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Enough with Intellectuals, Time for Thinkers By: Larrey Anderson / American Thinker
Leftists are not the only ones dabbling in relativism. ....more
New Food Safety Bill: More Bureaucracy, No More Protection By: Katherine Mangu-Ward / Reason Magazine
Congress has yet to learn that a new law is not always the solution. ....more
Courting Disaster By: John Bolton / New York Post
How the International Criminal Court’s intervention in Sudan has made a terrible crisis worse. ....more
Another Trillion? By: Stephen T. Parente / City Journal
The CBO understates the true cost of Obamacare. ....more
Fight Club Author Targets Tyranny, Terror, and Teen Sex By: David Swindle
Chuck Palahniuk's newest satirical novel takes us into the mind of a 13-year-old terrorist. ....more
Scamming "Cash for Clunkers" By: Katherine Mangu-Ward / Reason Magazine
Free taxpayer money can inspire creative con men. ....more
The Best Medicine Often Costs More By: David Gratzer / The New York Post
Are "greedy" doctors to blame for health care costs? ....more
Ask Aunt Sophie By: Judith Weizner
Might America see more "suds summits" in the future? ....more
Russia’s Economic Mess By: Anders Aslund / The Moscow Times
No country can be ruled so poorly for so long. ....more
Congressional Committee Accuses ACORN of Massive Fraud, Racketeering The charges are based on a fascinating report titled, “Is ACORN Intentionally Structured As a Criminal Enterprise?” ....more
The Other Midterm Elections By: Allan Wall
Mexico's midterm elections have much to tell us about preventing voter fraud and how to defeat a leftist party. ....more
Straining a Gnat, Swallowing a Camel By: Mark D. Tooley
The British Methodist Church takes on a tiny splinter party but ignores the rise of Islam. ....more
Countdown to Insolvency By: Marion Edwyn Harrison, Esq.
The future of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid demands action. ....more
Turmoil in China By: Gregory Gethard
Deadly clashes reveal that the newly assertive nation remains politically precarious. ....more
Diplomacy as Defeat By: Ralph Peters / New York Post
What Obama gave up during his Moscow trip. ....more
Obama Uses His Volunteer as Plant at Healthcare Propaganda Event She cried to the President about her cancer. Then we found out the entire exchange was staged. ....more
Bernard Madoff: De-Funder of the Left The embezzler swindled some clients that were major funders of the ACLU, ACORN, Planned Parenthood, and more. ....more
First Do No Harm By: George Will / New York Post
Why Washington won’t solve the nation’s health care woes. ....more
Michelle & Barack Obama's Lies about Healthcare The President and First Lady use massive deceit to promote their latest scam. ....more
Obama Wants to Let Those Pesky Geezers Die Medical plan would leave key decisions to bureacrats, not to patients and their families and doctors. ....more
War on the Run By: David Forsmark
A new book restores an authentic American hero to his proper place. ....more
The God of Government-Run Healthcare We Believe Together is the latest religious-left coalition to equate socialized medicine with scriptural mandates. ....more
Narco-Terrorism in Peru By: James M. Roberts and Edwar Enrique Escalante / Heritage Foundation
The return of the Shining Path. ....more
Dangerous Boys By: David Forsmark
Flawed heroes star in two of this summer’s best book thrillers. ....more
God Wants Socialized Medicine? By: DiscoverTheNetworks.org
A look at the radical group that uses religion as a pretext for socialist agendas. ....more
U.S. Cell-Phone Users Blamed for African Deaths The Center for American Progress says the minerals that make our cell phones function are the source of Congo war. ....more
The Left’s Phantom Funder The Tides Foundation anonymously funnels funds to recipients. ....more
MoDo's No No NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd is caught plagiarizing a left-wing blogger. ....more
Mothers for the Welfare State The Obama-endorsed MomsRising sees big government as a cure-all. ....more
Stacking the Deck By: Gregory Gethard
Ahead of the Supreme Court fight, the Left’s mounts a smear campaign against Jeff Sessions. ....more
Brilliance is Overrated By: Dennis Prager
The most educated people also tend to be the most likely to support genocidal murderers. ....more
The Horrors of Socialized Medicine A look at Britain's experience with universal health care. ....more
Slumdogs and Slavery By: Jane Marie Smith and Dr. Gary Scott Smith
Sex slavery is not just on film. ....more
Monsters in Human Form By: Dennis Prager
There may be two separate forms of homo sapiens: sadists and non-sadists. ....more

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