughly nine months after the Sept. 11 attacks. This is good news not just for obstetricians and the diaper industry, but for the nation as a whole. It suggests a reordered sense of priorities, with a greater emphasis on the things that matter most. ....more
Words and Patriotism By: Tammy Bruce

Editor's note: We are proud to announce the addition of Tammy Bruce as a regular columnist for Frontpagemagazine. Tammy is the author of The New Thought Police and a courageous and articulate new voice in the nation's culture wars.

Know The Enemy (And What He Believes) By: David Horowitz
Who is the enemy that has struck us and who threatens our destruction? Officially he has been defined in terms that invoke "terror" and "evil," that are generic and that really describe the means by which he has chosen to fight the war, and not why he is fighting or how we have become his enemy. They do not tell us who he is. This failure to name our enemy is already a source of great weakness in erecting our defenses. ....more
A Light Unto the Reindeers As a political conservative and a Jew, I have a new, if unlikely post-9/11 role model: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. ....more
BIN LADEN'S JULY 4 TERROR BROADCAST Osama bin Laden is to give another televised address to the world. ....more
Saudis Rule on al-Qaeda Questioning Saudi Arabia will not allow outside investigators to question al-Qaida suspects who tried to shoot down a U.S. military plane, according to a government-controlled newspaper report Wednesday, a day after the kingdom announced its first such arrests since Sept. 11. ....more
How to Stop Suicide Bombers One sure way to stop the suicide bombers in Israel is to hold the parents responsible for their child's crime. ....more

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