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Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court? By: John Perazzo
She’s known the President for years -- and she shares a number of his core beliefs. ....more
Commerce Nominee Fueled by Chinagate? By: Tom Fitton
Bill Clinton wasn't the only politician to receive money from dubious sources in 1996. ....more
Obama Takes Ownership of the Clinton Scandals By: Tom Fitton
Hillary Clinton gets a new perch to perpetrate her ethical outrages. ....more
Barack's "Tragic" Emphasis By: Ben Johnson
Is Obama obsessed with American “evil”? ....more
End Federal Funding of Carter Center? Michigan congressman Joe Knollenberg seeks to do just that, in response to Mr. Carter's current meeting with Hamas leaders. ....more
Letting Al-Qaeda Chat Away By: Paul M. Weyrich
Who's keeping the feds from wiretapping the next 9/11 terrorists? Madam Speaker. ....more
Hillary's Health Care Cabal By: Tom Fitton
What we found in the 13,000 pages of materials she released following our lawsuit will shock you. ....more
Clinton Wants to Release His Records -- Honest! By: Tom Fitton
Slick Willie lies and denies in his C-SPAN interview ....more
The CIA Proves Clinton's Dereliction of Duty By: Tom Fitton
A new report shows he looked the other way while bin Laden prepared to attack. ....more
Letters from the (Kosovo) Front By: Julia Gorin
A land in confusion. ....more
The Clintons: Tough-As-Nails on Perjury? By: Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
It's bad form to criticize a president for pardoning a man for a crime you have committed. ....more
Pardon Me But.... By: Michael Reagan
Hillary Clinton protesteth too much. ....more
Balkan Muslim Gratitude By: Julia Gorin

The Ft. Dix plot and the "allies" we supported in Kosovo are one and the same.

The Clinton Crack-Up By: Bill Steigerwald
R. Emmett Tyrrell tells you what every reporter knows about what Bill Clinton has been up to since 2001 but wouldn't tell you. ....more
Hillary: Bill Will Be My Ambassador to the World Ready for co-presidency Part II? ....more
How Clinton Decimated the Military By: Michael Reagan

Eight years of retreat came home to roost.

Firing at Bush Again By: Media Research Center
Clinton fired 93 U.S. attorneys; Bush fired 8. Guess which one made headlines? ....more
What Hillary Didn't Do By: Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
Falling back on her husband's domestic-policy record. ....more
Brother Carter and Brother Clinton's Baptist Revival By: Mark D. Tooley
Jimmy and Slick Willie kick off a new, "inclusive" Baptist organization...just in time for the 2008 race. ....more
Worse than Watergate -- But Invisible in the Media By: Alan Nathan
Sandy Burglar's destruction of sensitive documents is far worse than stealing campaign documents...unless you work in the Fourth Estate. ....more
Clinton's New Glow Job By: Ann Coulter
Forget North Korean nukes -- Mark Foley's the real threat! ....more
What Chris Wallace Should Have Asked Bill By: Julia Gorin
"Mr. President, why did you aid Muslim terrorists in the Balkans?" ....more
The Looming Tower By: David Forsmark

A liberal exposes Bill Clinton's malfeasance and non-feasance before 9/11.

Missionaries and Mercenaries By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
The face of terror is changing. ....more
All the Films that are Fit to Censor By: Jason Maoz / JewishPress.com
New York Times hypocrites and "The Path to 9/11." ....more
If Only Bin Laden Had a Stained Blue Dress By: Ann Coulter
Impeachment didn't distract Clinton from the war on terror; it was the only reason he fought it. ....more
Finishing What Clinton Left Undone By: Dick Morris
Israel had the chance to take out Hezbollah in the '90s, but.... ....more
Appeasement By Any Other Name By: Ben Johnson
Why President Bush's Iran policy could see us supply genocidal mullahs with a nuclear reactor, subsidize terrorism, contribute to Iraqi jihadists, and encourage WMD proliferation...if it's successful.  ....more
Just Say Yes This is the twenty-eighth issue of Heterodoxy, the celebrated journal edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, which FrontPage Magazine will re-publish in its entirety over the next two years. All the issues will be archived on DiscoverTheNetworks.org. ....more
The Red and the Black This is the twenty-sixth issue of Heterodoxy, the celebrated journal edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, which FrontPage Magazine will re-publish in its entirety over the next two years. All the issues will be archived on DiscoverTheNetworks.org. ....more
The Perils We Face By: Rep. Curt Weldon
An eyewitness account of the blunders that created our present dilemma; the destruction of terrorism in New York, Beslan, and Baghdad; and the hope patriotic Americans instill around the world. ....more
The Clintons Double-Team the Dubai Ports Deal By: Dick Morris
This isn't the first time they've played both sides of an issue. ....more
Clinton's Other Domestic Spying Program By: Lowell Ponte
Bill and Hillary collected files on the group they considered the real terrorist threat: mainstream conservative Christians. ....more
Who Is Really Oppressing the Palestinians? By: David Meir-Levi
How Muslims and Arabs sacrifice their own. ....more
Bill and Hillary's Teacher Pension Perfidy By: Peter Schweizer / NY Post
Clinton and Clinton screw the poor and minorities – and steer teachers' retirement money to Al Gore. ....more
Bodies of Evidence This is the twentieth issue of Heterodoxy, the celebrated journal edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, which FrontPage will re-publish in its entirety over the next two years. All the issues will be archived on DiscoverTheNetworks.org. ....more
Menendez-Mania This is the eighteenth issue of Heterodoxy, the celebrated journal edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, which FrontPage will re-publish in its entirety over the next two years. All the issues will be archived on DiscoverTheNetwork.org. ....more
Bubba Betrays the Troops By: Dick Morris
He sticks the knife in our troops' backs so Hillary doesn't have to. ....more
Why We're Touring the Clinton Library By: Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey
Two women allegedly sexually assaulted by President Clinton say they refuse to let him get by scot-free. ....more
Why Clinton Wouldn't Call Out the Saudis By: Dick Morris
It wasn't just the presidential library it was also the '96 election. ....more
Elian Loves Big Brother By: Jeff Jacoby / Boston Globe
...And "60 Minutes" gives Castro free PR. ....more
Coddling Clinton By: Michael Reagan
Why does President Bush honor the con man who savagely attacks him at every opportunity? ....more
Clinton Ignored 9/11 Warning By: Dick Morris
Guess who was president when the feds announced al-Qaeda might hijack a passenger plane and crash it into a national monument? ....more
How the Left Undermined America's Security Before 9/11 By: David Horowitz
For eight long years everything necessary to prevent September 11 had been proposed in private and in public. But the Clinton Administration slept. . . ....more
The Writing on "The Wall" By: Thomas Ryan
How Clinton-era policies ignored Able Danger – twice. ....more
9/11 Coverup Commission By: Ben Johnson and Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu

The "Able Danger" revelation — omitted from the 9/11 Commission report — demonstrates Clinton's policies led to 9/11, the Iraq War was justified, and the Left will stop at nothing to demean its opponents.

Don't Reward North Korean Saber-Rattling By: Elan Journo
How Clinton's appeasement bought a decade of nuclear proliferation. ....more
How Clinton Trapped Himself By: Carol Iannone
A feminist law Clinton signed allowed him to be asked about Monica Lewinsky. ....more
Clinton Endorses Farrakhan's Hate-March By: Don Feder
Clinton's TLC for Mullah Louis gets a pass from the ADL. ....more
Sandy Berger Rolls Over for Bill and Hill By: Dick Morris
Another loyal operative refuses to disclose why he acted in the Clintons' interests. ....more
On North Korea: Don't Blame Bush By: Ben Johnson and Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu
George W. Bush did not craft the "framework" that gave Kim Jong-il a decade to create a doomsday device. ....more
Hillary's '08 Kickoff By: Dick Morris
It's Bill's library, but it's Hillary's campaign. ....more
Leftists Corrupt the Pulpit By: Michael Reagan
Think the Left believes in separation of Church and State? Think again. ....more
Ask Aunt Sophie By: Judith Weizner
The doctor in residence offers some soothing observations to an author whose autobiography has been panned. ....more
Betrayal By: Jamie Glazov
In an exclusive interview with FrontPage, Linda Chavez discusses how union bosses shake down their members and corrupt American politics. ....more
History Will Not be Kind to Clinton By: Charles Krauthammer / Townhall.com
Bill's lasting legacy is to be remembered as the incredibly shrinking president. ....more
Moby's Dick By: Ann Coulter
Bill Clinton's memoirs, My so-called Life, pour over every detail of an empty existence. ....more
Clinton's Fantasy World By: Don Feder
Clinton's memoirs belong in the fiction section of bookstores. ....more
How Chinagate Led to 9/11 By: Jean Pearce
Bill Clinton and Jamie Gorelick's efforts to cover up connections with the Communist Chinese crippled intelligence gathering and helped terrorists kill thousands. ....more
The Other August 6th Memo By: Michael P. Tremoglie
Bush's critics aren't interested in another memo that is far more relevant to 9/11. ....more
Some Witnesses for the 9/11 Commission By: Michael Reagan
Call the man who saw Clinton's Dereliction of Duty up-close and personal. ....more
Clinton's Policies Invited 9/11 By: Ann Coulter
The 9/11 Commission should thank Bubba for crippling the intelligence communities and enacting lax airport security measures. ....more
Freeh Fall By: Shawn Macomber
How the Clinton administration's FBI Director left America vulnerable to terrorism. ....more
The Fraud and Danger of the 9/11 Commission By: Lawrence Auster
Giving Clinton -- and the Clinton-era GOP -- a free ride. ....more
A Tale of Two Books By: Larry Elder
Richard Clarke has gotten a ton of free media. But what about the author of this anti-Clinton book? ....more
Shattering the Clinton Myth By: Chris Arabia

Rich Lowry demonstrates the disaster of the Clinton administration in his book Legacy: Paying the Price for the Clinton Years.

Nader Haters By: Lowell Ponte
In their hatred for Ralph Nader, the Democrats reveal much about themselves.
Clinton's Politically Motivated War Commands By: Shawn Macomber
Gen. Wesley Clark says he was pressured to end the bombing of Kosovo to help Al Gore get elected; now he's changing his tune. ....more
A Grim Lesson from the Past About the Uses of "Unilateralism" By: Shmuley Boteach / Jerusalem Post

Saving the blacks of Rwanda was at the very bottom of Clinton's list.

Clinton's Haitian Nightmare By: Michael Radu
Ten years after Operation Restore Freedom in Haiti, the carnage continues. ....more
How Clinton Let Al-Qaeda Go By: Richard Shultz Jr. / Weekly Standard
Why the Most Dangerous President never deployed the Special Operations Forces against the Islamist terrorist threat. ....more
Clinton and 9/11 By: Allan J. Favish
What did Bill Clinton know about terrorist plots to crash airplanes into American buildings and when did he know it? ....more
Clinton Funded Hamas Bush tries to destroy terrorism; Clinton financially supported it. ....more
China's Nuclear Space Technology: From Clinton With Love By: Charles R. Smith / Newsmax.com

The former president personally approved the transfer to China of advanced space technology for nuclear combat.

Democratic Clowns By: Ann Coulter
The Democrats running for president make for a terribly absurd tragic comedy. ....more
Clintonites Deny Undeniable Some former Clinton officials deny the charges I make in my new book Losing Bin Laden. As usual, the facts are against them. ....more
How Clinton Kept Bin Laden Free By: Richard Miniter / Washington Times
The Clinton Administration turned down Sudan's offer to arrest bin Laden -- in 1996. The final installment of a 4-part excerpt from Richard Miniter's new book Losing Bin Laden. ....more
Clinton's Phony War on Terrorism By: Richard Miniter / Washington Times

Internal paralysis led the Clinton Administration to do nothing in the face of bin Laden's terrorism. Part 3 of a 4-part excerpt from Miniter's new book Losing Bin Laden.

Clinton AWOL in the War on Terror By: Richard Miniter / Washington Times

Letting bin Laden get away with bombing the USS Cole. Excerpt 1 of 4 from Richard Miniter's new book.

No Hablo Arabic: Clinton's Failure on CIA Translators By: Richard Miniter / Washington Times

How Bill Clinton sided with a fellow Democrat against national security. The second of four excerpts from Richard Miniter's new book.

He’ll Say Anything To Get Back By: Lowell Ponte
How low will Al Gore go to get to America's highest office? ....more
North Korea Blinks By: Larry Elder / Townhall.com
Bush receives no credit for his successes, ten years after Clinton "ended" N. Korea's nuclear program. ....more

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